How do VPN, VPS, VM and Emulators work with Honeygain?

Apr 22, 2020 last_updated min_read

Making money with Honeygain is easy. Only a few simple steps to set up the app are needed to enjoy the money you earn just by sharing your Internet Connection.

But Honeygain, like any other app, has some rules that are advised to follow in order to enjoy your full experience to effortless passive income.

If you use one of these tools like VPN, VPS, VM or Emulator, earning money with Honeygain can get more complex.

What do we mean by that? Keep on reading to find out how to use Honeygain without any headaches.

Here’s the overview of what we’ll cover on today’s blog post:

  • What is: VPN, VPS, VM and Emulator
  • How each of them is used
  • And how they interfere with Honeygain application


For starters, let’s find out more about VPNs.

The abbreviation VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it works by routing your network connection (usually encrypted), through a specific server, which is then transmitted to the Internet. To simplify it, when you want to visit a website, your device sends a request to a different server and gets back to you with the information you have asked for. By using a VPN you not only hide your IP address from the servers, but also mask your real location and bypass geographic restrictions of some websites.

A few of the most common use cases could be to watch your favourite shows, which are only available in certain countries or access lower prices for the product you’d like to purchase.

But why can't I use VPN and Honeygain at the same time?

In short, your IP address matters. As we previously mentioned on our blog posts about various use cases, Honeygain’s network is used for research of check hotels, flights prices in real time, depending on a location, or even to conduct ad verification.

However, the one IP address you get from VPN is not only used by several users, but it doesn’t have the same power and ability to collect this important information and safely transfer it to Honeygain's network. And since it’s the case, you should turn off your VPN in order to earn money with Honeygain (at least at the time you are running the app) or configure your VPN app so it allows Honeygain to use your home IP address.


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it’s a virtual machine, lent to you by web hosting providers. To be more exact, it’s a cloud server, running within an actual server, and, on top of that, you can install the operating system of your choice within the VPS. It is commonly used for web hosting, private backups and even as a game server, for instance, to have multiple and coexisting users.

Another aspect of VPS is similar to VPN. The IP addresses, which are tied, have a significant difference in comparison to the residential IPs as it doesn’t allow to perform market research in the same terms.

So, you can imagine a situation where a scientist, one of Honeygain’s partners, is ready to conduct his research on, for example, how and where intellectual property is abused, but with the network that holds IPs from VPS it is not possible to do. If you are interested in what is a brand abuse and how Honeygain users help making the Internet a safer place, take a look at our previous blog post.


Another tool to discuss are VMs. Virtual Machines imitate the real machines, like computers, and emulate their systems within. VM is easily accessible and it enables people to run multiple and independent VMs on the same computer.

But why do people need such machines?

VMs are most commonly used for testing various programs and new operating systems in a safe environment, or even run incompatible softwares, just to name a few.

Even though VM gives the same experience for the user from the operating system’s perspective, VM isn't the exact same environment and it doesn’t run organically on a device as your original operating system runs. Therefore, if a person uses Honeygain on such environments, the algorithm can be triggered and identify the user as fraudulent/artificial, because, similarly to the VPS, the research can’t be conducted in the same way as on a regular computer.


And finally, let’s explore the world of Emulators.

These kinds of hardwares or softwares allow people to run another software program or a computer system on your computer. The main intention of Emulators is to mimic the experience you get from the other original software or hardware and make it accessible to everyone, who want to use some programs, which are only available on certain systems.

Most users need these programs to develop and test apps, which have been created for other devices, or it can also be used for entertainment purposes like playing different software games on it. 

Nonetheless, as Honeygain is available on Windows or macOS devices, there is no need to hold another operating system on your computer. You can use your existing system, download the Honeygain and use the app without any interference.

Also, as more and more people are joining Honeygain’s network, it’s worth noting that there is no room for users, who run Honeygain in such artificial environments.

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Since every penny counts, we’re implementing various solutions to make it a fair game for everyone. Honeygain’s algorithm, which is designed to track such fraudulent activity, mentioned above, can be only triggered when the user abuses our Terms of Use as there is no room for dishonest users.

While you can’t even have access to use Honeygain when the VPN is turned on, the ingenuine usage of the app in such artificial environments as VPS, VMs and Emulators will result in a ban.

These fabricated settings as well as invalid IP addresses for Honeygain’s network don’t support the same research as it can be conducted from real and genuine devices.

In this case, you should follow our Terms of Service and, if any further questions arise, please, visit our Helpdesk to find all the answers you need.