Honeygain Explains: How Ad Verification Prevents Low-Quality Advertising

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Dec 7, 2023 min_read

The Honeygain community spends a lot of their time online. If you’re one of us, you’ve probably noticed that YouTube has set out on a mission to ban every ad-blocking software on their platform – and you’re probably not happy about that. Well, you’re not alone! 

The Bad-Ad Epidemic

Frequent internet users have flocked to places like TikTok and Reddit to complain about this ad-blocker crackdown and the flood of low-quality advertisements before, during, and after each video. 

Advertising companies say they’re cutting their budgets – out of 43 companies representing over $44 billion in advertising spending, nearly 30% of companies planned to shrink their marketing budgets. 

But that’s not what the users are experiencing – a study found that over 50% of social media users reported seeing more ads on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. So much for smaller budgets, right?

From weird gaming apps to unregulated food supplements, this increase in bad ads may cost YouTube hundreds of thousands of dollars and loyal users like you. 

In fact, it’s more than likely – a 2020 study showed that 96% of users abandon a service if they don’t like the level of quality it offers.

Advertising Makes People Unhappy

You’re not crazy to think that unwarranted advertising isn’t a good thing. And science agrees with you! 

A 30-year-long study compared data on nearly a million people’s happiness levels with data on annual advertising spending in the EU over the same period of time. 

The conclusion is that advertising makes people unhappy – the levels of people’s overall happiness and annual advertising spending are closely connected.

A doubling of advertising spending results in a 3% drop in life satisfaction. To put it in simpler terms – such a significant decrease in happiness is 25% of the dissatisfaction of someone losing their job!

Ad Verification to the Rescue

The only way for YouTube and other businesses that have ramped up their advertising efforts to appease unhappy customers is through the careful ad verification process, which is helpful to companies in many ways.

Ad verification protects businesses by reviewing the performance of their ads and offering advice on how to improve their ads to avoid upset customers and wasted marketing budgets. 

Ad verification protects a company’s reputation, ensuring brand safety, preventing fraud, and protecting businesses from scammers messing with their ad campaigns. 

One of the most important things companies can do with the help of ad verification is to choose the right target audience for their ads. This way, the company saves money and shows its ads to the right people. No parenting product ads for teenagers and no Norwegian language ads in Eastern Europe!

When speaking about marketing and advertising budgets, it goes without saying that ad verification is vital to avoid invalid traffic, ensuring that a company’s advertising money is put to good use. No one likes wasting their money, right?

A company using ad verification will enjoy an improvement in essential metrics like user engagement, return on investment, click-through rates, cost per impression, cost per click, and total number of impressions.

Businesses that want to reach good results from their ad campaigns must employ ad verification with the help of ad verification providers.

These providers are third-party companies that help advertisers ensure that their ads are delivered correctly and appropriately without wasting any money or annoying their customers. 

Help From Proxy Providers Is Vital

You can imagine that a large international company like YouTube reaches millions of people across the world with hundreds of thousands of ads. Now, what if you had to test out every ad to make sure it’s suitable for publication? 

Search engines like Google don’t like people doing something on their platform in large numbers at the same time – they think that trolls or bots are messing with them, so they tend to block such large-scale activities as a precaution. 

How can you perform ad verification in large numbers without being blocked by Google? With the help of proxy providers, like yours truly – Honeygain. We offer access to large amounts of data. 

Honeygainers to the Rescue

Honeygain is a proxy provider offering access to large amounts of publicly available data, selling access to clean and reputable IP addresses. 

We help ad verification vendors perform ad verification on a large scale and with industry-leading security and privacy standards in mind. 

Major antivirus software like Avast and McAfee recognize our app as secure – Honeygain safely gathers publicly available website data using our user's unused internet connection. 

As you, Honeygainers, run the app, you share your internet connection. Scientists and researches use your data for services like ad verification, amongst others, and pay you in return. But we’re guessing you already knew that! 

We’re thankful to each Honeygainer who plays a huge role in making the Internet a better place for everyone.