Honeygain Puts Transparency, Security, and Education First

Feb 10, 2023 last_updated min_read

We are one of the first crowdsourced networks providing additional bandwidth to companies that perform data-intensive operations like price comparison, ad verification, and more. As our industry is still relatively new, there are numerous natural questions you might have. So, if you’ve ever wondered what that entails, how our processes work, and how we ensure that our users and IPs are kept safe, we are here to answer all of those questions.

Under the Hood of the Application

Honeygain helps users monetize their unused bandwidth by providing IP addresses to reputable companies that perform vital digital operations such as cybersecurity and e-commerce price optimization. We provide the resources, and IP addresses, to those companies, enabling them to perform their functions.

Honeygain explains how your Internet is used

Throughout the years, Honeygain has long valued its user safety and strengthened its security measures to provide a reliable service. As there are always malicious actors that might attempt to take advantage of our brand by creating misleading websites and publishing modified applications, Honeygain continuously promotes official download links and educates users on identifying a modified app.

In addition, Honeygain proactively seeks to provide a secure user experience to potential users. Due to the novelty of the industry, we understand that security concerns surrounding our application might be more pronounced. Consequently, we proactively collaborate with major cybersecurity companies, e.g., McAfee, Microsoft, Avast, and others, to ensure safe installation and secure Internet sharing.

Honeygain users also have complete control over the application usage, including the amount of bandwidth they share. All of the data is available in the app, and users may revoke their consent at any point in time.

Finally, Honeygain never asks for access or tracking permission and never collects any personal data. We have passed through the rigorous and intense testing Apple, and other application store providers require companies to do before listing their applications in their stores.

Finding Customers

We monetize our services by finding reputable proxy vendors that rent out our IP addresses to specific companies. We perform extensive due diligence and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures to ensure that no party may use these IP addresses for any potentially harmful use cases.

Any proxy vendor which attempts to establish a working business relationship with us has to go through a long process of verification to ensure that they uphold only the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Only those that implement numerous internal checks and verifications may sign a contract for the supply of our IP addresses.

As a result, our infrastructure is only used by those with legitimate and ethical business cases. Continual internal audits ensure that we prevent any illegal or unethical activities that may harm our users.

Additionally, Honeygain verifies its business partners with web activity monitoring and collaborates with legal counsels that provide guidelines and consultations on the proper usage of our IP addresses.

Safety, Security, and Education First

Our strict KYC standards ensure the traffic is routed via users’ devices by trusted and reputable partners to perform ad verification, cybersecurity, price comparison, and other operations beneficial for both the customer and the business.

Honeygain has internal multi-leveled fraudulent activity detection to maintain its infrastructure and a transparent money-making environment for users. Any irregularities are detected and handled by Honeygain to ensure fair, uninterrupted, and ethical usage of our infrastructure.

Additionally, we create and share educational material, so users are regularly updated on important events and changes in the industry. Our goal is to shine a light on the importance and legitimacy of our work as a beneficial force to many businesses and individuals. We are immensely proud that our users are so proactive in helping us achieve these goals and have helped us secure a 4.5 rating on TrustPilot.

We are at the forefront of the industry, but we innovate by putting the safety of our users, business, and the Internet at large first.

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