About Honeygain

Armed with absolute transparency and user engagement, our team strives to build the best residential proxy network in the world.

Our story

Back in 2018, the Honeygain team came together to build a cutting-edge product – a crowdsourced residential proxy network. We knew straight from the get-go that creating direct value for our end-users won’t be enough: we had to make a long-term commitment to positively impact the proxy industry suffering from transparency issues.

Our team had a unique advantage: we were familiar with the industry and worked with seasoned providers who could provide us with exclusive insights on what the industry lacked. We launched successfully by combining three simple steps – onboarding real people from all around the world, explaining clearly what their network connection is used for, and compensating them adequately for participating.

Now, just over two years into the development of Honeygain, we are proud to have such a strong audience that uses the app every day, actively discusses how Honeygain works, and engages with us on social networks. Having reached millions already, we continue to improve Honeygain and invite even more people to discover it as the best passive income source out there!

Reports and documents

User Experience and Awareness Survey Report 2021

User Experience and Awareness Survey Report 2021

Honeygain strives to always be aware of its users’ opinions, impressions, and habits of using the app – hence, we regularly invite them all to take part in a User Experience and Awareness Survey. In our last one, we learned Honeygain has an extremely active user base: we received just under 250,000 responses, and a whopping 91.02% of our users said they check their app every day!

Honeygain User Experience and Awareness Survey Report 2020

User Experience and Awareness Survey Report 2020

At the beginning of 2020, we conducted our very first User Experience and Awareness Survey to get to know the Honeygain community better and be able to tailor our actions according to their needs. Out of 15,000+ respondents, 82.8% said that they would be likely or very likely to recommend Honeygain to their friends and colleagues.

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