10 Best GPT Sites to Make Money Online in 2024

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Nov 17, 2022 last_updated min_read

Getting some extra cash easily is a great thing, especially if you can do it all from home or during your daily commute. The best way to do so is definitely making use of GPT sites. However, there are loads of them all over the internet, offering different tasks and different payments.

To help you not get lost and stop your head from spinning at all of these sites, these are our picks for the 10 best GPT sites to make money online easily!

But what are GPT sites?

GPT sites, in this context, simply means "get paid to site," hence the abbreviation. These are websites that offer you a way to make money by doing very simple tasks that do not require any previous expertise, meaning that anyone will be able to do them.

The most common tasks provided on GPT sites are surveys, watching videos, playing games, installing a certain app, registering for some newsletter, and so on. As you can see, pretty much the only requirement to participate and get extra cash is a device connected to the internet. Be it your computer or your mobile device. Anything goes!

GPT sites tend to have certain limitations, such as geographical locations or minimum payout limits. But what they all have in common is the fact that you get paid for simple things that do not take a lot of effort or time.

Premise Data

Premise Data is a GPT app and site where you get paid for completing surveys and, surprisingly, taking pictures.

laptop screen with a blank survey on it

Basically, the surveys provided on this service are not always just mere surveys. They do have questions just as the usual survey would, but sometimes you need to do a certain task too in the middle of the survey itself. It could mean going to a certain location or taking a photograph of a certain object. This could be a little time-consuming, but it also makes things a bit more interesting than just filling out plain old surveys.

Because there may be some other activity involved during these surveys, you have to be sure to have your internet connection always active on the Premise Data app in order not to lose any cash.

The minimum payout on this app is $5, meaning that you will have to accrue this amount during your tasks in order to be able to cash out. In comparison to other GPT sites, this is a very low minimum payout.

Premise Data, just like other GPT sites, has certain limitations. For example, it is available not all over the world but in 70 countries. The number is big. However, they do not specify which countries go into that list. The best bet here would be to check out the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If the app is available for you to download, it means that you can use it and earn money from it.

Also, the number of surveys and tasks available varies greatly from country to country. This is a common theme amongst GPT sites, however. Some locations may have a lot of tasks, and you will be making money online quickly. However, other locations may not have that many tasks, making it more difficult to earn money.

The available payout methods include PayPal cash, crypto payments via Coinbase, and direct deposit to your bank account. Bear in mind, though, there is a minimum sum you have to collect before you can get paid.

Bottom line

laptop screen with a blank survey on it

Although depending on the location you are in and the possible lack of tasks available, Premise Data is still one of the highest-paying GPT sites around. However, sometimes you will need to go to a certain location that you wouldn't have visited otherwise in order to complete the tasks, which can be a real bother.


Grindabuck is another GPT site that allows you to earn money with a rather wide variety of tasks. They include answering paid surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and referring friends. Grindabuck also offers a nice incentive to be active, as they give out extra rewards for being the top earner on the site. They also do giveaways from time to time.

In order to use Grindabuck, you will need to confirm your identity during sign-up by uploading your ID, which could be a drawback for certain users. Once you are done with that, it is time to start earning!

This GPT site rewards you with points for completing tasks (the points are called GaBs and simply mean Grindabuck points) instead of actual money right away. After you accumulate enough of these points, you will be able to exchange them for various gift cards, PayPal cash, or certain cryptocurrencies.

The payout system is rather interesting, as you will need to accumulate $10 worth of GaBs for your first payout. However, after this single $10 exchange, you will be able to cash out at just $1, making it an interesting option to earn quickly. It might start slow, but after that, it is absolutely smooth sailing.

Bottom line

If you are not afraid of the strange verification process and do not mind the grind it takes initially, Grindabuck might be one of the best GPT sites for you. With an earning potential of around $5 per hour, you will get the initial $10 payout in no time.


With JumpTask, you can earn a unique cryptocurrency – JumpTokens ($JMPT) – for performing simple micro-tasks online. JumpTask is a pioneering Web3 micro-tasking platform that connects freelancers to businesses and advertisers that require their help. 

This GPT site offers you opportunities to make money online through small and simple tasks like watching ads, taking online surveys, playing games, testing apps, and doing tasks on social media like retweeting something or following a person!

Bottom line

JumpTask is an online platform for freelancers, businesses, or companies needing help with simple short-term tasks. In return for doing these tasks, you get to earn money in a unique cryptocurrency that you can then transfer to real money.


Timebucks could be ranked as one of the best GPT sites on two main advantages: the number of payout options available and overall geographical availability. It is available all over the world, and even if you are in a smaller country and do not expect to have many offers to earn, Timebucks will prove you wrong.

Similar to other GPT sites here on this list, the task types for which you get paid are somewhat vast. You can earn money by engaging in surveys and offers, watching videos, playing games, following certain social media pages, or taking part in various competitions that will give you cash right away if you are lucky.

As they have a lot of partnerships with various offer providers as well as survey providers, the options to earn are incredibly large in terms of numbers. Timebucks also constantly checks out which tasks work well and which do not, meaning that some tasks may disappear and others will take their place. This guarantees a constant flow of things to do and get paid, eliminating boredom.

The minimum payout on this GPT site is $10. Once you reach it, though, you have plenty of payout options available, probably the biggest selection out of all GPT websites around. You can, and get ready for this, payout using Skrill, AirTM, Payeer, direct deposit to your bank account, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Neteller. This is not even the complete list, so you can get an idea of how versatile the payout options are.

Bottom line

Though it does not pay too much compared to other GPT sites, and you may need some patience to earn money there, the incredible number of available tasks and constant updates, as well as worldwide availability and numerous payout methods, are the pros that outweigh the cons easily.

a laptop screen with a colorful survey and checkmarks with a pencil next to it

Survey Junkie

To call Survey Junkie a legendary website is not an overstatement at all. It's been online forever and has given out millions of surveys to people all over the globe. We could simply stop the explanation here since this GPT site is so well-known that you have probably heard about it. But, if that is not the case, let us elaborate.

Different from other best GPT sites that we have provided on this list, Survey Junkie is focused solely on surveys. It is right there in the name, but sometimes names can be deceiving. Not in this case, though.

Once you register for this website, you will be provided a questionnaire that is concerned with demographics and all other information that is required to provide the most accurate and useful surveys for you. Once you are done with it, the surveys will start rolling in.

The payment you receive for completing surveys depends on the length of them. The prices usually range from about $0.20 to a few dollars per survey. The longer the survey, the more you get paid, of course. The surveys themselves can cover many topics, such as market research.

The minimum payout on Survey Junkie is $5. Once you reach this amount, you will be able to get some free gift cards, PayPal cash, or, if you are feeling kind and generous, you can simply give this money out to a charity. The payout threshold is small, and since surveys pay quite a lot, you should be able to reach it quickly. It is indeed one of the highest-paying GPT sites around.

Bottom line

An absolute legend in the field of GPT sites, it is undoubtedly fully legitimate, easy to use, and fully focused on surveys. If you have not used Survey Junkie yet, you should not wait any longer and start getting those free gift cards and cash via PayPal.

Branded Surveys

laptop screen with a blank survey on it

Branded Surveys is another website out of GPT sites and apps that is focused mostly on surveys. The key word there is "mostly" since you can also earn by playing games, downloading apps, and so on.

Right off the bat, Branded Surveys offers you $1 for free as a signup bonus, giving a slight boost and motivation to go further by completing surveys. Just as with Survey Junkie, the first step in using this GPT site is completing a questionnaire that will determine demographical data of yours. Once that is done (it should take around 10 minutes), you are free to check out the list of available surveys and start filling them out.

What makes this site stand out from other paying GPT sites is its loyalty program. Basically, if you invest a lot of tie in completing surveys, you will be able to get the Elite membership on Branded Surveys.

It means that, depending on how active you are, you will be put into one of the few tiers. Being on a higher tier means bigger bonuses to your earnings, thus dramatically increasing your earning potential. Not many GPT sites provide anything similar to this way to earn cash, and no sites on this list, in particular, have any similar mechanics behind them.

The minimum sum you have to collect in order to payout is $10, which can be rather large in comparison to other GPT platforms on this list. Once you reach it, you can cash out in the form of a PayPal gift card (or other gift cards, for that matter), as well as donate your earnings to charity.

Bottom line

If surveys completing is your cup of tea and you intend to invest a lot of time in this opportunity to earn extra cash, you should definitely try. If you get tired of surveys, you can try other ways to earn money there easily.


If you are interested in crypto, now is the time to read carefully and get focused! Cointiply in a GPT site that is focused on various cryptocurrencies.

It started out as a Bitcoin faucet, meaning that you could get very small amounts of Bitcoin by doing literally nothing. Just visiting the website and making a few clicks. However, to attract more users, this site added multiple other options to earn, effectively creating one of the few crypto-focused GPT sites.

The ways to make money are similar to those on the other best GPT sites on this list. They include referring friends, answering surveys, completing various offerwall tasks, and watching videos. The more unique options to earn money are logging in every day to get the chance to gain a bit of crypto via the faucet system and by earning interest on the coins that you have already accrued. As you can probably tell, you get coins for completing tasks.

The minimum payout is $3.50 worth of coins. You can cash out using various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Doge. There are no free gift cards or payouts via PayPal as payout options. Everything is crypto, making this GPT site very different and well-catered to crypto fanatics all over the world. The earning potential overall on this site is $1-2 per hour.

Bottom line

GPT sites rarely have anything to do with crypto. This one is the polar opposite of that. If you enjoy dabbling in the crypto world, you should definitely try out Cointiply and increase the count of crypto in your wallet.


A relatively new player in the field of GPT sites, Freecash has similar features to other sites on this list. It first started out as a website for gamers, offering them to earn free cosmetic skins on their favorite games. However, since this was a rather niche approach, they had branched out to offer more earning and payout opportunities that are not catered strictly to gamers.

It might not be one of the highest-paying GPT sites around, but they offer the same big selection of tasks that you can perform in order to get paid. These include paid offers (downloading apps and similar ventures), paid surveys, referring friends via their referral system, various contests for big earners, and so on. You can also get promotional codes on this website, saving you money while you are shopping online.

It utilizes a point system like a lot of other GPT sites around, but you get a sign-up bonus of 100 points just for joining. You will need a referral link from your friend though, in order to claim it.

As with the previous entry on this list, Freecash falls into the category of those few GPT sites and apps that offer Bitcoin as one of the payout options. They are not limited to that, though, you can also get paid in Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The minimum payout is just $0.10, by the way!

The other options include payouts via PayPal, skins for various computer games (remember, it started out as a GPT site for the gaming people), as well as different gift cards, including those you can spend on Roblox, as well as Visa gift cards that contain a prepaid amount of money that you can spend whichever way you want.

Bottom line

Gamer or not, many payout options and a very low minimum payout make this a great option for a quick buck. A signup bonus provides a boost on your starting day, and various tasks do make this website shine in from other GPT sites and apps.


Swagbucks has become a popular GPT website in recent years, with over 20 million registered users taking advantage of its many earning opportunities. By completing online surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more, users can earn rewards in Swagbucks points that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. Whether you're looking for free money via PayPal or Visa gift cards or gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon and Target, Swagbucks offers something for everyone.

What sets Swagbucks apart is its ease of use and flexibility. You can earn rewards from the comfort of your own home, and the platform offers a range of earning options that can fit around your schedule. Swagbucks, one of the leading GPT websites, also frequently runs promotions and bonus rewards, giving users even more incentives to earn. One of the promotions currently underway is a generous sign up bonus of $10!
With its user-friendly interface and the ability to earn rewards simply by completing small tasks, Swagbucks is an excellent way to earn extra money or gift cards without any major time commitment. You can also save some cash by engaging in cashback opportunities that they provide. Simply shop online and take the offers that are available.

Bottom Line

Swagbucks is a great choice for anyone looking to supplement their income or earn some extra for their PayPal account. Whether you're saving up for a specific purchase or just looking for a way to earn some extra cash, Swagbucks is a fantastic resource.


With Prizerebel, you can easily get rewarded for simply taking surveys and watching videos! Over 10 million users have already turned to this trusted platform as a reliable way of earning gift cards and cash. Make the most out of your spare time by joining the ranks today — just watch videos, complete simple tasks, and get rewarded for it.

The platform offers users a huge range of cash rewards and gift cards! Not only can you score gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon (which, in turn, can be converted to Xbox gift cards), Target, or Starbucks with earnings accrued in your spare time, but there's also the option to redeem PayPal & Bitcoin. And if that wasn't enough - they often provide bonus reward opportunities and promotions, so it's even easier for you to boost those earnings.

Prizerebel offers more than just money-making opportunities; it also provides an engaged and welcoming community. Through its discussion forums, social features, daily challenges, and leaderboards, users can get to know each other while competing against one another in a friendly atmosphere.

Bottom line

In summary, Prizerebel is a user-friendly and flexible rewards platform that offers a range of earning opportunities and rewards. With a supportive community and frequent bonus reward opportunities, Prizerebel is an excellent choice for anyone earning extra cash or gift cards in their spare time.


ySense is an international online powerhouse that offers great opportunities to make money. With a huge membership base of 7 million people in over 190 countries, it's become known for its reliability and trustworthiness. From surveys to simple tasks — there are plenty of ways for anyone worldwide to earn cash here.

The platform offers a wide range of tasks catered to every need. If you like to play games, you can earn from it. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can complete tasks that are completely different, such as surveys and similar things. The opportunities are pretty much endless.

Bottom line

ySense is the way to go if you are looking for extra ways to make money or get gift cards. An easy-to-use platform and worldwide access ensure that almost anyone can take advantage of its various earning opportunities.

All in all, these are our picks for the best GPT sites, in our opinion. They may not be the highest-paying GPT sites around, but one thing is for sure - they will indeed help you make some extra cash with little effort. Play games, watch videos, and fill out a survey or two. That's all it takes!

But there is also an opportunity to earn money without any activity whatsoever (and with a hefty sign-up bonus, too). Try Honeygain, a completely passive income app that will give you actual money for doing absolutely nothing.