7 Side Hustles That Pay Weekly in 2024

Oct 12, 2023 last_updated min_read

The longest days are those that you spend waiting for your salary at the end of every month. You've already spent a lot, and your savings account hopes that you'll leave it intact this time. If this feels like you, you might need to look into side hustles that pay weekly!

There are a lot of great side gigs that will help you earn extra money every week. You can choose to do anything from influencing to online tutoring or even get paid for gaming!

You can start most of these side hustles that pay weekly online and have the freedom to work according to your own schedule.

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a work that you do to get paid for in addition to your traditional full-time income. These days, almost 50% of Americans have a side gig to earn extra income. Some people rely on more than one way to earn money.

There are many great options for side hustles that pay weekly, and we're sure you can find one that fits your needs! Start a side gig from wherever you live in the world and continue it for as long as you like.

Look through the list of the best side hustles that will help you make money every week, and pick the best one for your lifestyle!

How to Find a Side Hustle That Suits Your Skills and Interests

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Start by thinking about your hobbies and past experiences. Any customer service job, social media background, or freelance writing experience can point you in the right direction.

For example, you're great with audio and video files. You can quickly turn this into an online business that will help you earn money weekly! Become a freelancer and help people by editing their content.

There are a lot of ways to earn money every week. Try to think about your past jobs, hobbies, and soft skills that can help you get started. We've gathered a few different side hustles that pay weekly to help you out!

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are becoming more and more popular. You often are only required to have a laptop and an internet connection. It's a great way to earn some extra money and get more professional experience on your resume!

Virtual assistants help people with their work from a distance. You can be responsible for answering emails, making phone calls, and planning events for your client. This side hustle can take just a few hours a day, and you can get paid weekly!

Before signing a work contract with an employer, bring up the topic of your salary. Tell them you want to get paid weekly for your work as their virtual assistant. This side hustle is perfect for anyone who is people-orientated and has great organizational skills.

Get Paid Weekly for Gaming

If you love gaming, this option is for you! We all hear about the big prizes that professional gamers get when they win an e-tournament. Of course, they’re gaming full-time, and it has become their career.

Fortunately, you can also make money while gaming! There are many ways to get paid for playing video games, but streaming is one of the most popular side hustles that pay weekly. Many online streamers sit at the top of the list of richest YouTubers of all time. 

If you like spending your free time playing Fortnite, Minecraft, or League of Legends, try making extra cash streaming. Websites like Twitch are great for beginner streamers and have many helpful tools to get you started.

You can also create and upload gaming tutorials to earn money every week. It's a great way to make extra cash, and you can schedule your videos beforehand. You can plan filming on your own schedule and make content for later!

Become an Online Tutor

A person next to a blackboard teaching other people

Online tutoring is also one of the side hustles that pay weekly. If you have a passion for teaching, this side gig is for you! You can earn extra cash while you work from home. Often, people need help learning various subjects, from e-commerce to math and science.

You can easily earn extra money by teaching online classes. Create a profile on one of the online tutoring platforms like Skooli or MyTutor and get started! Once you find students who want to learn from you, discuss your payment with them. Mention the fact that you want to get paid every week, and you're ready to go!

Start online teaching to make some extra cash and get valuable experience to help you in your future career! It's a great side hustle to consider if you want to work in education or just love spending time explaining difficult things!

Earn Money for Proofreading and Editing

If you're good with words and languages, proofreading and editing can be a great way to earn some extra income. Your job will be to read articles, blog posts, or any other lengthy text and edit any missed mistakes.

Many companies hire freelance proofreaders and editors to help them with their work. It can be a great side hustle that pays weekly. As a freelancer, you can decide the terms of your employment, and usually, this type of work will take only a few hours a day!

Websites like Fiverr are a great way to find clients for freelancers. Create a detailed profile listing your typing skills and languages, and get started. Find work that pays weekly, and enjoy your well-earned money!

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great side hustle that can help you earn extra cash weekly. You can earn money by promoting different products and services on your social media accounts. Many companies use affiliate marketing strategies to increase their sales.

You create affiliate links that people click to buy products you're promoting, and that's how you get paid. The more people buy through your links, the bigger your bonus is! You’re often in total control of your social media posts, and you can tailor them to fit your style.

This is one of the most creative side hustles that pay weekly. You can earn money on TikTok or Instagram. You can also become a YouTube influencer and earn even more extra income using affiliate marketing strategies.

Fill out Online Surveys

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Filling out online surveys can be an easy side hustle that pays weekly. Many companies need information to update their marketing materials and seek people who can answer a few questions for them.

The Branded Surveys app offers you money for completing online surveys. Once you create a detailed profile, it starts suggesting surveys that you might find interesting. It can be an easy way to earn extra income every week.

You can complete paid online surveys every day and earn passive income. Download the app to your phone and try using it during your long commute to work or set a specific time during the day to take care of your side hustle.

Download Honeygain

As you may already know, Honeygain is a passive income app that helps you make money effortlessly. It transforms your unused internet bandwidth into free money! You can earn passive income with Honeygain just by leaving the app running in the background of your device.

To cash out your earnings, you must reach a threshold of $20. It could take a while before you can request a payout, but there are ways to speed up the process! Start by adding as many devices as you can. The devices need to have different IPs and be on all the time.

Also, you can earn extra cash with Honeygain's referral program. When you refer the app to a friend, they get a $2 joining gift, and you get a 10% bonus equal to their earnings. Copy your referral link in your Dashboard and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. The more, the merrier!

Easy Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

There are a lot of side hustles that pay weekly that can help you earn extra cash. People around the world choose easy ways to receive passive income in addition to their full-time job. Choose the best option for you!

Become a virtual assistant if you like helping people and have organizational skills. Expand your resume by having a side hustle like online tutoring or proofreading that can help you learn valuable skills.

A fun way to earn additional income is by streaming or making educational gaming videos. You can film on your own schedule and upload it when you have time! You can also add affiliate marketing strategies to your videos and make even more money.

If everything else just doesn't seem to fit your lifestyle — download Honeygain. It’ll surely help you earn money effortlessly. Be sure to check out Honeygain's referral program If you want to make even more money every week!