Refer a friend & win prizes worth up to 4 million credits

Celebrate Honeygain’s 4th birthday by referring a friend! You can win from a 4 million credits prize pool if your referral gathers >200MB of traffic. Refer a friend & get a MacBook, gift cards, and Honeygain credits!

Invite friends and earn money together for Honeygain’s birthday!

Honeygain lets you make money effortlessly — why don’t you share this joy with others? We’re celebrating Honeygain’s 4th birthday, so your friends will get $5 upon signing up!

What do you get? A chance to win a MacBook, gift cards, and Honeygain credits worth 4 million credits if your friends share >200MB! The more active referrals, the higher your chance to win. You can find all information on your Dashboard!

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How does it work?

Refer a friend

Copy your referral code and share it with your friends! Here are the instructions.

Friend joins

Your friend will get $5 as a starting gift by signing up with your unique referral code.

Win Prizes

Get up to 4 million Honeygain credits worth of prizes once they share >200MB!

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Benefits of using Honeygain

Honeygain is a passive income app that pays you for sharing your Internet bandwidth with the app's network. Simply download the Honeygain app, let it run as a background task on your phone or laptop, and collect the money. With Honeygain, making passive income is effortless!
Earn and Stay Safe

We respect your privacy and data security. Honeygain is crystal clear about how the app uses your Internet connection and what digital products depend on such networks. Also, we empower our users by providing them with 100% control on when and how it works.
Honeygain passive income app

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