About Honeygain

Our team has been building a residential proxy network with transparency and user involvement all with the goal to build the best residential proxy network out there!

Our story

Back in 2018 the Honeygain team came together to build a sublime product - a crowdsourced residential proxy network. Building it in the current environment required not only the creation of direct value for our end-users but also a long-term commitment towards making a positive impact on the proxy industry, which had transparency issues up-until now. Our team had a simple advantage - we were not only familiar with the industry, we were working with such providers, giving us good insights on what the industry lacked. Having that we started with a simple mix - onboard real people from everywhere in the world, clearly explaining what their network connection is used for and in the meantime compensate them for participating. Now, almost two years in the development of Honeygain, we are proud to have such a strong audience, where users gather on the Honeygain topic, discuss how Honeygain works and actively participate in our social network activity! Having moved so many people we will continue to develop Honeygain towards and invite even more people to find it as the best passive income source out there.

Reports and documents

User Experience Report

Honeygain has an extremely active user base - we've learned that from our last UX Survey where 90% of our users said they return to the Honeygain app every day. As we want to know, how Honeygain is recognized by our users, every 6 months we invite all of them to participate in our UX Survey. Download our Survey report to learn more about our latest findings.

Some quick numbers


Users Surveyed on Honeygain performance


Countries covered


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Here’s what people say about Honeygain

Matthew Talbot-Paine

Review on Trustpilot

Honey Gain is a great application and I would recommend it to anyone. The only reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars is there is not enough information on the dashboard about your devices. I would like it to show when your devices are disconnected so that I can reconnect them. A linux version would also be very nice.

Roman Dubnička

Review on Trustpilot

So far, absolutely no problem with software, upgrades or even more (not so usually today) with payment conditions and also with time of payment on time. Very nice work Honey Money. 5 stars from my side.


Review on Trustpilot

So far so good. Haven't noticed any negative impact on my computers or network. Hit first $20 and did a withdrawal to test to make sure it really worked and it does.

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