Honeygain's B2B Brother – Swarmbytes

Honeygain's B2B Brother Swarmbytes
May 15, 2023 last_updated min_read

As you may know, Honeygain has been around for a while and made loads of bees happy with easy passive income. What some might not know is that Honeygain has a solution that is catered to business-to-business users. This solution is called Swarmbytes!

What’s It For?

Swarmbytes is essentially the same thing as Honeygain, except created for those who have businesses with loads of IP addresses at their disposal. These could be ISPs or other similar ventures.

Honeygain is made for people who usually have a single (or a few more) IP addresses under their belts. As there is a device limit for Honeygain accounts, with 10 devices each on their own separate IP address, rest assured it is for B2C purposes.

Now, Swarmbytes is for those who have quite a few IP addresses. Joining Swarmbytes and letting Honeygain put use to the unused internet bandwidth of businesses creates an additional income stream for those businesses. Why sit there idly with loads of IP addresses and massive traffic when you can monetize it?

What Does It Do?

Knowing that Swarmbytes is an offshoot of Honeygain, at the core, use cases remain the same. Although, since it is a B2B solution, the use cases are solved at a much grander scale. On Honeygain, your unused internet bandwidth is used for ad verification, brand protection, business intelligence, and so on. So is the case with Swarmbytes.

Let’s take a look at brand protection, for example. A bunch of Honeygain users can do the trick, but they all have to be united “under the hood.” The resources have to be carefully grouped and complete the task from different locations and different devices.

Now, since businesses, such as ISPs, already have a huge number of resources at hand, brand protection cases can be done much quicker and more efficiently. To better illustrate this, imagine having to reconstruct a text from a pile of papers, each containg a single word. It is possible, but it is not easy. Swarmbytes, in this case, would contain papers with whole paragraphs of text. That makes the task a lot easier.

As with Honeygain, the use cases are all completely safe, and every little thing is done with meticulous know-your-customer agreements. Every little thing matters, and everything is taken into account.

How Do I Join?

As noted previously, Swarmbytes is a B2B solution, meaning that you have to be a business owner that manages an ISP or mobile IP blocks to be eligible. If you happen to have that, head straight to Swarmbytes website and press “Sign up to Swarmbytes.”

Your application will be checked for eligibility and other requirements, and if everything is fine, you will be able to monetize the network resources of your business in no time!

If you are not a business owner but still wish to earn passively, check out Honeygain. You do not need to have an ISP to earn there!