Earn Cash from Home: How to Test Websites for Money

test websites for money
Feb 6, 2024 last_updated min_read

If you're looking for a way to make some extra cash, there's no need to look further than your laptop. That's right – you can now make money as you test websites for money. Join the likes of website testers and start making money by providing valuable feedback to website developers!

So how does it work? Web developers need someone who can provide feedback about their website before they launch it. That's why it's easy to find a developer that pays testers good money to ensure their website is ready to go live!

This is an excellent way for them to improve their user experience and ensure their site runs smoothly. And for you, it's an easy way to make some extra money through a testing platform.

So, if you're interested in earning some cash according to your own working schedule, check out any of the many places on this list that pay testers. There's no need to look further – your laptop is all you need to start testing and find tester work.

What Do You Need to Start Testing

Here are some of the things you need to make money by testing websites and apps:

  • Good communication skills: Your primary function is to evaluate a website and provide honest feedback for the site to be improved, so communication skills are a priority to ensure efficient communication between you and the website developer.
  • A PayPal account: Most websites use PayPal to make payments, so make sure you have your account ready if you want to get paid!
  • Flexibility: You won't make much money online by being selective about tester work. Being open to as many available projects and tests as possible is how freelance testers always have testing gigs.
  • A stable internet connection: It's no surprise that a stable internet connection is a must for anyone who dreams of making money online by providing feedback on websites and mobile apps.
  • Patience: Aside from your quality assurance skills (or QA skills), you need to have a lot of patience – not all test opportunities turn into paid tests, and the registration process for some websites takes a while, as do user interviews.

Before beginning your journey as a website tester, you'll have to take a short practice test, otherwise known as a qualification test. Any website testing platform wants to ensure its website testers are up to the task, so a qualification test shouldn't scare you away.

How Much Can You Make as a Website Tester?

Because tight regulations or other contracts don't bind testing gigs, how much testers get paid isn't a simple question. Payments vary depending on the test type (prototype testing, quality assurance testing, usability testing, functional testing, localization testing, etc.) or the preferred testing method of the website testing companies.

According to ZipRecruiter, as of January 2024, website testers get paid around $38.36 an hour. However, how much money you can get paid to test depends on the testing companies you're applying for, your experience level, and how well you'll do on the practice test you do when you apply.

Where Can You Get Paid to Test Websites?

While you won't get rich testing websites, it's a great way to make extra money in your spare time. Plus, it's a lot of fun! There are a few different ways to test websites and make extra cash. You can search for website testing jobs through various sites or download testing apps to start your side hustle!

test websites for money


One popular method to join the likes of website testers is to sign up for a website testing service like UserTesting. These services connect you with companies looking for people to test their websites. It's one of the most popular platforms to find website testing gigs.

You'll need to complete a sample test before accessing other gigs. After that, you’ll be able to earn cash through this site.

Once you've signed up, you'll start receiving test requests via email. Each test will include instructions on what the company wants you to do, how long the test will take, and how much you'll be paid per test.

UserTesting allows you to test websites from anywhere in the world, and you can request payment via PayPal. UserTesting pays testers depending on the number of tests they complete and their difficulty!


Like UserTesting, Enroll is available to anyone across the globe as long as the site can pay you via a PayPal account. Becoming a website tester is an excellent way to get extra income and get on top of your personal finance goals.

It's one of the unique testing sites as Enroll offers you new tests on your phone, tablet, and desktop computer. You'll get paid per test and receive the money straight to your bank account!

Also, you can do some quick tests that’ll take only a few minutes to complete, such as selecting which logo looks better to you. Website testing gigs like this won't make you a millionaire, but it's an easy way to earn a few extra dollars.


Respondent is one of the best companies where you can get paid to test websites and apps. It has the highest-paying testing options among the testing sites. For a 60-minute test, you can earn around $100.

The best part? You can choose from countless website testing jobs, from logo checking to app or usability testing!

It's easy to make money with Respondent. All you have to do is sign up for an account, choose the gig you're interested in, and get paid to test websites via PayPal.

test websites for money

Testing Time

This site doesn't offer rates like Respondent, but it's still an excellent place to test websites. You’ll get around $50 for a 30-60-minute test. This site is different because you’ll have a live test moderator.

Instead of sending a checklist on your mobile device, Testing Time provides its tests via Skype, so you’ll need a good internet connection and your audio or video equipment ready.

Still, it's an excellent money-making opportunity as you’ll access different testing jobs on this site. As with the other options, testers get paid to their PayPal account within ten days of completing your test.

Freelance Websites

Another popular way to get paid to test websites is to work as a freelancer. There are many freelance marketplace websites, such as Fiverr and Upwork, where you can find website testing jobs.

Once you've found a test request that interests you, submit a proposal outlining your qualifications and how much you'll want to get paid for a test cycle.

If the company accepts your proposal, they'll hire you to test their website. Testing websites are a great way to make extra money in your spare time.

So, if you're looking for an easy way to make money, become one of the fantastic website testers and get paid to test apps, and webpages!

If you want to earn even more money, you can use these side hustle apps to boost your income!

Paid Website Testing Opportunities

Software testing can significantly increase your regular earnings through the recommended sites. However, many companies wanting to improve the functionality of their websites are focused on technical analysis rather than just opinions. If you want to make even more money, learn some basics on software testing!

Have you ever been frustrated by a website that crashed when you were in the middle of using it? Or tried to use a site on your phone only to find it wasn't mobile-friendly? As a website tester, you can help create a better user experience for everyone.

Website testing is a growing field, and there are countless ways to get paid to test websites. So, if you're looking for a way to make some extra cash, why not try user testing? It's the perfect work-from-home gig for you.

If you're looking for a passive income stream, use specialized apps like Honeygain. You don't need to test websites and apps for money — simply download Honeygain and keep it running to earn cash!