Convert bandwidth to donations

• Enable patented bandwidth-sharing technology
• Monetize additional audiences with cashless donations
• Add additional crowdfunding options
• Customize commission fees for extra revenue

60M+ users
trusted technology
No limitations
Worldwide coverage
0% fees
Free platform

CareBuzz payment integration

By partnering with CareBuzz, you’re unlocking a cashless payment method. Integrate our solution, get people to download our app and boost your revenue once they start sharing internet!

Integrate CareBuzz & diversify donations

    Patented technology: CareBuzz uses the renowned and patented bandwidth-sharing technology pioneered by Honeygain, a trusted app with 60M+ users.
    Effortless monetization: initiatives funded via CareBuzz enable donators to contribute without real money. Enjoy diversified donations on your platform.
    One button integration: as a fundraising platform, you'll need only one button to integrate CareBuzz as a donation option. We'll take care of the rest!

All-round benefits for everyone involved

CareBuzz strives to provide a fair and transparent fundraising environment for everyone. That’s why we focus on benefitting everyone in our fundraising process.

Where is the shared bandwidth used?

Our verified business clients use the gathered public online data to perform web intelligence operations. They’re needed for optimal business performance and benefits for end-users.

Frequently asked questions

Why don’t users need money to donate?

How can I integrate CareBuzz to fundraising platform?

What advantages does payment using CareBuzz offer me?

Is CareBuzz a safe way to fundraise?

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