A New Chapter for Honeygain: The Bees Have Rebranded

Jan 18, 2024 min_read

Welcome to the new chapter for Honeygain! You might’ve already seen some changes on your dashboard and our website. 

It’s all because we’re going through a rebranding process, and we’d like to introduce you to the new and improved face of Honeygain.

These changes won’t affect your money-making routine, and you can rest assured that all operations will proceed as usual!

We just decided that it’s time we jazz things up a bit and give our users the best version of Honeygain so far. 

Read on to find out more about the changes that this brings and find out what has influenced our decision!

What Is a Rebrand?

Rebranding is a process of a company updating its public and corporate image. Rebranding helps brands to stay relevant and stand out from the competition. 

Many companies have undergone rebranding processes as part of their marketing strategy, and it’s no surprise as the world is changing quickly.

For example, in 1997, Apple decided to remove all colors from its logo to freshen up and stop marketing itself as just a computer brand.

It allowed the business to expand and introduce other incredible products like iPhones, iPods, and iPads!

Rebranding can actually be a total change in company values, logo, name, and anything else. But it can also mean just a cute facelift while all daily operations stay the same!

Why Did Honeygain Decide to Rebrand?

After almost 5 great years, it was time to update our face. We chose to undergo a rebranding process to make Honeygain better for our new and loyal users.

We made changes to our website and your Dashboard. Also, you’ll meet 2 new characters that will help Joe make Honeygain even more accessible!

It was never our intention to change Honeygain completely. We just wanted to create a unique look that would carry Honeygain’s name with grace.

The New Style of Honeygain

The Honeygain team worked tirelessly to produce the best web pages, visuals, and features for our users. And all of that was done in the style of Neo Brutalism.

Our creative team drew inspiration from digital giants like Google, Figma, and Shopify to find a new style that fits Honeygain.

The team decided to go with Neo Brutalism because it’s focused on both aesthetics and functionality. The main reason behind this change is the improved user experience!

Also, we’re proud to be a leader in the industry, and this is our way of celebrating all the bold elements of Honeygain that make us unique!

What’s New on Your Dashboard?

As you might’ve already noticed, a few updates landed on your Dashboard at the end of last year. 

From now on, you’ll be able to see if you’re making money by just looking at the bees on your Dashboard! 

If the bees are sleeping, it means that you need to add a device or check if you’re sharing your traffic with Honeygain. And if the bees are buzzing around – you’re all set and earning effortlessly.

Also, a new notification center reached your devices! Now you can stay up to date with the freshest Honeygain news and get reminders straight to your Dashboard.

A few more features are on their way, and we’ll introduce them very soon!

What Changed on the Web?

We also updated all our web pages to provide our users with the best accessibility of information.

We included a FAQ section on every page and covered even more topics! Look at some of the new and improved web pages and explore their amazing features.

Download and Sign Up

The download page is tailored to help answer all the questions first-time users might have. A smooth flow of topics and carefully curated images will enrich the user journey right from the start.

It’s also like our business card. The first page someone visits when trying to get to know more about Honeygain!

Security and Safety First

We take various measures to ensure our users’ safety. So, we created a new page that will help you get all the information about how we keep Honeygain a secure app to earn money online. 

Now, you can find all relevant information in one place. Check out the security page and learn all the ways Honeygain is taking care of its users’ safety. 

All About Passive Income

Also, you can find other educational pages, like a site dedicated to all things passive income. It’s full of advice on what passive income is and how to set up a passive income stream.

We linked new websites with many related articles to Honeygain blog posts to answer all your questions in depth. With these educational sites, we aim to empower our users and help them make informed decisions when it comes to earning money effortlessly!

Meet the New Characters

This rebranding brings you not only the updated versions of the Dashboard and the web but also new characters to our hive!

From now on, you’ll see a woman alongside Joe to bring you the most important facts! She’s a passionate scientist who values information more than anything and has a mission to educate all Honeygainers on techie news!

Also, you meet our new community expert! He’s a devoted people person who loves to chit-chat and keep the good energy flowing. His aim is to make everyone feel included and give them the support they need!

Welcome to Honeygain, guys, it’s great to have you onboard!

A New Chapter, the Same Honeygain

To sum up, this rebranding means we’ll stay the same, just improved! We had a little facelift to emphasize the uniqueness of the Honeygain brand.

So go and explore our website, dive into our blog, and take time to check out your dashboard! You’ll find many new beautiful things just waiting to be discovered.

And while you do all that, why don’t you start earning? Turn on the traffic sharing mode and keep earning effortlessly with Honeygain.