Monetize your IP by dedicated solution for ISP

If you are managing an ISP or mobile IP blocks, you can easily create a constant additional revenue stream by sharing your network resources with the Honeygain web intelligence network. This is secure and flexible way to generate extra revenue every month with Swarmbytes.

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How does it work?

Easy to Join

For your convenience, Swarmbytes suite is packaged for most popular Linux distributions (.deb; .rpm; .apk). We will provide detailed instructions for deploying and configuring the system. If you are in charge of network and server setup, the installation will take minutes.

Monitor your resources

Joining Swarmbytes will grant you access to your personal dashboard where the most important information is always at your fingertips. Monitor your revenue by checking daily and monthly IP activity, review the most recent IP activity to validate the latest changes to your setup and access your revenue history! 

Want to sign up?

Sign up to access your dashboard, where you can monitor your IP activity, read the Swarmbytes whitepaper, check tech requirements, find the Download section and all the data charts you need to track your revenues hassle-free.

How is your network used?

All of the traffic that goes through the network is thoroughly monitored and can only be provided by verified business clients who undergo a comprehensive background check and have their use cases reviewed individually. Security is our TOP priority! We are trusted by 20M+ users worldwide, and are considered to be one of the most popular applications in the B2C area. Furthermore, we do not collect any data. Swarmbytes are designed solely for business clients that go through extensive KYC (know your customer) process and screening calls. Their use cases are reviewed individually in order to ensure and guarantee 100% security and data privacy protection.

Brand Protection

Top brands can scan the web for copies and counterfeits of their products, as well as other intellectual property violations.

SEO + Business Intelligence

Having an uncensored view of the Internet, clients can collect real and unobstructed web statistics, which are crucial for making the Internet better for everyone.

Ad Verification

Companies can check whether their ads are running correctly and on the right websites – exactly where they were intended to be shown.

Content Delivery

Some content, like IPTV or VoIP, can be geo-restricted. Thanks to Content Delivery, people can access geo-blocked content and experience the Internet as a truly borderless place.

How is your revenue calculated?

Supplier’s revenue is calculated monthly and based on the average number of concurrent IPs connected to the Swarmbytes network each month (MACIP). At a more granular level, MACIP is a derivative from the average number of daily concurrent IPs which is referred to as DACIP. We do not require IP allocation. You are able to monetise both used and unused prefixes with us. 

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