3 Ways to Get Free V-bucks in Fortnite

how to get free vbucks on fortnite
By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 22, 2023 • 4 min read

First released in 2017, Fortnite is arguably one of the most loved games right now – and it’s even more fun to play when you have pockets full of V-bucks. This in-game currency is a must if you want to purchase various customization items (such as outfits), and you can spend it in all three modes of the game – Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World.

Now, everyone knows that you can buy V-bucks with cash – but are you aware you can also get them for logging in, completing quests, or participating in Epic Games events?

The smartest players try and combine multiple ways to collect free V-bucks and maximize their profits. We’ve listed the best ways for you to get V-bucks while not breaking your bank:

  1. Use Honeygain and earn free money effortlessly while you play.The app doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience or Internet speed and allows you to earn cash or cryptocurrency, which you can spend on your favorite game. You could even earn enough to get you a free Battle Pass!
  2. Take advantage of Fortnite’s in-game events. Epic Games are known for their engagement with players, so keep an eye out for events on their social media (if you don't follow them just yet, you'll find all the links at the end of this article!)
  3. Earn V-bucks with Fortnite: Save the World. This mode offers you V-bucks for logins, quests, or other in-game activity. Yeah, there’s some upfront cost, but you can make up for it pretty quickly!

1. Use Honeygain and earn free money effortlessly while you play

Have you ever heard about getting paid for simply sharing your network? If you just got puzzled because that doesn't sound like something you would need to be actively involved in – you're right. It's not. All you do is leave the app running, and voila – you're getting passive income to your account! You can use it to get Fortnite V-bucks, or anything else you want.

How can you get free V-bucks with Honeygain?

  1. Download and install Honeygain to your desktop or mobile device(s)
  2. Leave the app running in the background while the device is connected to the Internet
  3. Spend your time playing Fortnite as usual while the app generates free money
  4. Use your effortless earning to get free V-bucks!

Earn passive income effortlessly

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How does it work?

Honeygain is a crowdsourced web intelligence network. Millions of users worldwide get rewarded for helping Fortune 500 companies complete data-related tasks, including but not limited to SEO performance monitoring, ad verification, and brand protection campaigns.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to share any personal data, watch boring ads, fill out complicated surveys, or even spend your precious time on the app to get paid: all Honeygain needs is a stable Internet connection, which it will share while you use your device as you usually would – gaming, watching your favourite TV series, or FaceTiming your squad. You won't feel any impact on your browsing experience, either!

How does Honeygain get you free V-bucks?

It’s simple: you get compensated for sharing your Internet connection with Honeygain. There are two ways to earn with Honeygain, and the reward is calculated a bit differently:

  • 1 credit for every 10MB of shared traffic (Default Network Sharing)
  • 6 credits for every hour your device is connected and in Active mode (Content Delivery)

Honeygain has a generous referral system, too. Not only does every friend or family member you invite to join the network with your referral code or link receive a starting gift of $5, but you also receive an indefinitely recurring commission equal to 10% of their earnings with Honeygain!

An average Honeygain user makes up to $20 a month – which, let's face it, is not bad for doing absolutely nothing! Once you cash out those earnings, you can definitely treat yourself to some V-bucks or a Battle Pass, and even spare extra for a music subscription service or another fun buy.

The Honeygain application is currently available to download on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android free of charge – can you think of a better way to make some extra money and get virtually free V-bucks?

Earn passive income effortlessly

Join Honeygain and collect $5 starter gift for free

2. Take advantage of Fortnite’s in-game events

Did you know that temporary missions appearing under the Quests tab from time to time? If you don't forget to check it on a regular basis, you can get free V-bucks by completing various quests! Every time you succeed in doing so, you get rewarded with free V-bucks – for example, as you progress through selected tiers, you earn 100 V-bucks.

Earning effortlessly with Honeygain

3. Unlock Save the World or play Battle Royale

Fortnite's PvE mode called Save the World provides you with many extra ways to earn and unlock more free V-bucks as you complete group missions. Unfortunately, while there have been rumours that Fortnite might make Save the World free by 2020, Epic Games later announced that it will remain a premium experience.

YES, Save the World is a paid version of Fortnite. It can cost you $30–$40. However, just by logging in to Fortnite: Save the World, you will earn more than 10,000 V-bucks (that’s worth $100 dollars)! If you use Honeygain, on the other hand, $30–$40 is only two payouts away – so if you're not in too much of a hurry, you can save your earnings instead of buying V-bucks straight away and use them to pay for Save the World!

What about the Battle Royale, you ask? Well, you might already know that each season, all players are given access to the Free Pass and the option to purchase the Battle Pass by Epic Games. Both passes allow you to earn additional V-bucks as you level up!

Still not convinced you should use Honeygain for free V-bucks?

Tens of millions of users have already joined the Honeygain network. Do you know how many of them are using it to get free V-bucks? Millions!

The time has come when your Internet can earn you free V-bucks, Fortnite skins, or unlock games: join Honeygain now by clicking the button below and receive a starting gift of $5 straight away! 🤩👇

Earn passive income effortlessly

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Earn passive income effortlessly

Join Honeygain and collect $5 starter gift for free

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 22, 2023 • 4 min read
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