16 Side Hustles for Teens to Earn Extra Cash

By Honeygain
Mar 21, 2023 • Last Updated May 23, 2023 • 10 min read

As a teenager, you're always looking for fun activities that you need to spend money on. It's especially true since summer vacation is around the corner. Prices increase daily, and the cost of living is getting more expensive. Asking your parents for pocket money might become even more difficult.

Still, there are many ways to make money as a teen. You can get paid for taking care of pets and doing affiliate marketing. Also, you can organize a yard sale or stream video games and get paid unconventionally.

Many ask, "How can a 15-year-old make a lot of money fast?" The truth is you can't - you might get lucky with your side hustle, but it will take at least a few weeks to make extra money. Don't fall into the trap of get-rich-schemes but don't lose hope of earning extra cash as a teen!

How can teens make extra money on the side?

There’s only one solution to enjoying your summer vacation - finding a job to make money. If all your buddies have already found a part-time job, you can always take up side hustles. We covered some unique ways to earn extra cash on our blog. If you want to test out simple ways to make money first, check out some ideas for starting side hustles as a teen.

Social media management


Managing companies' social media profiles is one of the best side hustles for teens. You can do it as a young person with minimal work experience. How much time do you spend on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook daily?

If you answered at least an hour, congratulations - you got the job! Socials become a vital part of the business. Yet, it’s challenging for old-fashioned marketers due to its dynamic nature. Companies are looking for savvy people to manage their social media profiles!

If this side gig interests you, here’s a list of responsibilities that you’d have as a social media manager:

  • develop a marketing strategy (don’t fret - you won’t do this alone, a marketing specialist from the company will help!),
  • produce high-quality and engaging content,
  • analyze data to see how well your posts are doing.

It’s an excellent way for teenagers to earn extra cash. Young people have the knowledge and the flair to take companies’ social media to the next level.

Pet Sitting

girl with a computer and a cat

Are you a cat lover? Or do you fancy petting dogs? Consider pet sitting as a money-making opportunity! There is no better way to spend a hot summer day than filling up a kids’ pool and letting the dogs splash in it! Who knows - you can join in on the fun.

Is pet sitting a good way to earn more cash? You will have a paid role in caring for the pets as long as they remain away if the owner does not visit the property. The amount of money made varies depending on the animal you see and the time!

You don’t have to spend 24/7 at the owners’ house if you want to enjoy your spare time. People can request you to walk the dogs twice a day or check in on their pets daily to see if the food bowls are empty. It’s a flexible side hustle, and you can take up those projects that suit your schedule best.

Dog walks are an easy way for teenagers to earn money and can even be fun! You can easily earn $15-$20 in 30 minutes of walking. Having several dogs at once will make you more money!

Freelance writing

If you have a knack for putting your thoughts down on paper, you can try producing written content. Freelance writing is a great way to practice your writing skills that will come in handy for school.

It depends on how many years you have spent in this industry. The price for seasoned writers can vary from $50 to $ 150 per article. As the experience increases, the rate increases. This may prove very lucrative to teenagers with good writing speed.

Of course, companies don’t expect you to be a professional writer immediately, so you can start as a novice. You can choose from many topics - you can write for lifestyle, history, botanical, or even tech blogs. It’s one of the best side hustles for teens that build their skill set for future job hunts! It can also be a great step in the gig economy as a whole.

You can set up a profitable business that can last you until college graduation. Why don’t you spend your summer vacation writing and see where it takes you? Start this activity and learn more about this side hustle for teens.

Online surveys


There are countless ways to make money online - a quick Google search will give you hundreds of results. Taking online surveys is effortless - you earn extra cash without leaving your home. To complete these surveys, you don’t need prior knowledge, education, or experience.

Companies need respondents from various backgrounds to do advertising checks and market research. There’s no doubt that you are the perfect candidate for their questionnaires!

The best part is that you can do them anywhere. Free survey websites offer many different methods to earn money. Take surveys and find out yourself!

Are you bored while waiting for your bus? Spend 5 minutes answering questions about toothbrushes. Do you have some spare time before bed? Don’t scroll on your phone - survey skincare brands instead! You get paid almost instantly, so you can enjoy your money without delay.

Freelance as a virtual assistant

Are you good with managing emails and Google calendars? You can help out others and make money while doing so. Nowadays, being a virtual assistant is a hot trend, and you can earn around a hundred dollars per hour.

The pandemic taught us the many benefits of working from home. Meetings in your PJs? Check. Unlimited iced lattes? Check. Less time required for the commute? Check!

Yet, some people struggle with the influx of emails, notifications, and online meetings. That’s why they hire people to manage it for them. They get paid to organize important emails (sometimes spam emails) and schedule meetings. You can earn about $50-$100 per hour as a virtual assistant.

It’s an ideal solution for people who want to work from home - you'd usually complete tasks from your home office. Understandably, young people don’t have work experience. This side hustle can help you earn money in your spare time and build an excellent portfolio!

Customer service

One of the most popular side hustles for teens is working in customer service. While it’s not the most glamorous job, it pays for your necessary expenses. You’d have to consult customers on any questions and recommend the best products. Sometimes, you'll help them through the purchasing process.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry - you’ll receive training to help you understand the company better. You can work part-time in your local businesses. Or you can hustle full-time in fast food restaurants to earn extra money as a teen.

The job is pretty flexible in your work hours to enjoy some free time or complete your schoolwork. Think about what you can buy for yourself from the money you’d make in customer service!

Garage sale

money bag

Do you have stuff lying around in your house? Then organize a garage sale to get rid of it and earn extra money while you are at it! You can sell virtually anything you no longer need - old coffee cups, furniture, baseball shoes, cutlery, paintings, and many more.

Get your neighbors involved, and ensure they know you'll make a garage sale on the weekend. Also, price the items reasonably to attract more buyers! If you are not too keen on organizing such an event, you can always opt-in for various online solutions and sell your stuff there.

Food delivery

Delivering food is a great side hustle for people who own bikes or cars. Companies like Deliveroo and Postmates gained immense popularity over the few years. They’re always looking for delivery drivers to complete the orders.

It’s a flexible money-making opportunity, and you can choose your work hours. You don’t have to miss school or an evening with your friends! The sign-up process is easy, and you don’t have to get qualifications to take up this side gig.

Just like food service, grocery delivery is a service where you can make some extra cash. Instacart lets users set their own time and work any time they choose, which is ideal for most teenagers. Depending on where you're located, you can earn $15-22 per hour for most drivers.

As long as you have a mode of transportation and a working phone - you’re good to go (or cycle)! The food delivery companies pay good money to their drivers. That's why it’s a profitable way to spend your free time and get your exercise.

YouTube channel

photo camera

YouTube became a viral search engine in the previous years, giving teens huge profit potential. You will have to make good quality videos to make money on YouTube.

Career-wise, the most popular option for young people is to start a YouTube channel. Whether you're interested in gaming, vlogs, or cooking recipes, you can get money! Creating videos is one of the best side hustles for teenagers. You can develop an extra income stream and improve your creative skills.

You'd be your manager, editor, and face of the brand. The best part about starting this side hustle for teens is that you can get paid for every video you upload. Once you hit 1,000 subscribers, you start making money for videos you uploaded months ago.

It's best to start your journey on YouTube as a hobby - it might take some time before you can make money online this way. Even so, it's a fulfilling activity that can set you up with a viable passive income stream for years to come.

Part-time jobs

Many teens take part-time employment opportunities in restaurants and movie theaters. Even though they are typically low-paid, they can be an interesting opportunity to start your career. A part-time job is a textbook classic when discussing side hustles for teenagers.

It's a traditional way of making money for young people. Of course, it might not be as flexible as other options. Still, part-time jobs offer stability that other side hustles don't. Depending on your needs and wishes, it can be your best choice!

Wash cars

Car washing is a great option if you're a teenager looking to make money and get closer to independence. It's free to start up - all you need is a hose and some soap - and it doesn't take much effort. You can wash cars in your neighborhood or offer your services to local businesses.

Either way, you're sure to make some money. Countless cars are waiting to be soaped up, and you're getting paid for making them shiny.

Shovel snow

If you live in an area that gets snow in the winter, then you know that shoveling snow can be a pain. But what if there's a way to make money from all that snow?

You can earn some money for small expenses with minimal effort by offering to shovel snow for your neighbors. It's a great side hustle for teens who want to set their hourly rate.

So next time it snows, grab your shovel and send out a few flyers letting people know you are available for hire. Before you know it, you'll be raking in the dough!

Start a blog

notes with a magnifying glass

If you're a teenager looking to make a little extra money, starting a blog is a great way to do it! You can write about whatever you're passionate about, and plenty of people are willing to pay for your insights.

Plus, it's free to get started – you only need a computer and an internet connection. It's one of the best side hustles for teenagers in today's Internet age! So what are you waiting for? Get writing and start earning some cash! Who knows, maybe your blog will become a profitable online business one day.

Graphic design

As a teenager, you're probably always looking for ways to make a little extra cash. And if you're creative and have an eye for design, graphic design is a great way to do just that! You can start by creating simple designs for family and friends and take on paid projects.

Once you build up a portfolio of your work, you'll be surprised at how much money you can make! So if you're looking for a free and easy way to earn some extra cash, graphic design is the perfect solution. Let your creativity shine and start making money today!

Computer repair

Have you ever done a small tech repair around the house and instantly became the specialist in everything tech-related in your household? We've all been there. Unplugging the router and plugging it back in seems like advanced engineering for on-looking parents. However, it is possible that you honestly enjoy tinkering with computers and tech gadgets.

Computer repair could be your well-paid side hustle if that is the case. Put up some posters around the neighborhood or advertise your services over the internet, and watch the clients flow in. With this side hustle, not only will you be earning money, but also be expanding your knowledge of technologies. If that's your cup of tea – this side hustle will be more of a hobby rather than a chore!


Most of you own a smartphone equipped with rather high-quality cameras. Those aware of this fact tend to snap loads of pictures daily. Have you realized that you are one of these people? Start monetizing your hobby of taking photos and turn it into a side hustle.

The art of taking pictures comes in many different forms. You could take pictures of beautiful things and sell those images to various stock image websites. If you enjoy a more personal approach, you can arrange photography sessions for your clients. The possibilities here are almost endless!

Best Side Hustles For Teens To Earn Extra Cash Help Them Achieve Financial Goals

You know what they say – age is just a number. Yet, many of us experienced discrimination in job-hunting when we were underage. Teenagers don’t have much experience, even with a part-time job. But that doesn’t determine their abilities when making money.

Many young people can monetize their social skills to get paid. Not a fan of this activity? Consider affiliate marketing, working in fast-food chains, and dog walking. These are excellent ways for teens to earn extra cash.

There are countless opportunities for teenagers to earn extra money. All you have to do is research the best options to help you reach your financial goals! This is a list of the best side hustles for teens to make extra money. Keep in mind that there is plenty more online information titled "The best side hustle for teenagers" online.

Another Effortless Way for Teens to Make Money

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