Honeygain Celebrates 4th Birthday!

honeygain celebrates 4th birthday
By Honeygain
May 24, 2023 • 2 min read

Time does fly with high passive income. Would you believe us if we told you that Honeygain recently turned four years old? With so many payouts under your belt and a constant stream of extra cash, these years passed in what seems like a moment…

Instead of being nostalgic and deep in thought, we want to celebrate this occasion together with you. Keep on reading to find out what we are offering just for this extra special time!

What Happened in These Four Years?

Here at Honeygain, as we get older, we get better at everything. We keep on adding various features, making your experience better. The journey is long, but we do not intend to stop! In these four years since the launch, we:

  • Expanded Content Delivery functionality to 45 countries. Still, a bit to go, but the world will be conquered, nonetheless!
  • Launched Achievements to gamify the Honeygain experience and make it more fun.
  • Became very visible on social media and various platforms by getting mentions from huge names.
  • The word was spread about Honeygain through loads of news services all over the world.
  • Started a few massive contests just for you (a little spoiler: one is underway right now. Keep on reading!)
  • Partnered up with JumpTask providing a new way to get your payout and gain some crypto.
  • Passed all the major antivirus checks to prove that we can be trusted easily!
  • Introduced 2FA as an extra security measure to protect your payouts.
  • Made multiple User Experience Surveys to know where to improve and what your wishes are.

Most importantly — together with you, we have grown, we are still growing, and we will keep on growing for years to come!

Want to Join the Celebration?

Even though the birthday is ours, we are giving gifts to you. Don’t miss your chance to join the celebration and participate in our huge (we mean it – HUGE) contest. It’s completely free to join, and the prize pool is worth 4 000 000 Honeygain credits!

The prizes include a MacBook laptop, gift cards of the winner’s choice valued at $50, and, of course, Honeygain credits straight to your Honeygain wallet! Intrigued? Good! Now, these are the things you need to do to participate:

  • Invite an active referral to join Honeygain;
  • Once the referral shares at least 200 MB of traffic, you get a chance to win;
  • The more active referrals you have, the bigger your chances are to win;
  • If you already have at least one active referral, you are automatically added to the raffle;

Each week we will randomly select 4 winners. We will contact the lucky ones via email twice. If no response is received within 10 work days after the email is sent, a new winner will be picked out.

Besides the amazing prizes up for grabs, you can also get an Achievement for having an active referral. Check out the Dashboard to see your progress.

All in all, let’s celebrate Honeygain’s birthday together. Invite those referrals, get your prizes, and bee happy!

If somehow you're still not a Honeygainer, do not miss your chance to enjoy effortless passive income, amazing contests, great community, and overall good vibes! All of this is just a few clicks away.

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By Honeygain
May 24, 2023 • 2 min read
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