How Honeygain Makes the Web a Safer Place: Brand Protection

Apr 8, 2020 last_updated min_read

At first glance, Honeygain can seem like an easy money making app. And it is, when we’re talking from the user’s perspective! But have you ever thought that you have a significant impact on making the Internet a safer place?

Let’s dive in to see how.

Cybersecurity is becoming a major part of any business as most of the brands, even your favourite ones, face a lot of issues in today’s internet-savvy world. Such matters as protecting their brand as well as their intellectual property from online thieves make them stay alert 24/7. However, none of the brands themselves can avoid mishaps and that’s where Honeygain (including you, dear user) comes in to help.

First things first, what is brand protection and how it can be abused?

To put it simply, brand protection is the protection of an individual’s, such as your favourite music artist’s, or company’s, such as your favourite brand’s, Intellectual Property from piracy, counterfeiters and infringement of every type. Successful brand protection not only can keep the brand’s image and reputation from being altered or ruined, it also helps to reduce the expansion of the shadow economy and make everyone's life better.

Or, in other words, brand protection puts a stop to brand abuse.

But what is brand abuse you might ask.

If someone is using a brand’s name to grow their business, they are taking advantage of their company’s name and reputation. This is brand abuse because they are using their name without permission and not keeping to the values and mission of the company.

To ensure the online safety of these brands - specialized brand protection companies step in and by using special cybersecurity algorithms they can put a stop to any Copyright infringement, identity theft or other illicit activities.  And this is the right time for Honeygain to shine as the Honeygain Network helps these cybersecurity businesses to do their job better - read on to know more on how exactly we do that.

Types of abuse

Getting to the interesting part - there are different ways that an individual or company could be abusing a brand. Let’s take a look to learn more about every type:

  • Copyright piracy. This is the theft of intellectual property in the form of scientific, literary, or artistic works. This is the process of taking any photos or content from other copyrighted sites for your own use.
  • Trademark squatting. This form of intellectual property theft is the trademarking of another brand. This can happen if the brand hasn’t registered its name internationally, or if there are translation issues between languages, but the intent is to disguise itself as the original brand to customers.
  • Rogue Websites. These websites are created to either confuse or steal customers from a brand’s site. This type of intellectual property comes in a few different forms.
  • Cybersquatters. These are websites that use domain names to infringe on another company’s trademark and brand.
  • Imitation sites. A website that aims to steal customers by creating a site that looks like it is an official website.
  • Typosquatters. These websites essentially use typos from a potential customer to lead them to their website instead of the official brand’s site.
  • Theft of patent. This occurs when a third party uses your exact design of a product and sells it. This takes your intellectual property and uses it for someone else’s profit without them having to create a new product themselves.
  • And others like Counterfeiting, Impersonation on social media, etc.

How does Honeygain fit into all of this?

As we have learned before, such individuals as counterfeiters and brand thieves know very well how the Internet works.

Every minute they search for various system vulnerabilities in the means of exploiting it. And, in order to hide themselves, they have found ways to do that. They not only limit the access to the content from certain regions or even countries, but also they limit it to the IP types and take other measures, so that they wouldn’t get caught for doing the illegal actions and such abuses as mentioned before.

Just because Honeygain has a world wide coverage with millions of people sharing their Internet connection, it is possible to stop the villains, who have these malicious intentions. With the help of both, Honeygain’s network and its users, it is possible to track where specific illicit content is available and where it is not.

To be more clear, brand protection agencies can apply the special algorithms in order to crawl the Internet and track these illegitimate activities, such as the illegal use of pictures, art or other creative works wherever they might be.

How can it affect Honeygain users?

With all the great functionality that our app provides our business clients with, there are a few caveats that the Honeygain users need to know of. First of all, Honeygain apps run in a closed environment on your device and do not access your device’s data, nor does it download, store or cache any harmful data. The app only passes through information on an independent and encrypted network tunnel on your device. This keeps your network and device safe. There are 4 steps in the brand protection cycle:

  1. Detection
  2. Validation
  3. Enforcement
  4. Reporting

Honeygain Network only participates in the initial two steps - Detection and Validation. As they track down illegal activity or illegal content sources of their products some anti-virus apps could see this as potentially harmful and alert you. You have to know that Honeygain app does not download any potentially harmful website content but only checks (pings) a certain web-link if the content is overall available and also from which location.

Other than that, you should not see any additional alerts or have similar issues with the Honeygain app running in the background.


There are so many various ways to have a brand harmed through the use of the internet, but thanks to the Honeygain app, which offers the right infrastructure for brand protection services you not only earn money passively, but at the same time prevent people for getting deceived and buy fake products, help artists to get paid for their hard work and make sure that the internet is a safer place for everyone.