User Experience Survey Report 2021: Discoveries and Insights

Jul 30, 2021 last_updated min_read

If you’ve been a Honeygainer for more than a few months, you’ll remember the User Experience and Awareness Survey we recently conducted to get to know you and your Honeygaining habits better. It was actually our second survey: we did a similar one a year ago, and we were thrilled to get a chance to compare the results and witness the growth of our community. In 2020, our survey received just over 15,000 answers – and by 2021, it was nearly 250,000!

Obviously, handling and summarizing such a great amount of data took some time – nevertheless, we were overwhelmed with your activeness and positive vibes. This week, we’re finally introducing the final User Experience and Awareness Survey report – and for those of you who don’t have the time or energy to read the entire sixteen pages, this blog article will present the most curious findings and highlights!

Did You Know That...

...the word Honeygainers use the most often when describing Honeygain is ‘Easy’?

Just like in our previous survey, we asked the respondents to describe Honeygain in 3 words. We received a variety of answers – and yet, some of the words were mentioned more often than others. The word mentioned the most (32.16% of respondents) was ‘Easy’: in most cases, it appeared in phrases like ‘easy to use’ or ‘easy money’. Interestingly enough, a year ago, we had the same winner – plus, when we asked how easy to use Honeygain is, the respondents’ average rating was 4.32 out of a possible 5. This means our team of developers has certainly done a great job with our dashboard and applications!

...2 out of every 3 Honeygainers love TV series and movies?

bee and ghost watching movie

Binging video content turned out to be the absolute favorite hobby of our survey respondents: 66.24% marked it as one of their top choices to spend their free time. Understanding our users’ likes and preferences is vital for us: this way, we can create more relevant marketing campaigns and write more engaging articles. Among other popular hobbies were music, books, gaming, and tech overall.

...the majority of Honeygainers are students aged 18–24?

42.08% of the respondents said they belonged to this age group, and 37.46% identified themselves as students. However, we were thrilled to see that the overall community is pretty diverse: aside from students, it includes people who work full-time, part-time, on a freelancing basis, are currently unemployed or unable to work. The age spectrum is pretty wide, too – 1.62% of Honeygainers are over 50. We’re proud to see different generations find Honeygain appealing!

...3 out of 5 Honeygainers have read at least one article on our blog?

With the majority of our users being students and having multiple hobbies, we surely understand their free time is very precious – and that’s why we dedicate a lot of time and careful planning when it comes to our blog! Our goal is not just to help our community get to know Honeygain better but also to educate them on the topics of personal finance and budgeting, share valuable saving tips, and raise their awareness of the realities of the online world. We hope the respondents who hadn’t read our blog before filling out the survey checked it out once they found a little free time, too – it’s definitely worth their while!

laptop and cup

...most new users discover Honeygain through YouTube?

Our marketing team dedicates a lot of time to starting and fostering valuable partnerships with YouTube influencers, so it’s hardly surprising the majority of new Honeygainers (57.99%) come upon our proxyware network for the first time on this particular website. The second most popular way they discover us is through social media. Speaking of which...

...6.28% of Honeygainers follow us on more than one social media?

Honeygain is currently active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok – and in addition to that, our user communities are buzzing loudly and proudly on Reddit and Discord. While Facebook is currently the leader in terms of numbers of followers, the smartest Honeygainers don’t limit themselves to one social network only: they know this multiplies their chances not only to see all the most important news first but also to win free credits at the contest we hold on social media every week!

...19% of users joined Honeygain simply because they wanted to try something new?

Of course, they do not make the majority of the community. Just like you would have expected, a chance to generate extra income is the main reason people join Honeygain: 57.49% of respondents stated it was the main reason. It’s a smart choice: taking up passive income certainly has a lot of benefits, and you can always boost your earnings if you approach it the right way!

...almost half of the Honeygainers participate in the referral program?

Referrals and recommendations

46.89% of the survey respondents said they participate in Honeygain’s referral program – and 1 out of every 8 of these users have 50+ active referrals! We’re thrilled to see such great numbers because we certainly put a lot of effort into shaping a program that would benefit both the referrer and the referee! Think about it: each new member who joins via your referral like or enters your referral code receives an instant gift of $2, and you earn a lifetime bonus equal to 10% of their earnings. Let’s be honest – what other program can offer something better than free money for both parties?

...a whopping 95.21% of Honeygainers use Android?

When it comes to operating systems, Android is the Honeygainer’s top choice: 62.05% use it exclusively, and 32.16% use both Android and Windows. This shouldn’t come as a surprise: the number of people using the Internet on their mobile devices keeps growing every year, and Honeygain does not have an iOS application just yet. However, you should remember Honeygain is currently available for download on not just Android and Windows, but also macOS and Linux!

...73.15% of our users are extremely likely to recommend Honeygain to their friends and family?

When we asked our users how likely they would be to recommend us last year, 63.3% of them picked the highest possible mark (5/5). We were really happy to see this number grow to 73.15% this year – especially when the overall number of participants was a lot higher! The average mark we got after summarizing all the answers was a breathtaking 4.37/5. While we are incredibly proud of this, we’re not planning to stop here – there’s always room for improvement!


Curious to read more about our findings? Check out the entire User Experience and Awareness Survey report now!

If you haven’t joined Honeygain yet but loved the insights and would love to become a part of the community – there’s always room for one more! Click the button below, sign up, and enjoy a $2 starting gift as you begin your passive income journey!