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Use the free cash you make to treat yourself with streaming platform subscriptions, in-game purchases, or anything you enjoy. Will it be an extra cheesy pizza or a breathtaking new skin of Fortnite this month? The choice is yours!

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Ready to request a payout? You can decide whether the extra money you earned lands in your PayPal account or crypto wallet as $JMPT. If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a crypto investor, this might be the perfect opportunity to enter the market risk-free!

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Your earnings* directly depend on the amount of traffic you share with Honeygain’s network. The more you share, the more you earn!

3 devices recommended
*The interactive earnings estimation tool should only be used for information purposes and does not guarantee you will earn a particular sum every month. The actual amount of money you make varies on the traffic you share with Honeygain and the activity of the Content Delivery feature. To reach the desired amount of GBs shared, you may need to run Honeygain on multiple devices. The traffic demand also varies according to your country and device.

Free Money for Your Bandwidth

Unlike some passive income ideas that still require you to put in a significant amount of your time, Honeygain is completely effortless. Join the world’s largest crowdsourced web intelligence network, share your internet connection, and get absolutely free cash now!

Ensuring Safety in Every Step

Honeygain takes a variety of measures to ensure the security of its users and network, including but not limited to mandatory multi-factor authentication for all payouts, careful vetting and monitoring of business clients, and asking for the absolute minimum of the user’s private data – all so you could earn extra cash with no worries.

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