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Get direct access to residential proxies from millions of Honeygain users worldwide.

Access to residential IP network

We have build a legitimate residential proxy network where traffic is directly sourced from real users that give their consent and get compensated for participating with direct payments from Honeygain.

Built on User Awareness

We make it our top priority to explain to our users on how their traffic is used and educate on the underlying business cases. This way you can be sure that the connections you use are legitimately sourced and users are trying to provide the best connection.

Constantly expanding

As Honeygain offers its services to users all over the world, we simultaneously expand in every single country and continent as well (yes, even Antarctica).

Content Delivery

Honeygain content delivery enables to offer our partners features that allow their users to access bandwidth-intensive online services, such as VOIP, audio / video streaming and more. This helps users all over the world to access content that might otherwise be geographically blocked.

Honeygain spans all over the world

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