Earn While You Learn: How to Get Paid to Code

Jan 25, 2024 min_read

Did you know that 58% of jobs in the digital industry require workers to have at least some coding skills? This fact only proves that it's important for anyone to learn programming! So, read on and find out how can you get paid to learn code.

It can be hard to know where to start and learning full-time is not an option with constant rise of prices. Fortunately, there are ways you can learn code and get paid for it!

Some opportunities require minimal coding skills and others are open for entry-level workers. So, read on to find out how to get paid to learn code. Choose the best option for your lifestyle and professional industry and start learning!

The Growing Demand for Coding Skills

There are many benefits of learning to code in 2024. One of the biggest is that the demand for coders is steadily growing!

That means if you learn programming, you'll be more likely to withstand any economic turbulence and always find a job or a paid project to work on.

As our world is quickly turning digital, every business needs a techie to help with the changes. You can take this place with your new programming skills and start making serious money coding.

For example, the average salary of a web developer in the USA is $81,252. Take that, plus your bonuses and a 401(k), and you have a solid future ahead of you.

Also, coding teaches you a lot more than just tech skills. You'll be equipped with outstanding problem-solving skills, and it’ll enhance your CV.

Ways to Get Paid While Learning to Code

As coders are in high demand, there are many ways to get paid to learn code. But keep in mind that it’ll take some time to learn new skills and land your first big full-time job.

Take this time to learn coding and get your foot through the door of the tech industry. For example, you can test websites without learning to code but your programming skills will open up doors to more amazing opportunities.

We've gathered the best ways to get paid to learn coding to help you get started! Pick the one that resonates the most with you, or try them all. Start your coding journey today and set yourself up for future success.

1. Apply to Paid Internships

Paid internships are a great way for beginner coders to earn money while learning code. You need entry-level skills and a resume to apply for paid internships.

Many companies like to hire beginner coders and teach them valuable knowledge needed in that industry to have loyal workers.

Look for an internship that will pay you a living wage and allow you to focus on learning. For instance, you can get a Software Development internship in London that pays £30,000 a year!

Apply to a number of listings to get a good chance you'll get the job. As it’s a competitive industry, you want to get a head start.

2. Enter Coding Contests

Coding can also be a competitive sport! Many tech students and coding enthusiasts partake in coding competitions.

This skill can help you gain an advantage over other applicants and demonstrate your passion and dedication to programming!

You can enter coding contests to test your skills and earn some extra cash and other prizes! Of course, to win such competitions you'll need advanced skills, but everyone starts from somewhere.

Find coding competitions that match your level of readiness and bring home cash prizes! It's a fun way to develop new skills and gain valuable coding experience.

3. Begin AI Training

Did you know you can earn money for training AI models to code? You read that right. Now you can join a platform like Data Annotation Tech and get paid to teach AI.

You need to have some coding skills before you apply, because the application process includes simple coding tasks. But if you feel ready, you can join a network of programmers teaching AI coding and work on multiple projects.

Data Annotation pays $40 an hour, so you can get great experience and a good payout while you learn advanced coding skills.

Consider AI training if you have previous experience or an advanced skill level. Give this option a try for a short period of time to see if it fits your style and get paid to learn code.

4. Find Freelance Coding Jobs

Become a freelance coder and start earning while you learn on the job! You can do programming tasks, video consultations, conduct reviews, and more.

Many teams working on digital projects need freelance coders to guide them in the right direction. Also, companies often seek for outsourced programmers to help bring their apps to life.

As a freelance coder, you'll be able to choose from a variety of programming jobs and get paid. Once you sign a contract, you can then take a deep dive into the depths of YouTube and start learning the skills needed for that job!

You'll get paid to lean code and get valuable experience to put on your resume for future employment. Do freelance work to expand your coding knowledge and earn money for your skills!

5. Use Coding Boot camps

Coding boot camps are a great way to take your skills to the next level and meet future employers! While you won't be getting a salary for your classes, boot camps will help you meet people from Microsoft, Google, Apple, and more.

For instance, Le Wagon offers a variety of courses on tech-related topics. You can learn web development, AI building, data science and become a tech professional in just a few weeks!

Also, if you have a great idea for a startup, Le Wagon teachers and students will help you develop a pitch to make your idea come to life!

Use your coding shills and imagination to create a life that you've always wanted. Join coding boot camps and kickstart your career in tech.

Finding Paid Coding Opportunities

It might be hard to know where to start if you're a beginner coder. But there are a few things you can do to make your job hunt easier! You can even earn extra cash while you do online research and get money for coding lessons.

Try out these ways to find the best deals to support your coding journey. Learn to code, find clients and start building your career.

1. Local Businesses

You can start jour coding career by offering your services to local businesses. Maybe there's a bakery that has an old website that needs updating. Or your neighbor is a tutor and needs help creating a digital presence.

Begin by thinking about people and businesses around you and offer them your help! You'll make some pocket money and have legitimate experience to add to your resume.

2. Job Listings

Look for job postings on online platforms like Indeed. It's a great site that will show you all available positions related to your career choice.

Also, be open on relocating. Maybe your future job awaits in Singapore? Add multiple cities or countries to your job search and get more results!

3. Networking

Networking is a great way to make strong connection in the tech world and secure a job in a company. A lot of people find jobs networking and it's only natural that people who meet you in person a more likely to recommend you when a position opens up.

Look for networking events in your college campus or local area. Give these events a try and maximize your chances of landing a new job or an internship in tech.

4. Freelancing Platforms

It's wise to create a profile on multiple freelancer platforms. The top freelance platforms for a coding side hustle are Fiverr, Freelance and Proxify.

Fiverr and Freelance are great for beginner programmers who want to develop their skill level on the job. on the other hand, Proxify is the best fit for experienced coders who already have their niche.

5. Coding Communities

Consider joining multiple coder communities on Facebook, Discord, or Reddit. You'll have a place to voice your concerns, get advice on fighting the imposter syndrome, and find job opportunities.

You can also write a post yourself and offer your help and services! Someone surely will reach out to you and help you find what you're looking for.

6. Professional Development Program at Work

Many companies have an allocated budget dedicated to learning new skills. Ask your current employer about the professional development program and find out if you can use it to learn code!

Chances are that your job position needs some coding skills, and you'll get funding to learn. It's a great option if you can't afford learning full-time but have a passion for coding.

Balancing Learning and Earning

Learning and earning at the same time can be challenge! It's a difficult task to manage time between learning code and working on paid projects.

Be mindful about your time and try to plan out your days in advance to avoid burnout. Dedicate time to earning money and take some time to deepen your understanding of programming.

Also, it's important to have spare time in your day even for one episode of your favorite TV show. It’ll help you stay grounded and achieve your goals with less stress.

In addition, set realistic goals to help you learn! You won't become an expert overnight and that's okay. We all start somewhere, so give yourself some time and stay consistent.

Success Stories of Coders Who Earned While Learning

If you think that learning to code at home and then getting a great full-time job is impossible, you're wrong! Meet Tuomas Kivioja, better known as Internet Made Coder.

He is a YouTuber, an entrepreneur, and a coding educator! He finished economy studies at university and then completely switched his career path to coding in just 4 months!

Tuomas became a self-taught software engineer and started to build his career from his bedroom. So, it’s possible to learn to code and find your dream job in less than half a year.

He completed online coding courses and then did some paid tasks to get experience. He learned the basics of coding and then started working on simple projects to make money while learning. 

Check out the Internet Made Coder's YouTube Channel and social media accounts and get inspired to learn coding!

Get Paid to Learn Code

There are many ways you can get paid to learn code! The more projects you take on, the faster you'll learn and get more clients.

And if you're just starting out, consider applying to paid internships and coding boot camps to kickstart your career. Also, find out if you have a dedicated learning budget at your current work and start a coding course!

You can enter competitive coding to enhance your resume and choose to go freelance. Freelancing will give you the flexibility to work on the projects you really love.

And if you want to stay home and learn coding sitting on your couch -- download Honeygain! You'll get paid for simply sharing your internet bandwidth. Focus in learning and Honeygain will keep you earning!