Newsflash: Honeygain Introduces a Partnership With JumpTask!

By Honeygain
Jan 20, 2022 • Last Updated May 31, 2023 • 4 min read

If you’ve been active on Honeygain this last week, you might have already noticed some big changes that were introduced to the app – and you might have already read a little about them on Honeygain’s social media accounts, too. Honeygain has partnered up with a remote work platform JumpTask – and its benefits to Honeygain users are numerous. Let’s dive deeper and see why we were so excited about launching it!

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Even since Honeygain launched, the team has always worked tirelessly to enable more people to earn effortlessly. Not only did we introduce app versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, but we also kept adding extra earning opportunities, including but not limited to Content Delivery (CD), referral program, and Lucky Pot lottery.

And yet, there were always a few issues we couldn’t figure out easily. Some of our users weren’t too happy with having to wait for their payouts to arrive when using PayPal, and others were unhappy with the transaction fees. Unfortunately, none of these things depend on us – we sent out the money as soon as we could, but we couldn’t control the process past that point. Because of this, we kept looking for new payout options to offer you… and one day, we received an email from the team of JumpTask!

What’s JumpTask?

JumpTask is a gig economy-based marketplace. Its primary goal is to connect people around the world who want to earn money by completing simple tasks online with companies that have a lot of these tasks and need them completed.

Simple, right? But simple doesn’t mean unimpressive! In the next two years, JumpTask is expected to grow its user base to 50 million active users and offer tasks of over a dozen types that require little to no skills or experience to complete.

As of now, JumpTask has already launched its website and web dashboard, and the app is going to be available for download in the upcoming months. Since Honeygain is JumpTask’s first official partner, it’s also presented as the first of the earning opportunities!

JumpTask also aims to help its workers discover and explore the crypto world by using its own cryptocurrency called JumpToken (JMPT) for all platform-related payments. Since the start of the partnership, you can already earn JMPT on Honeygain!

What’s new in Honeygain since the partnership launched?

When you sign in to your Honeygain dashboard, you will now see an opportunity to switch between Honeygain and JumpTask modes. On your first visit to your dashboard after the launch, you will also be shown a little tooltip that explains why it’s worth switching to the new JumpTask mode.

Current balance Honeygain

The most important thing to understand is that you will keep earning effortlessly whichever mode you choose. However, the process will be a little different – and at first, you’d also earn different amounts due to JumpTask’s limited-time bonus.

A whopping 15,000+ Honeygain users switched to the JumpTask mode in the first 24 hours after it launched!

If you decide to switch to JumpTask mode, you will have to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to your account so you can collect your earnings in JumpTokens (JMPT). The wallet you choose must support the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network – we’d recommend MetaMask, which offers both a web browser extension and a mobile application.

Link Your Wallet

Once you connect with your wallet and enable the JumpTask mode, you will start earning in JumpTokens (JMPT) and not Honeygain credits as you did before. However, to celebrate the launch of the new mode, we’re adding a 50% bonus to the earnings of every user who joins the JumpTask mode – which means you will earn 50% more by sharing the same amount of bandwidth.

The sooner you start earning in JumpTask mode, the longer you have to enjoy the limited-time offers and the more money you can make!

JumpTask mode also allows you to cash out at any time – there’s no need to wait for the equivalent of $20 so you can request a payout. The transaction fees are also kept at the absolute minimum: you only need to cover the blockchain gas fee, which is typically $0.10–0.30.

If you decide to stay in the Honeygain mode, however, you will keep earning in Honeygain credits as you did before. The threshold will remain, but once you do reach it, you will be able to choose JumpToken (JMPT) as a payout option when you request a payout – and if you do, you’ll also collect a 20% bonus! Don’t worry: you will also be able to choose PayPal if that’s what you prefer.

Get 20% more! Transactions

It's also important to note that as the first partner of JumpTask, Honeygain has received a percentage of JumpTokens to fuel the launch of the new mode. The team has decided to lock 5,900,000 JMPT for 6 months: holding the tokens for longer will help our users by positively impacting the price of JMPT in the market – a. k. a. helping it skyrocket!

If you're unsure about how to start with JumpTask on Honeygain and connect your crypto wallet, there's no need to worry: JumpTask has created a simple instructional video for you to understand and master every step!

As you can see, jumping (see what we did there?) onto the JumpTask bandwagon is incredibly worth it – and the sooner you do it, the longer you have to enjoy the limited-time benefits!

Earn passive income effortlessly

Join Honeygain and collect $5 starter gift for free

By Honeygain
Jan 20, 2022 • Last Updated May 31, 2023 • 4 min read
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