Low Earnings on Honeygain? Here's Why You Shouldn't Worry

Feb 13, 2020 last_updated min_read

The longer you've been earning passive income, the more you're familiar with profit fluctuations. It's only natural: unlike someone working with a full-time contract, you're free to choose how much time you dedicate to the idea you've picked – an, in addition to that, there is just no way to guarantee the demand for whatever you're doing will stay stable.

Honeygain is no exception. Even if you get somewhat used to seeing similar amounts of shared traffic on your account every day, it's not surprising for them to shoot up or drop for a certain period of time. But do you know what causes it exactly?

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What Affects Your Earnings on Honeygain?

There are 5 main reasons why your earnings on Honeygain fluctuate from time to time:

  • Traffic supply and demand
  • Device type
  • Connection speed
  • Referral system

Let's break each of these reasons down!

Traffic supply and demand

First of all, you need to understand there are two types of traffic that gets sent through the Honeygain network:

  1. General traffic, which needs devices anywhere in the world (gets divided among all devices everywhere)
  2. Location-based traffic (goes to users that are in a particular country or region)

While changes in both types of traffic can affect your earnings, you're much more likely to notice location-based fluctuations quickly. For example, if many Honeygain users happened to be in the same region or the same internet bandwidth zone as you, chances are, each of you would be providing the same amount of traffic and bandwidth.

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Usually, collaboration is great – but in this case, it would lower the amount of traffic each Honeygain user brings to the table, which also means they would each earn less money. Similarly, if the amount of users in a particular area is very low and all the location-based traffic gets shared between them, they might see their number skyrocket.

Your shared traffic could also be more moderate if you’re in a country or region that doesn’t get a lot of location-based traffic demand. This mainly depends on Honeygain's business clients and their need at any particular time, which directly affect their targeting.

For example, think of the Christmas period. It's only natural that the places that don't celebrate Christmas (and hence don't experience a boost in sales) will probably be less relevant for marketers and businesses, so you might notice changes in traffic demand on a local level. January, on the other hand, might cause a drop in general traffic, as the majority of the business world has taken care of their yearly brand protection campaigns by then.

Most importantly, whatever the reason might be, traffic outages never last long!

Device type

You should also check which of your devices are being used for Honeygain at any time. Since desktop devices are capable of maintaining a way more stable and consistent connection than even the best smartphones, they usually earn more on Honeygain. On the other hand, mobile devices can see more demand than PCs because mobile traffic is more relevant when it comes to ad-fraud prevention and SEO campaigns.

Overall, your safest bet is to install Honeygain on all of your available devices. Yes, the limit is 10 active devices per account – but we can't stress active enough! You can actually have more devices added to your account – it's just the network won't be using more than 10 of them at the same time. More devices can actually act as a type of insurance: if one of your active devices loses connection or runs out of battery life, another one can take its place.

Connection speed

This one's barely needs any explaining: the faster your internet connection, the more traffic you can share in the same period of time. To reach the best results, you should aim for at least 50–100Mbps.

While Default Network Sharing does not use a ton of bandwidth, low latency is key – therefore, devices with very slow (<1Mbps) or unstable connection don't get to participate. Content Delivery, on the other hand, is used for more resource-intensive content and thus requires at least at least 10Mbps network speed.

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Referral system

Your earnings also depend on how many referrals you have and how actively they're sharing their internet. And the best news is, you don't need to join any special programs or fill out forms to become a referee – just head to your dashboard and find the personalized referral link!

Once the first person uses your referral link to sign up on Honeygain, you start receiving a daily bonus equal to 10% of their daily earnings – and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can have. This way, you can keep earning even if you're camping off the grid!

Content Delivery (CD)

Using the Content Delivery (CD) feature, you can stabilize your earnings at least in part. The sum you make on it is based on the time your device is active: every hour earns you 6 credits, no matter the amount of traffic you manage to share in that time. All the money you make through CD will be added to your regular earnings.

With CD, you’re sharing your traffic for all types of bandwidth-intensive content and traffic – for example, videos, audio files, images, and even streaming websites. Since this process requires more bandwidth and an extra stable connection, CD is desktop device-exclusive.

Before You Go

It's hardly surprising passive income ideas are gaining more and more popularity these days – it's an excellent way to make some extra money without investing too much time and effort. And while it comes with a small inconvenience of never knowing exactly how much you'll be able to make, it's still essentially free money – so make sure your app is running and enjoy earning effortlessly!