How your network is used: business cases

As you share your Internet connection through the Honeygain network, our business partners can access the web from your location. This way, you help companies and organizations view the Internet as it is seen by real people – without any location-based restrictions or censorship. Here are the most popular use cases for your network!

SEO + Business Intelligence

Having an uncensored view of the Internet allows our clients to collect real and unobstructed data for web statistics. This is crucial for making the Internet better for everyone.

Brand Protection

Using your Internet connection, companies that own the world’s most popular brands can scan the web for illegal copies of their products, as well as other intellectual property violations. Not only does this help them protect their brands, but it also minimizes the risk of purchasing a fake product online.

copyright protection

Ad Verification

Ad verification means that companies can check whether their online advertisements are running correctly and on the same websites they’re supposed to be shown.

App Testing

By simulating traffic from different countries and checking localization results, application developers can make sure people worldwide will experience the content exactly as they should.

Content Delivery

Some online content (like music or video) can be geo-restricted, which means you can only access it from specific locations. Content Delivery makes the Internet a genuinely borderless place by allowing users to reach it from anywhere!

Price Comparison

Honeygain plays an essential role in making e-commerce and retail more competitive! Your Internet connection helps users worldwide find the best available prices and allows companies to easily check their competitors' pricing.

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