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Know your expected earnings

Your earnings* are estimated based on the GB amount of traffic you share with Honeygain's network. The more you share, the more you earn!

3 devices recommended
The interactive earnings estimation tool should only be used for information purposes and does not guarantee you will earn a particular sum every month. The actual amount of money you make varies on the traffic you share with Honeygain and the activity of the Content Delivery feature. To reach the desired amount of GBs shared, you may need to run Honeygain on multiple devices. The traffic demand also varies according to your country and device.

What is your internet used for?

Once you start using Honeygain, your devices act like view towers and help world-famous businesses access the World Wide Web without having to worry about location-based restrictions or censorship. The best part is, you don’t just play a part in improving the digital tomorrow – you also get paid real money for it! Keep reading to learn more about why and how your network is used and understand your role better.

Respecting you & your privacy

Honeygain’s primary goal is to ensure the best passive income experience for each user. Respecting privacy and data security is key: not only are we crystal clear about how the app uses their Internet connection and what digital products depend on such networks, but we also empower our users by providing them with 100% control on when and how it works. 

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