How Your Network is Used

By sharing your internet connection through Honeygain, business partners can access the web from your location. That's how you help others to view the internet as it is seen by real people - without any location restrictions or censorships. Here are the most popular use cases for your network.

SEO + Business Intelligence

Having an un-censored view of the internet clients can collect real and unobstructed web statistics, which are crucial for making the internet a better internet for everyone.

Brand Protection

Top brands can scan the web for copies and counterfeits of their products as well as other intellectual property violations - giving you some peace of mind while purchasing items online.

Ad Verification

With Ad verification companies can check whether their ads are running correctly and on the right websites - exactly, where they were intended to be shown.

App Testing

Thanks to the Honeygain network - app developers can streamline their testing flow so that everyone will experience the app content as it was intended to.

Content Delivery

Some content can be geo-restricted like Music, IPTV, or even VoIP. Thanks to CD people like you can access geo-blocked content, making the internet a truly borderless place.

Price Comparison

Honeygain takes credit for making e-commerce and retail more competitive. Our global network enables users to find the best prices product sold online.