The Dos and Don'ts of Honeygain – Earn Effortlessly the Right Way

Jul 8, 2021 last_updated min_read

Every source of income, be it passive or active, can be used to the max of its potential if you follow the right approach. Some keep their secrets hidden – but not Honeygain!

In this article, we collected a few simple tips and tricks on what you should and shouldn’t do on Honeygain to ensure you don’t miss any chances to make more money and get the latest information. After all, we don’t want you to simply be satisfied with our app – we want you to love every second of your experience!

✅ DO: Invite your friends and family to join

Refer a friend program

You probably know that Honeygain has a referral program – but are you aware of just how much it differs from the ones you might have seen before? The majority of apps and services offer a fixed one-time bonus for referring someone – but with Honeygain, your bonus is forever recurring and based on your referrals’ earnings. The best thing is, your referrals also get a bonus of 5,000 Honeygain credits ($2) as they sign up! You can find your referral link at the bottom right of your dashboard.

❌ DON’T: Limit yourself to one single device

It’s always smart to have multiple streams of income – but it’s also clever to add more sources to every stream! Each Honeygainer can have up to 10 active devices at any given time. The more devices and IP addresses you use, the more traffic you can share – which also translates to earning more! As of now, Honeygain offers apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, which covers the majority of desktop and mobile devices currently used worldwide. Find the ones you need and get busy installing!

Social networks

✅ DO: Follow us on social networks for a chance to win free money

Honeygain has always been very active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and we’re thrilled to see the numbers of our followers constantly going up. As of now, we have more than 165,000! Social media provides us with a quick and easy way to keep Honeygainers informed – but that’s far from its whole appeal. We also hold multiple contests every month where you can win thousands of free Honeygain credits – so make sure you follow us and use all the chances to boost that balance!

We don’t want you to simply be satisfied with our app – we want you to love every second of your experience!

❌ DON’T: Skip the daily Lucky Pot lottery

Honeygain’s Lucky Pot lottery offers you a chance to win up to 10,000 extra credits ($10!) every day by simply checking the Honeygain application on your desktop or mobile device. Of course, you won’t win thousands every time – that's not how Lady Luck operates! And yet, even a small amount is still absolutely free money, so why let it slip through your fingers? Remember that the chances you don’t take are not transferred to the next day, and make sure to open your app at least once a day!

✅ DO: Join our experienced user communities

Honeygain's user communities

Here at Honeygain, we try to provide as many useful information sources to our users as possible: we currently have an incredibly helpful Customer Support team, a comprehensive Help page, and this informative blog. But did you know we also have super-active user communities on Discord and Reddit? They are curated by seasoned Honeygainers that share impressive amounts of information every day – make sure you don’t miss it!

❌ DON’T: Overlook Content Delivery (CD)

Honeygain introduced its Content Delivery (CD) feature that allowed its users to generate even more passive income online in February 2020. First, it was only available in the United Kingdom and the United States, but our developers work hard and keep introducing new countries and regions on a regular basis. As of now, CD provides Honeygainers with desktop devices in a whopping 38 countries with a chance to make more free money – and if CD is not yet active in your location, we promise it’s just a matter of time!

Starting gift for new Honeygainers

Effortlessness and simplicity make Honeygain one of the best passive income apps around – nevertheless, knowing just a few of these tips and tricks can help you use this source of income to the max. After all, why should you ever say no to free money? If you’d love to have multiple streams of income and you’ve never tried earning effortlessly with Honeygain before, there’s no time to start like now!

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