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How can you advance your channel?

By using CareBuzz, you can collect donations from your audience at no cost to them. Need ideas for your campaign? Here are some tried and true goals for your inspiration!

Fulfill your dream

Looking for ways to skyrocket your personal project or upgrade your setup? CareBuzz can help!

Do giveaways

Give back to your audience with giveaways. It’ll increase their engagement and won’t cost a dime!

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Empower your community to rally their efforts in donating to a charity. Donating will cost only a few clicks!

Why should you choose CareBuzz?

    Patented Technology: With over 47% of population having internet, CareBuzz lets you employ this powerful resource via our technology trusted by 60 million users.
    Flexible Monetization: Every creator is different -- that’s why every initiative can be unique! Collect funds for personal enhancement or fundraise for a good cause.
    Cashless donations: Your audience shares their unused internet via our app and CareBuzz turns it into monetary donations.


How does CareBuzz work?

By sharing unused internet via the CareBuzz app, your community enters Honeygain’s global network that turns bandwidth into monetary donations.

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