5 Ways How to Make Money Playing Video Games Online

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 11, 2023 • 4 min read

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Do you enjoy playing video games? If the answer is yes, then there’s some good news for you. Did you know that you can now make money playing video games? Playing video games has become a lucrative option for some income generation because gamers now can get paid to play video games!

Here we prepared a list of How you can make money playing video games ⬇️

  1. Effortless way - with Honeygain
  2. Becoming a professional player
  3. Doing streams or entertaining content related to games
  4. Being Quality Assurance Tester
  5. Creating Guides and Tutorials

1. Honeygain Application

If you want to learn how to earn extra money from home, the Honeygain app is a perfect solution. Honeygain is a money-making app that can help you earn extra money from home effortlessly. Installing and setting up our passive income app doesn’t require a fortune. In fact, once it is installed and set up, the only thing left to do is collect your income.

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Generate a smart passive income while focusing on other things in your life. Earn cash without breaking a sweat! Of course, it’s a form of passive income. It’s often used as a secondary income source and could be an excellent start for your future investments. Check out more ideas of ➡️ passive income.

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Once you’ve earned at least $20, you can already withdraw your earnings and enjoy the fruits of no effort. So, why not give it a try and earn a passive income while playing your favorite video games?

2. Professional Gamer

To be a professional gamer has become a lucrative career as gamers can now get paid to play games online. Actually, to be a professional gamer means having excellent skills, being a team, and a skilled player in a certain e-Sport. They get to play online and, in return, earn from participation. For example, Jonathan Wendel alias Fatal1ty, a professional e-sports player of shooter titles like Quake and Painkiller.

Usually, many of the players are paid by their sponsor or by their teams in the international e-Sports tournaments, if you are interested, just start looking for the one you are the best at!

professional gamer

3. Entertainer and Streamer

Did you know that the famous PewDiePie started by playing video games online and just simply displaying his records? How does he earn money from that? Likewise, with many streamers and people viewing his videos, he gets paid when people just view the content.

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YouTube is the most popular platform to earn sharing videos online. It is not a complicated process to set up a YouTube channel that allows you to earn money as both an entertainer and a streamer. Of course, like any creator would say - being unique is vital.

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Also, besides YouTube, there is another platform, well known for streaming, called Twitch. This live streaming video platform for gamers helps gamers build both an audience and their income. Twitch has a partner that pays for every 1000 advertisement views and gained subscribers.

Gamers stream video games playing on this platform. To succeed in this platform, they have to be consistent, reliable, and on schedule.

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Some tips to be successful:

  • Try o engage your audience as much as possible.
  • Do streamings on Twitch with another person.

4. Quality Assurance Tester


Did you know that game design and development companies hire individuals to play the games? The tests are for improvement purposes. Companies want to test how users feel about a new game or game’s e upgraded design or quality assurance testers.


The quality assessment testers are usually given different levels, builds, challenges so that developers can monitor their video games. While it’s not easy to become Jeff Bezos by being a quality assurance tester, it’s still a good way to hone your skills, especially if you want to become a professional player.

5. Create Guides and Tutorials

What do gamers do when it gets difficult to play a game? They will probably seek out to read guides that will help them in their gaming endeavor. You can upload YouTube videos online and publish e-book guides for multiplayer or player versus player games. It will help you earn money through monetized advertisements.

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Also, tutorials on the YouTubemare usually entailing a demonstration that would require one to practically record themselves playing a video and provide tricks that would help one through a certain level.

Is it possible to make money playing video games online?

Yes! - Everything depends on you, your creative mind, and time dedication. Some ways might bring a nice amount of money, although it requires lots of commitment and time. If you would like to gain extra money effortlessly, you know the way already - try Honeygain.

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Overall, there are many ways you can do to earn money playing games. Who knows, your passion and dedication might just pay off later on. Moreover, did you know that video games help train the brain to develop creative ways of problem-solving?

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By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 11, 2023 • 4 min read
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