What Is a Digital Creator? The Complete Guide

what is a digital creator? the complete guide
Sep 28, 2023 min_read


You're lying on your sofa on a Sunday afternoon, and even thinking of going to work tomorrow morning makes you nervous. So what do you do? Open TikTok or Instagram and scroll your fears away, fascinated by all the digital creators who make their living by creating content and reaching new audiences daily.

It’s 2022, and the world as we know it has become interconnected through social media. New jobs are being created left, right, and center, with a new generation of digital creators riding the waves of digital marketing.

What is a digital creator? Would you like to create content for a living? Continue reading as Honeygain is about to spill all the secrets of the lives of these modern entrepreneurs in today’s society.

What Does It Mean to Be a Digital Creator?

Simply put, being a digital creator means creating excellent content for the internet or other digital media. The high-quality content that digital creators make includes everything from a blog post to an Instagram story and a video.

Creating engaging content on a consistent schedule is the bread and butter of being a content creator, and you must understand various social media platforms and the digital industry as a whole.

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How Much Does a Digital Creator Make?

While being a digital creator sounds like an easy way to make money online, the privilege of a flexible lifestyle comes with the responsibility of creating compelling content regularly for a particular audience.

Your income as a digital creator can come from a variety of revenue streams – you can sell products, create and sell online courses, write articles, create graphic designs for other digital creators, work with brands for brand partnerships, and monetize your social media posts, such as YouTube videos.

You could also make money by producing video or written content for other digital creators.

To monetize your digital content effectively, you should understand the marketing industry and search engine optimization, have a specific niche, and generate engagement. But more on that later!

The average yearly salary for a US digital creator is $49,769 as of August 2023, but the salary range typically falls between $41,685 and $61,047. The digital world is an incredibly lucrative industry that’s growing year by year.

Digital Creators vs. Content Creators

So, what's the difference between digital creators and content creators? A digital creator creates internet content for the digital space, such as social media like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok.

Content creators, on the other hand, produce content for offline media, like a newspaper, a magazine, or a poster. The one thing they have in common is that their main job is to create high-quality content.

Content creators produce content regardless of platforms, ignoring the needs of the media they work for, while digital content creators create engaging content specifically for online platforms.

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Digital Creator vs. Influencer

You've probably heard the terms "digital creators" and "influencers" used as synonyms. But that's not true. Let us break it down for you.

Digital creators are content creators who create online content exclusively for online media and digital platforms. Content creation can mean creating content for different platforms and offline media, such as newspapers or leaflets.

Digital creators' and influencers' work often overlap because both digital creators and influencers profit by monetizing digital content creation. But they're not the same thing!

Influencers work exclusively to convince a loyal audience to buy a particular product or service – and this is most typically achieved through influencer marketing, where they create content for social media platforms.

Content creators don’t focus on influencing consumer action; they focus on creating content in niche form to educate or provide value in other ways.

Digital creators own their work, while influencers focus much of their digital content on promoting brands. If they want to monetize their work, digital creators have more control over how they profit from it.

What Does a Digital Creator Do?

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As we've already covered, a digital creator creates digital content. But unlike traditional content creators, digital creators also build a community around their work.

Here are some content types that digital creators make:

  • Creating textual content: blog posts, copywriting;
  • Creating video content: YouTube videos, TikTok videos;
  • Creating visual content: Instagram photos, graphic design;
  • Share their digital products with their audience on social media platforms or other channels like email newsletters or websites;
  • Partner with a specific brand to create content in the form of sponsored posts.

What Does an Influencer Do?

Social media influencers generally have a following on social media, which means they influence many people.

They use their influence and digital tools to promote clothing, cosmetics, and technology. They get paid for their posts because companies pay them to market their products and services in their blogs, emails, social media feeds, and other channels.

Influencers might be famous individuals or regular people, depending on what they're promoting in their social media posts and how well-known they are online.

Although there are many more influencers (such as Twitch broadcasters, gamers, and vloggers), the most popular ones are bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers.

Skills You Need to Become a Successful Digital Creator

As with every job, you need to present some skills if you wish to be successful. In general, content creators need to be innovative, they also need to have social media skills, an understanding of all platforms, and proven audience engagement. Here are some more skills each digital creator will benefit from.

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Have Impeccable Research Skills

For a digital creator to be successful, research is critical. It's not enough to understand the subjects you want to create; you also need to understand your audience's needs, interests, and hopes.

As a digital creator, you should also analyze competition: how many more digital creators are already in this field? What kind of content do they create? How frequently do they release new pieces of content? 

How many social media followers do they have? What formats do they use (e.g., podcasts, YouTube, or Instagram stories)? What sets aside your digital content from theirs? 

If you want your content to stand out, you should introduce new ideas to this field.

Familiarity With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is boosting the quantity and quality of internet traffic from search engines to a website or web page.

It's essential for digital creators because it can make reaching customers easier, increasing the number of people who visit your website, engage with your content, and ultimately buy your goods or services.

You can use SEO tools to improve your content, such as BuzzSumo, to help you find out what type of content your audience shares across various platforms, or AnswerThePublic, which enables you to address the common questions people ask on Google and make content about them.

The best digital creators have mastered keyword research – it's a great way to get a sense of what the audience is searching for, which will also help you come up with new content ideas.

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Understanding Your Target Audience

One of the best things a digital creator can do is get to know their audience.

How often do you ignore a TikTok video or an Instagram post from someone you follow because you have no interest in what they're talking about? That's a surefire way for digital creators to miss out on engagement and success.

Understanding your target audience and their interests is vital for successful digital content. Identifying the pain points of your potential customer base will help you better understand how your digital creation can solve those problems for them.

Understanding what your audience finds entertaining, intriguing, or valuable is your first responsibility as a successful digital creator, so use those ideas to shape your digital content strategy.

Identifying the Brand’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Brand analysis is a long road of discovery. To become a digital creator, you should understand what makes up a brand and how to create one from scratch.

You must also know how to market your brand and measure its success. Brand awareness is the first step to creating great content.

stay consistant


Uploading digital content regularly is a significant factor in how popular you'll become as a digital content creator. This is due to the simple relationship between supply and demand. Keep your audience entertained, and they'll keep coming back.

A great digital creator keeps a regular upload schedule and consistently creates content without disappearing from a platform or spamming their followers' feeds.

It's also important to stay consistent in the quality of your content creation. This is where things like video editing skills and simple natural lighting come into play. Keep your content creation light, user-friendly, and consistent.

Have Basic Video Editing or Graphic Creation Skills

You don't need job qualifications in graphic design or video and audio editing to join the world of digital content creators. Start with using simple free software for editing your content. You could even look up online courses on editing on platforms like SkillShare or YouTube!

Once you've gotten comfortable with your editing skills, look into what other digital content creators are using. This way, you're not only getting helpful advice from others, but you're also making new connections with other digital creators! Don't be scared to say hi!

Being Open to Feedback

As a digital creator, you shouldn’t ignore negative comments. Don't get defensive if someone dislikes your video or post. Take a deep breath and try to figure out what's wrong so you can fix it!

Try not to take criticism personally. Negative comments aren't about you but the content itself, so don't take it personally if someone doesn't like something you've done.

Working as a digital creator can be both challenging and rewarding. Curating content and presenting it to the public is one thing, but succeeding with a content strategy is another. To master digital content creation, remember the “C”: customers, creativity, and consistency!

How Do You Become a Digital Creator?

Find Your Niche

Before becoming a digital content creator, you need to find a niche that you are passionate about. If you’re not passionate, it will be difficult for you to create high-quality content regularly.

Freelance content creation is challenging – it requires hard work and commitment. Some of the more successful digital creators create content they are passionate about, rarely trying out new topics and content types.

Each content creator should start with content they know about and are interested in – meaning they have genuine value to offer to the audience and the motivation to stay consistent with posting.


Gather the Equipment You Need

Each digital content creator needs vital tools to start their digital marketing journey. Look into getting a fast laptop or PC, an HD camera, headphones, a microphone, and a phone with a stable internet connection.

The content that digital creators create is only as good as the tools they use to film, edit, add audio, and upload it.

Create a Create Your Social Media Accounts

No matter where you've chosen to start your digital creator journey - a YouTube channel, a TikTok, or an Instagram account- all left is signing up and creating content!

To kickstart your career as a digital creator, you can reach out to your fellow digital creators and ask them to mention your name in their content, thus generating traffic to your accounts.

Take the First Step!

Now that we've covered what is a digital creator, how to become one, and what skills and tools you'll need, it's all up to you – are you still willing to spend your days working a 9-5, or would you instead try your chances at becoming a digital creator?

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