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Unlock new crowdfunding possibilities with Honeygain technology. Your supporters can donate without money. They share unused internet to skyrocket your campaign!

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How can you start?

With CareBuzz, you can crowdfund without fuss. Create a campaign in a few steps, publish it immediately and start collecting donations!

Create campaign

Think of an idea for your crowdfunding goal. Fill out the short form needed to publish it.

Share it with others

Once your campaign is live, share it with your audience, family, friends to get donations!

Collect donations

People will contribute towards your goal, so you can collect donations and crowdfund with ease.


How does CareBuzz work?

By sharing unused internet via the CareBuzz app, your community enters Honeygain’s global network that turns bandwidth into monetary donations.

What is your internet connection used for?

The Honeygain network performs various business intelligence operations to improve overall online experience with price comparison, brand protection and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why don’t people need money to crowdfund?

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