Passive Income Apps: Your Gateway to Earning Effortlessly

Jan 23, 2024 last_updated min_read

These days, passive income is a popular topic when it comes to talking about personal finance. More than half of the Gen Z and Gen X population of Australia said that they were earning passive income in 2022.

It's not a surprise as the pace of our world increases and many workers try to avoid burnout. The digital age comes with its issues, but fortunately, there are easy solutions.

Passive income apps are a great way for beginners and side hustle experts worldwide to start earning passive income!

We've gathered all you need to know about the best passive income apps out there to help you get started! By the end of this guide, you'll be ready to tackle the side hustle world and make extra money to fill up your savings account.

What Are Passive Income Apps?

Passive income apps are applications that help you earn passive money with minimal effort. These apps can become your full-on side hustle, or you can just use them for automated income.

How much you'll earn will differ from app to app. Usually, you'll earn just enough to cover your additional monthly expenses like your Hulu subscription or video game add-ons.

You might not get a lot of app-based earnings, but you can also download many apps at the same time to earn more money. Take time to find your favorite passive income apps and start making free money with little effort.

Benefits of Using Passive Income Apps

There are many benefits to earning with passive income apps. It's an easy way to make money on your own schedule, and you can even choose how you want to redeem your cash rewards.

Earning on these apps will help you save money for your next vacation or generate money for diversifying your investment portfolio.

1. Low Effort

Passive income apps are a great way to easily earn money without doing much! You can choose from a variety of different apps to help you make money daily.

For example, you can find apps that will pay you for walking, online shopping or just for your internet bandwidth. Yes, we're talking about sharing your traffic on Honeygain!

2. Flexibility

Earning on passive income apps brings flexibility to your money-making routine. You're not tied down to a specific time slot when you must earn, so you can make money on your own schedule!

Many low-effort earning apps will generate passive income for you while you work, sleep, commute, or exercise. It gives you flexibility to fill up your bank account without having to constantly work!

3. Automatic Earning

Passive income apps help you earn automatically! What we mean is that you'll be earning money while you do routine things like buying groceries, shopping online for clothes or just playing video games in your free time.

These apps will help you earn without you noticing! They’re a great step to take for people who want to achieve financial freedom without worrying.

4. Variety of Rewards

You can choose passive income apps based on what rewards you want to get. You can get money to your PayPal account, claim gift cards and vouchers, earn cash back prizes or wait for stock dividends.

Passive income apps often allow you to choose between a few different reward options, so you'll be able to earn cash the way you want. Pick a passive income app based on your payout preferences and make money your own way!

5. Low Minimum Investment

Passive income can generate money for your bank account without your constant attention. But you always need to make an initial investment of some kind.

Passive income apps require a low minimum investment and are usually free to download! You can easily start earning money without making a big investment first.

Top Passive Income Apps in 2024

There are many great apps that will help you improve your finance game and increase your earnings! You can start investing, earn for online shopping, rent your possessions and properties or opt for simple money-making apps.

Find the top passive money-making apps and increase your earnings effortlessly. Look through the list and choose the apps that best fit your vibe and your lifestyle!

Money-Making Apps

Money-making apps are designed to help you earn for completing simple tasks. Anyone can download such apps and start making money instantly!

These apps don't require an initial upfront investment; you just have to download the app and create an account! It's the easiest way to start earning money effortlessly and generate passive income.


  • Compatible devices: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux
  • Average earnings: $10-$30

Download Honeygain and earn money for your internet bandwidth! You can make passive income while cooking, cleaning, or even sleeping.

Turn on traffic sharing mode on Honeygain and let the app silently run in the background of your device. Also, participate in the daily Lucky Pot lottery, collect Achievements, and enter social media contests to earn more!

In addition, invite friends to join Honeygain and get a boost of 10% equal to their earnings. Download Honeygain and start earning passive income effortlessly today!


  • Compatible devices: iOS, Android, and Apple Watch
  • Average earnings: 5cents per 1000 steps

Sweatcoin is an app that will pay you to walk! You can earn money on your morning coffee stroll, dog walking jog, or work commute.

You can get a free membership and earn 5 cents per 1,000 steps, or buy a paid subscription for $4.50 and double your earnings.

This app will motivate you to exercise more and reward you with prizes! You'll be able to redeem sports gear, gift cards for stores like Amazon or buy items you like straight from Sweatcoin's marketplace.

Rental Income Apps

Rental income is one of the most popular passive earning methods. You don't have to be a landlord or even own real estate to enjoy the perks of rental income!

In addition to real estate properties, you can rent things like power tools, your car, or evening gowns to earn extra cash with minimal effort! Check out the best rental income apps and choose the best for you and your financial goals.


  • Compatible devices: iOS, Android
  • Average earnings: $12,928 per year

Turo is an app dedicated to peer-to-peer car lending! You can list as many cars as you want and start making passive income effortlessly.

It's a great app for people who live in big cities and usually take public transportation for daily errands but still want to keep their car.

Create a profile on Turo, list your car, and it’ll match you with city visitors and locals who want to rent out your car for some time! Turo works in the US, the UK, France, Canada and Australia.


  • Compatible devices: iOS, Android
  • Average earnings: from $100 - $400 per month

Neighbor is a great passive income app for earning rental income! This app allows you to list your space up for storage.

People will be able to store their things like Christmas decorations, luggage, or a motorbike in your space, and you'll get paid. You can rent out any spare space you have: your garage, closet, or attic.

Having a rental income can help you diversify your passive income portfolio and have multiple sources of income. Neighbor is a great option for people who want to earn rental income but don't have a real estate property!

Investment Apps

Investment apps will help you manage your finances and invest in stocks! There are many apps for investing beginners that have advice, tips, and educational content to help you learn more about the world of stocks.

Check out our top pics for the best investment apps that will help you set up a legit passive income stream!


  • Compatible devices: iOS, Android
  • Average earnings: from 3% - 5% APY

Acorns is an investment app that will help you make your first investment. The app rounds up your purchases and automatically invests your spare change in stocks.

You’ll be making passive income without noticing! Acorns is great for beginners and advanced investors as it uses AI technology to take out the hassle of passive income.

With Acors, you can start growing your dividends from just a few dollars. Invest in stocks every time you spend money and earn passive income with Acorns.


  • Compatible devices: iOS, Android
  • Average earnings: from 2.3% per year

Fundrise is an investment platform for small investors to invest in real estate and venture capital. Venture capital is capital invested in a new or expanding business, and it can be a risky business.

That said, Funrise has low fees for investing in general. You can start from $10 and bring it up when you feel like it so you're able to manage or foresee the risks yourself.

Fundrise lets you invest in non-listed real estate or begin with startup investments. This app is great for people who want to dabble in investing or want to broaden their investment portfolio with a low initial fee!

Cash Back Apps

Cash Back apps do exactly what it sounds like: give you cash back from your purchases! You can use cash-back apps while you're grocery shopping or buying gifts for your loved ones online.

Pick the best cash-back apps based on the stores you love, and every time you buy something, you'll get some cash rewards back!


  • Compatible devices: iOS, Android
  • Average earnings: up to 20% from purchase

Rakuten app is a cash back app that will help you make money while you shop! Use Rakuten while you do your routine shopping, and you'll start to notice the effortless extra cash!

Some brands have a small cash back percentage, and others can give you up to 20% of your money back.

You can use Rakuten to shop online at stores like eBay, ASOS, and Nike. Download Rakuten and start making passive income while you splurge online!


  • Compatible devices: iOS, Android
  • Average earnings: up to 40% from purchase

Earn cash back rewards for staying at hotels and eating out at restaurants with Dosh! Choose your favorite restaurants and hotels from Dosh's list and start earning!

Try to include these places anytime you go out, and after some time, you'll be able to cash out your earnings! The minimum threshold of Dosh is $15, so you'll have to eat at a few places before you get your cash reward.

Download Dosh and effortlessly earn money by eating at restaurants and staying at hotels! It’ll help you save money and earn passive income with ease.

How to Choose the Right Passive Income App

Choose a passive income app based on your needs, lifestyle, and financial goals. Do some research about the app's reward system and see if it fits your earning plan.

For example, if you want to earn gift cards for Starbucks to give as presents to your friends, look for apps that have gift cards as an option for payout.

Also, when you choose apps that require your personal information like bank details or home address, be sure to double-check if it's secure.

Visit a few review pages and read through comments to see if people have had an unpleasant experience before. All in all, choose an app that will help you make passive income the way you want to and will keep your sensitive information secure!

Maximizing Your Earnings from Passive Income Apps

There are many ways you can increase your earnings on passive income apps. All apps are different, so you'll have to do some research when choosing the app. But there are a few things you can do that will help you make more, and they're similar on every app.

Firstly, check if the app has a referral program. You can earn 5% to 10% on average more if you refer a few of your friends! Your friends have to use the app for a while for you to see your rewards, but find the app's referral page and get all the details there.

Also, many apps hold contests on social media or post about the best deals for earners! Be sure you follow the app's accounts and be the first to get the hottest news and updates.

Sometimes, apps suggest you buy paid memberships to earn more. Always do your research and see if that will help you increase your earnings or just make you spend more.

To sum up, join the referral program, follow the app's social media posts, and double-check if you need a paid membership to earn more on your favorite passive income app.

Best Passive Income Apps

Use the best passive income apps to earn extra cash, save money, and reach your financial goals effortlessly!

Download Honeygain or Sweatcoin if you like to earn without noticing! These apps will help you generate passive income while you go about your day.

Also, list your car on Turo and start getting rental income, or rent out your spare space on Neighbor and make money safekeeping someone's stuff.

In addition, invest with Acorns or Fundrise and let stocks generate passive income and build long-term wealth.

Lastly, use Rakuten and Dosh while shopping online to get cash back from your every purchase and fill up your savings account. Join millions of people earning on apps and unlock financial freedom!