3 Examples of How Honeygain Can Lend Businesses a Hand

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 4 min read

One of the reasons so many people worldwide love Honeygain is that in addition to letting you earn free money, it also provides you with a chance to help top businesses and organizations all around the globe. It might seem like a random act of kindness that doesn’t involve lifting a finger to you, but to a company somewhere in the world, it can be a saving grace: your passive work is crucial for some businesses to operate, detect fraud, protect their brands and make the most out of the online world. No wonder the demand for Honeygain’s services keeps growing!

You might already know Honeygain is a crowdsourced web intelligence network with millions of users all around the world. Businesses use it for SEO, business intelligence, brand protection, ad verification, application testing, and so much more… Unfortunately, for someone with little web knowledge, it’s barely anything more than tech mumbo-jumbo.

To help you understand the various use cases of Honeygain better, we came up with 3 simple examples of how businesses can benefit from a crowdsourced web intelligence network that operates on a global scale. Obviously, they don’t represent the massive variety of needs and problems Honeygain can solve – but it will help you get a much clearer idea!

Disclaimer: The examples have been made up for illustrative purposes. All of the company names and stories are fictitious and should not be identified with any actual businesses.

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1. Protecting brands or intellectual property

Let’s say there’s a start-up called ChubbyPuppyPaw that works on creating affordable and versatile products for dogs. Six months ago, they came up with an innovation: a collar that tracks the dog’s age, weight, and activity, and displays exactly how much food they need on a small and stylish LCD screen. They call it Collargram. The young innovators patent their invention as soon as they can – however, introducing it into the market takes a while.

collar red

Worried about sneaky competition, ChubbyPuppyPaw decides to work with Honeygain – a crowdsourced web intelligence network that can help them see the world wide web from every corner of the world. This way, they can be sure there are no knock-offs of Collargram (likely called Colagram, Coolgram, or Coolardgreen) available for purchase, and nobody’s making a profit by infringing on their intellectual property: using the connection of millions of Honeygainers around the world, ChubbyPuppyPaw can quickly detect fraudsters using who use the company’s (or product’s) name, images, or other copyrighted data.

2. Comparing prices

Imagine there’s a Yaguachi family who owns a generations-old business. They have produced their famous red pepper sauce and distributed it through small local businesses for over 140 years! Recently, online vendors have started showing interest in their unique product. They promise that in a few years’ time, it will be sold all over the country. The Yaguachis like this idea, but they are also keen to support the small businesses that helped them all those years. The problem is, big online sellers could afford to offer better deals on the product, causing the small vendors who have no such luxury to lose sales.

jar red

The company agrees to sell its product online with one condition: the online shops cannot sell a jar of sauce for less than $6. This way, the small business will have a chance to compete. To make sure the sellers keep to the agreement, the Yaguachis decide to work with Honeygain. Using a crowdsourced web intelligence network that consists of millions of devices allows them to send data queries from different locations and gather the relevant pricing information on the web in real-time. This way, the company can instantly be aware of any flash sales or other breaches on the agreement!

3. Verifying online ads

cinema ticket

Suppose there’s an event planning company The Violet Violin that organizes exclusive live shows. It’s now planning to bring a world-famous singer to perform in Singapore, and since no more shows are planned in the entire Asia, fans from dozens of countries are expected to attend. Hence, the marketers of Violet Violin order online ads to be shown on websites of various regions and languages and drive ticket sales.

It’s impossible to manually check whether all of the ads are displayed correctly – and some advertisers might take advantage of it. They could, for example, try to cheat the system by only showing the ads in countries like Malaysia where advertising is a lot cheaper. Partnering up with a crowdsourced web intelligence network like Honeygain allows the Violet Violin to check their ads, verify them on thousands of websites worldwide, and save money by only paying for the ads that reach the intended audience.

These examples can only represent a handful of the issues Honeygain can help business owners, marketing specialists, data scientists, and others with – in reality, there are thousands of different cases that could never be described in a single article. Nevertheless, real-life examples are a great way to understand how crowdsourced web intelligence networks operate and why they’re necessary to make the Internet better.

If you’d like to help businesses around the world without actually lifting a finger and make free money in the process – today’s a great time to become a part of Honeygain. Click the button below to sign up and sweeten up the first steps of your Honeygaining journey with a $5 starting gift!

Earn passive income effortlessly

Join Honeygain and collect $5 starter gift for free

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 4 min read
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