Top Ways How to Get Free Shein Gift Cards

free shein gift cards
Nov 21, 2023 min_read

Everybody wants to dress in trendy clothing and matching accessories, which tend to be expensive. Don't let budget constraints hold you back from looking good by shopping on websites like Shein!

If you're looking for top ways to get free Shein gift cards, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll teach you how to save money with Shein gift cards and have a unique style with affordable prices.

Everything You Need to Know About Shein

There are many false myths and rumors surrounding Shein. Honeygain’s here to clear the air. Here's everything you need to know about Shein, the major online retailer with more than ten billion dollars in net sales!

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Is Shein Legit?

Yes, Shein is a legit company founded in China in 2008. In 2022, Shein became the largest online retailer in the world.

What is a Shein Gift Card?

A Shein gift card is a code you can enter when buying from Shein. Say you have a $50 Shein gift card. When you choose what to buy and go to the check-out portion of your shopping spree, you enter your gift card code, and your purchase gets $50 cheaper, or free, if you're spending less than $50.

Does Shein Ship Worldwide?

Shein offers worldwide shipping from its warehouses in Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East. There are two choices for shipping – you can choose between standard and express shipping.

Standard shipping costs $3.99 unless you spend over $29.99, in which case you get free shipping. Most orders with standard shipping are delivered within ten days.

Express shipping is much faster; your order will reach you in under seven days. Express shipping costs $12.90 unless you spend over $129, and then you'd get free express shipping.

Can You Apply Discount Codes on Shein?

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Yes, there are other ways to shop cheaply than a Shein gift card. Websites like the Honey browser extension are an incredible opportunity to save money when buying stylish clothing at Shein. If you install Honey to your browser, it’ll automatically search the web for discounts and apply them as you check out!

And yes, Honeygain and Honey are two different money-saving options! Honey is a browser extension that allows you to find the best deals, and Honeygain pays you for sharing your internet connection. But you already knew that, right?

How to Save Money on Shein?

Shein gift cards aren't the only way to save your money!

Every university student has a very powerful tool to save money – their student ID. If you're a student, you can get 15% discounts on your Shein purchases if you verify your student ID with UNiDAYS.

But discounts aren't limited to students! We recommend you visit the Shein website regularly because the company offers many seasonal and limited-time discounts on their goods! For example, their Black Friday sale includes discounts for over 400 thousand items!

If you've never bought anything from Shein, you're lucky because the website provides every first-time shopper with 20% coupons for their first purchase. With Shein, finding the best deals is always easy.

Is Shein a Sustainable Business?

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Shein claims to be a sustainable business. Their website details how Shein plans to reduce the carbon emissions of its supply chain, buy materials responsibly, and protect biodiversity all at the same time! 

By 2030, Shein plans to become totally carbon-neutral and reduce greenhouse emissions. This means that you can shop all the latest trends guilt-free!

Everything You Need to Know About Shein Gift Cards

From your Shein gift card balance to gift card scams, here's everything you need to know to have a hassle-free experience on Shein.

Shein Gift Card Balance

Shein gift cards come in amounts of $30, $50, $80, $100, $300 and $500. Think of all the money that these gift cards will save you!

If you already have a Shein gift card, you can check the remaining balance in your Shein account. A $50 Shein gift card code will cover purchases under $50 or 50$ of any more expensive order.

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Shein Gift Card Validity Period

Shein gift cards don’t have an expiration date. This means that you can redeem your gift card code at any time, no matter how much time has passed since you bought your Shein gift card!

How to Redeem a Shein Gift Card?

Go to the checkout page after choosing what you want to buy at Shein. When you're done shopping, simply enter the Shein gift card number and PIN at the checkout page.

Let's say you have a $50 Shein gift card. If your purchase is bigger than that, you'll redeem your Shein gift card and then pay the remaining payable balance. If your purchase is smaller, you'll only have to pay for shipping.

What Can I Buy with a Shein Gift Card?

You can shop any category with your Shein gift card codes on the Shein website. This includes men's clothing, clothing for women and kids, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags and luggage, electronics, beauty and health products, home and kitchen goods, textiles, pet supplies, as well as office and school supplies.

Buy the perfect gift for anyone, from your fashion-forward friend to your parents and beloved four-legged friends!

Look Out for Fake Shein Gift Cards

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If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Many retailers are warning their customers about scams, like fake ways to get free Apple gift cards. And sadly, Shein gift cards aren’t an exception. Many websites offer anything from a free Shein gift card to free Shein points and ways to get a totally free Shein purchase.

It's really important to look out for scams! Some of the most popular scams include a Shein card generator, where you must provide your personal information to get a supposedly free Shein gift card. That's a scam. 

Cheap clothing may be appealing, but it's not worth the risks to your privacy online. Always make sure the website you’re visiting is valid, and never provide any of your personal information if you have any doubts about the authenticity of the website.

Top Ways How to Get Free Shein Gift Cards

Let's get to the good part – from following fashion influencers to buying discounted gift cards, here are the top ways to get a free Shein gift card!

Follow a Fashion Enthusiast on Social Media

Influencers often host giveaways where their followers can win something. As Shein is growing in popularity, it’ll be easy to find a fashion influencer hosting a Shein gift card giveaway or giving out a Shein promo code!

Earn Cash Back While Shopping Online

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With cash back apps like Rakuten, Fetch Rewards, Ibotta, and countless others, you can earn cash back on your purchases and get a free Shein gift card or a Starbucks gift card from the money you get back! Isn’t that cool?

A cash back app gives you some of your money back when you buy something through their app. Some apps allow you to earn points that you can redeem as cash, and some give you cash in the first place. Buy your everyday products through cash back apps, collect money, and get yourself a free Shein gift card!

Buy Discounted Shein Gift Cards

This one's easy! You can look online for people selling their gift cards much cheaper than the coupon cost. That's a great way to save some money and get a Shein coupon! 

Look for discounted coupons on places like eBay, Facebook marketplace, or any Shein-related online communities on social media platforms.

Enter a Shein Gift Card Giveaway On Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to stay within your budget on fashion shopping! Follow Shein's social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly known as Twitter), and participate in all contests and giveaways!

Take Surveys for Free Shein Gift Cards

Making extra cash online is super easy! With apps like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, or MyPoints, you can earn money by playing games, watching videos, or giving your opinion on online surveys on a wide range of topics.

All of these apps offer many rewards, not just Shein gift cards. Gamers can earn free PlayStation gift cards as well as free Xbox gift cards. If you prefer Steam, you’re in luck because you could also get a free Steam gift card.

Each of these apps works similarly, and which app you choose is entirely up to you. Every app varies a bit in how much money you can earn, what games you can play, how long the surveys will take, and more. 

Experiment and choose the app that works best for you and your fashion needs!

After you've earned enough cash on these apps, you can either cash out and buy Shein gift card codes yourself or choose a gift card as a payment option within the app. If you didn't drain your wallet by buying Shein gift card codes, that's free, right?

Get Free E-Gift Cards for Today

free shein gift cards

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