How Honeygain Helps the Advertising Industry

Nov 20, 2019 last_updated min_read

Honeygain is an app that lets people “lease” out their excess internet data to third-party computing applications. Honeygain provides a residential proxy network infrastructure that ad verification companies need to run ad verification campaigns. Let’s talk a bit more about ad verification and how Honeygain helps ad verification companies.

Nowadays, companies spend a lot of money on advertising. For instance, the top 36 largest companies in the world spent more than 1 billion USD on advertising each last year, and the average a business spends on advertising is around 10-12% of its gross revenue.

While spending this much, companies need to make sure that their advertising is done correctly, and this is the primary reason why organizations rely on ad verification companies. Ad verification, in general, ensures that ads are reaching the target audiences on websites that accumulate a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, ad verification requires a significant budget and computing power, as it is essential to comb through tons of data on the web, double-checking that ads are displayed on legitimate sites.

That is where the money-making app Honeygain comes in.

What is Ad Verification?

There is a lot of fraud on the internet. As fraud websites become more common, advertisers find their money wasted on ads that appear on bogus sites or appear in an incorrect format. Poor advertising decreases a company’s total revenue and effectively diminishes the number of ads they have running. After all, an ad that no one sees is as good as no ad at all. According to a study by the Interactive Ad Bureau, ad fraud costs companies more than 8 billion USD in lost revenue every year. Fraud is just one area that cuts into advertising dollars, but other things like ad placement and context affect conversion rates.

Ad verification is a process that lets advertisers check the integrity of their ads to make sure they are being displayed on legitimate websites and in the correct format. Essentially, ad verification companies track verification tags on ads (called beacons) to make sure the publisher’s page is right for the ad and that it is formatted correctly. Ad verification companies gather all of this data and send it to companies so they can make decisions about ad placement, performance, etc. Ultimately, the purpose of ad verification is to increase the overall conversion rate.

How Does Honeygain Help Ad Verification Companies?

Ad verification requires a lot of computing resources as ad verification companies have to comb through terabytes of internet data to check on ads. Honeygain helps ad verification companies by providing them with the much-needed residential proxy network infrastructure to run ad verification campaigns.

Here is how Honeygain works. First, you download the app and simply turn it on. Next, the app partitions a part of your internet data and allocates it to third-party computing applications. These companies use your internet data and pay you a set amount for each MB of data that is utilized. In other words, Honeygain is an app that lets you lease out your excess internet data to companies that need network infrastructure for computing applications like ad verification, SEO monitoring, pricing intelligence, content delivery to name a few.

How Does Honeygain Pay Its Users?

Obviously, Honeygain compensates its users. Honeygain users earn credits for every KB of data that they process which they can then convert into USD. You get 1 credit for every 10MB which comes out to 1USD for 10GB of data. Using Honeygain, you can earn up to 30-50 USD a month just by keeping the app on. No extra work on your part is needed. To add, if you employ more devices or refer your friends, expect much more significant monthly earnings. Lastly, Honeygain does not collect any information other than that needed to pay you, and it keeps all of your data is secure.

In other words, Honeygain is the perfect money-making app because it gives you a true source of passive income. Other than what you already pay for your internet and mobile data, Honeygain does not cost you a single cent to use.

Currently, Honeygain only has PayPal as a payment option, though we are working on implementing new payment procedures in the near future.

Ok, But What’s The Catch?

No catch whatsoever! Honeygain is free to download and does not cost you a cent to use. Honeygain will never cause you to go over your internet mobile limit and can be set only to activate when you are connected to Wi-Fi. And rest assured, Honeygain won’t completely kill your battery, as keeping the app on all day should only eat about 8%-10% of your total battery life.

So, Honeygain is a win-win for both online advertisers and regular Honeygain app users. Businesses get access to the network infrastructure they need to run computing applications, and regular users get paid just by loaning out internet data they aren’t using anyway.

Compared to other so-called passive income sources and money-making apps, Honeygain is head and shoulders above the rest as it requires zero effort on your part. Just download it, turn it on, and watch the money hit your bank account. It's that easy.


To sum up, Honeygain marshalls the utility of crowdsourcing and cloud computing to provide data networks to trusted third-party companies at a fraction of the cost. Whereas, as a regular Honeygain user, you will get paid for every byte of data processed, and you know that you are helping to create a better online experience for users around the world. Compared to other money-making apps, Honeygain provides genuinely passive income and requires no effort on your part. So if you are looking for a neat source of passive income, download Honeygain today!