8 Best Online Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Jul 19, 2022 last_updated min_read

After the pandemic, many of us spend more time at home due to remote work. It's great for the most part — you save time and money commuting. Still, remote work can make you feel as though you're stuck in a rut constantly being at home.

Nevertheless, it’s an amazing opportunity to conveniently juggle your regular job with various online side hustles that will spice up your routine and boost your bank balance. It's an excellent way to make money from the comfort of your couch (while wearing PJs)!

Whether the income from your side hustle goes to paying for groceries or putting money on the side, check out these best side hustle ideas to make extra money online. Get started today and discover the world of side hustling!

1. Social Media Manager

You'd be surprised how many companies are willing to pay freelancers to manage their social media accounts. Look at some of the most renowned businesses and their TikTok profiles — you're guaranteed to have a good laugh.

If you keep up with the trends and know how algorithms work, a social media manager position might be the perfect side hustle for you! You can earn money in your spare time by creating content, scheduling posts, leaving comments, and enjoying the dynamic workflow!

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2. Virtual Assistant


Virtual assisting is perhaps the most popular online side hustle today. You can get paid for helping others with clerical tasks like email management, meeting scheduling, virtual calendar organization, etc.

The amount of money you earn depends on how many services you offer and the number of clients you have. Virtual assistants can make anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

You don't need specific qualifications to become a virtual assistant. Just make sure you're proficient in basic computer skills and get started!

3. Freelance Writer

One of the best ways to earn money on the side is freelancing. While there are many different positions and jobs you can do, writing articles, blog posts, or longer texts can prove to be a lucrative side hustle! Whether you're a master at syntax or just someone who enjoys putting their thoughts down on paper, freelance writing can be a satisfying and profitable side job.

Also, you can start a blog to earn extra income from sponsored posts or ads on your personalized website to earn even more money. Becoming a freelance writer is a great side hustle for anyone with a creative spark!

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4. Freelance Graphic Designer


While we're on the topic of creative sparks, you can freelance as a graphic designer in your spare time. It's a great way to earn extra cash and let your imagination shine while completing projects for your clients!

Many start-ups dedicate their graphic design tasks to external specialists. All you have to do is find clients, complete their requests, and get paid! Several designers make thousands of dollars every month by doing freelance side gigs.

Why don't you try it out? Who knows — maybe you'll turn this money-making opportunity into a full-time job!

5. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which a business rewards an affiliate for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's marketing efforts. It's a great way to make some extra cash and also a lot of fun!

There are plenty of affiliate programs to choose from, so finding one that fits your interests should be easy. And once you get started, you'll be amazed at how quickly the money starts rolling in! You can earn several thousand dollars per month doing this side gig!

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6. Online Surveys

Completing online surveys is one of the easiest side hustles you can do. You only need a computer or a phone and a few spare minutes! You can earn around $7 per hour for completing short questionnaires on various topics.

Companies are always looking for feedback from consumers. The best part? They'll gladly pay for it. You can share your opinion about toothpaste, hair brushes, pizza, car wash, and many more. In most cases, you can sign up to survey sites for free and start earning money right away.

7. YouTube Channel


One of the most popular remote side hustles is posting content on YouTube. You only need a smartphone, a tripod, and some creative ideas (or a good quality webcam if your lighting is amazing). Some specific requirements exist to monetize your channel, but you can quickly turn your hobby into a passive income stream.

You don't even have to be on camera if you don't want to be. You can create informative or funny videos without showing your face. Get your cooking recipes out and film your worktable or set up a camera to unbox some packages without exposing yourself to the world. Just make sure your content is engaging and original! Who knows — you might even become the next internet sensation.

8. Dropshipping

Have you ever wished to have your own business? Well, now is the perfect time to try your hand at it! Dropshipping is a form of order fulfillment without holding any inventory. Sounds complicated? It's not! Dropshipping has been popular in the online work sector for many years.

The gist is you create an online store and list items you wish to sell. These items come straight from suppliers and get shipped to customers — you pocket the price difference!

Your business will sell these items at a higher price than you get them from suppliers so that you can make quite a bit of extra income.

Another great avenue to try out if you don't like holding inventory and taking risks is the print-on-demand service. You'd sell your digital products in your store, and your supplier would print it out and send it upon request! This side hustle idea can be an excellent passive income stream.

Are you not interested in any of these ideas? Don't worry! We have another list of unique side hustles you can start today.

Best Side Hustle Ideas Come From Within You

Of course, this list gives you ideas to start a side hustle or even turn it into a part-time job. But of course, the world is your oyster and you can do anything you set your mind to do — sell your products or services through freelancing platforms or your own business. It's a great way to earn extra income to help your personal finance bloom!

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