Start using the Honeygain network

Experience the unlimited web accessibility possibilities through residential proxies from millions of Honeygain users worldwide

Built on 100% user awareness

We have built a legitimate residential proxy network where traffic is directly sourced from real users worldwide. Every one of them has given their consent and receives regular financial rewards for participating. We make it our top priority to educate our users on how their traffic is used and what it helps companies achieve.

Constantly expanding

Honeygain strives to be accessible to users and business clients all around the world. We currently cover 99% of the world, including all 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica!) – and we’re not stopping there!
Content Delivery

Content Delivery enables Honeygain to provide our partners with exclusive features that allow their users to access bandwidth-intensive online services like audio/video streaming. This way, users all over the world can access content that might otherwise be unavailable to them due to geo-restrictions.
Web Monitoring

Honeygain supplies network infrastructure for synthetic monitoring service providers, including availability, performance and functionality monitoring. With the help of our global network, we enable the creation of the leading platforms for website, SSL, API, application, server and other product lines.

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