How to Get Free Apple Gift Cards and Codes

How to get free Apple gift cards and codes
Jul 27, 2023 min_read

While everything in life is getting more expensive, you need to find cheat codes to help you get stuff for free, for example, free Apple gift cards and codes. Why would you want it? You can save up to $100 for your personal use from a virtual gift card.

In the current economy, $100 can get you a week of groceries (remember the times it used to cover almost the entire month?) or cover your water bill. Either way, getting free Apple gift cards and codes allows you to purchase Apple services and make your life easier.

What are Apple Gift Cards and Codes?

phone with money and coins

The main shtick about free Apple gift cards and codes is that you get a certain amount of money to spend in the Apple stores like the App Store or iTunes. If you've ever gotten a gift card, you know Apple gift card codes are what matters.

Once you type in the Apple gift codes in your account on any Apple device, your balance will increase, and you can purchase Apple services or spend it on any Apple store app. Apple gift cards have unique codes to avoid illicit use, so you'll have to type them in manually.

How Can I Get A Free Apple Gift Card?

There are many websites where you can get free gift cards for completing tasks, sharing your opinion, and simply winning contests. You need to look for such opportunities to redeem Apple gift cards and increase your Apple account balance.

Apple gift cards are a popular way for brands to reward their users for being engaged with their contests. However, you'll need to constantly look for such activities if you want free gift cards. The best way to consistently earn Apple gift cards is through these websites.

Survey Junkie

One of the most popular online survey platforms has a variety of rewards. You can redeem an Apple gift card once you complete enough short online surveys. Why do they pay you in Apple gift cards? It's a lot easier than shipping you physical gift cards.

Also, Apple devices work great for completing short surveys on the go, so you can request your payout in PayPal cash or App Store gift cards to spend it immediately. You can redeem Apple gift card and iTunes gift card codes once your account balance on Survey Junkie reaches the threshold.

Branded Surveys

It's another online survey platform in case you don't like Survey Junkie or the topics you need to give your opinion on. Plus, Branded Surveys can help you get an iTunes gift card to spend on Apple Music while — you can listen to music from the iTunes store while answering survey questions!

Branded Surveys offer a lot of different topics so that you can earn rewards easily. Brands want to hear your feedback, from toothbrushes to your favorite grocery store. If you shop online, you can provide your opinion via these survey sites instead of the actual e-shops and get free Apple gift card codes.


Do you want to get paid for playing games or watching videos? Swagbucks lets you do just that and more! It's a fan favorite when we're discussing easy money-making opportunities and rightfully so. You can get PayPal cash, Apple gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and more.

Swagbucks can even reward you for shopping online and not just watching videos! There are many ways to earn rewards through this website and claim free Apple gift cards! You can redeem codes via your account and transfer it to your Apple wallet.

Easy Ways To Get Free Apple Gift Cards Are Everywhere

E-gift cards are one of the most convenient and popular ways to award people. Online purchases are skyrocketing, and many brands are hopping on the trend. If you already have an Apple account, you can listen to Apple Music and buy subscriptions with your iTunes gift card.

Everyone loves Apple products — why don't you save your money and get a free iTunes gift card or a free Apple gift card? You can get up to $100 worth of gift cards for free by watching videos, playing games, completing online surveys, or winning contests!

While Apple gift cards are great, passive income is even better. With Honeygain, you can afford to get Apple gift cards for yourself and your friends! Alternatively, buy a subscription from the iTunes store and listen to some jams while making money.