Safety Ensured! Honeygain Passed All Antivirus Checks

Sep 27, 2022 last_updated min_read

It’s a well-known fact that antivirus software is crucial on every device — it safeguards us against potential risks from the applications we download and websites we visit. Antivirus programs keep a list of every application on your computer (or phone!) and constantly check whether these applications run any harmful files or malware.

We’re excited to announce that Honeygain passed all of the antivirus checks after our internal audit! Our app doesn’t have any known or unknown threats that affect your devices, and we ensure the safe usage of our app for everyone.

It’s confirmed — Honeygain is secure and trusted by major antivirus software programs like Avast, Kaspersky, Windows Defender, McAfee, and many more!

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What Is Antivirus Software?


Antivirus programs are the basic necessity for every device you own. Cybersecurity programs have been developed alongside other computer software ever since the early 1990s. The gist is that antivirus programs protect your computer from potentially harmful applications — it guarantees the security of your personal information, files, safe browsing, and many more daily activities!

Honeygain has been whitelisted by numerous antivirus software programs, ensuring it’s a secure application. What does that mean? Whitelisting is a process through which antivirus programs allow the exclusive execution of active trusted files on your device. If an antivirus program whitelists the application, it’s recognized as safe and causes no harm to your computer or network.

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Internal Testing For Antivirus Checks

Many antivirus programs have whitelisted the Honeygain application before our internal testing. However, we’re continuously improving our security measures, and the time has come for an in-depth analysis of detectability by antivirus programs. Hence, our team performed an internal audit to troubleshoot false detections and resolve any issues, so our users could enjoy a smooth experience when using Honeygain.

We proactively contacted various antivirus software companies enquiring about the false detection of our installer. Thus, all of the flaggings were removed, and Honeygain has been whitelisted by major antivirus companies like:

  • Windows Defender,
  • Kaspersky,
  • Malwarebytes,
  • Avast,
  • McAfee,
  • Palo Alto, and many others.

Our team used VirusTotal, a tool developed by an independent security company, which uses aggregate data from various antivirus programs and online scan engines to provide an up-to-date and reliable service. Our findings show that the newest version of our installer is safe to use as it received zero flaggings from all of the antivirus programs included in the VirusTotal scans. You can find the full antivirus scan here.

We’re currently distributing only the newest version of our installer that you can download from our website. Honeygain ensures safety when you’re using the app, so we encourage any newbies to download the app from the provided link. Honeygain is the only passive income app on the market with zero risk factors identified by antivirus software programs. You can verify it on the VirusTotal website if you’re interested!

Do you need help installing the Honeygain app on your computer? Contact our Support team or read more about it on our blog.


What Makes Honeygain Secure?

Honeygain always prioritizes the cybersecurity of its users. We adopted various safety measures to provide you with a trusted service that lets you earn passive income effortlessly! One of the main measures is bandwidth encryption so you can safely share your Internet connection with Honeygain’s crowdsourced web intelligence network.

Another measure is the 2-step factor authentication when requesting payouts. We want to protect your earnings and make sure they safely reach your bank account without a hitch. Furthermore, we’re continuously educating our community on cybersecurity and the importance of official download links. Make sure you install our app from our website! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team, as they’re here to help you through the process.

Finally, we adopted strict KYC (“Know-Your-Customer”) standards to ensure that trusted and reputable partners use the shared traffic. These standards apply to every company we collaborate with and are routinely monitored.

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