Why Users Earn More with Desktop vs. Android

Feb 5, 2020 last_updated min_read

There's nothing quite like the security of knowing that you have a passive income stream that you can access as needed. Better yet, Honeygain is a passive income stream that requires almost no work to set up or use.

It's not like other passive income sources, where you put in a lot of work at first to reap the benefits later. No, Honeygain is more like getting free money. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too until we made it happen.

But, since we care about our users, we want to help you make the most money possible with our system. That means letting you see behind the curtain where the magic happens. That's what this article is all about. We want to show you how to make money online, consistently using Honeygain.

But first, let us put our money where our mouth is. Please take a look at our Philosophy of Making Money From Home, as we talk about how you can make money from home, and why everyone should.

How Does it Work?

Honeygain's premise is simple. Seeing the public internet through your internet connection is valuable to companies. They use the internet to optimize their websites, improve google rankings, come up with better products, and find out what people still want and need, to name a few.

In exchange for giving us access to your internet connection, we anonymize it, vet our clients, and pass a share of that income back to you. Honeygain is the simplest thing you can do when you're learning how to make money with a computer. It's fast, easy, and once you're set up, you don't have to do anything else. Except get paid, of course.

Why Do You Earn More via a Computer?

Sounds easy, right? So, why is it our users make more money on computers than they do with Android devices?

Well, there are a few reasons. The simplest is that there's just more traffic available on desktops. If you leave your computer on overnight, Honeygain might be receiving internet traffic from you 24 hours a day.

Most Android devices, like your phone, simply don't send that much internet traffic or send it consistently. Since we provide credits based on how much traffic we receive, that extra traffic adds up quickly via computers. And the sooner you accumulate credits, the sooner you'll get paid.

There's also a supply and demand difference. Today, more people have and access to the internet using cell phones rather than desktops. That means that desktop data has a more limited supply, increasing its value.


The internet connection from desktops is naturally more consistent and more stable, as computers have longer uptimes. That means more traffic is sent through such types of devices. It's inherently easier to work with. Desktops tend to have more stable connections, as Wifi is generally more stable than mobile networks. The Wifi connection is also more durable than the mobile internet, which means that the traffic flow is interrupted.

Client Preference

While more people are using Android and other phones nowadays, we still see a notable preference for desktop internet connection. Some business partners, depending on what they use internet connection for, specifically target PC and Mac traffic, to the exclusion of all other sources. Why?

Because this type of traffic is the only source that gives them the complete picture, they need to meet their goals. While mobile data is more plentiful, it's less reliable. Mobile data provides an incomplete accounting of what companies want and need to conduct their tasks online.

To quickly sum up, desktop users earn more through Honeygain for a few reasons.

  • Desktops are likely to send more traffic and do so by sending traffic more consistently than Android devices.
  • That traffic is also in higher demand with many clients because it is more complete and stable.
  • Lastly, there are fewer Honeygainers who provide desktop internet connection as more and more people rely on their smartphones for internet access. That means that the supply is more restricted, and demand is higher, increasing the value of desktop traffic.

All of those factors mean Honeygain is an easy way to make money online, especially with a computer.

Want to Increase Your Income Consistency?

That said, it's still worth connecting your Android to Honeygain, especially if you don't have a desktop or any other devices connect. Even when your connections are more limited to Android and other mobile devices, it's still possible to earn enough to cover a monthly bill through Honeygain.

Not to mention, you can also take advantage of our referral program in place. Invite your buddies, and they will get $2 right away when they sign up, and you get 10% of their earnings from then on. If you have friends from many different locations or who use the internet regularly, you'll quickly accumulate those sweet gains! That's free money for you, and your friend gets free money too. Win-win all round.

What's the trick? There isn't one. The most complicated part of the whole process is setting up our payment system with PayPal. But, we've provided an article to walk you through the whole thing, step by step.

What About Privacy?

We know you care about your privacy, and we also know that it's sometimes hard to trust the words directly from the horse's mouth. Take a look at this review of Honeygain's service if you want to learn a little more. Frugal for Less works to find ways to make and save money, and we're flattered they took the time to review our app.

One of our biggest concerns is your privacy and the integrity of the companies accessing our network. Rest assured, as we don't keep any more user's information than we need to track the progress of your credit accumulation and pay you appropriately. Why go to those lengths to protect our Honeygainers?

Well, it's simple. We're also internet users, and we care about how our personal data is used. If global companies are going to see the Honeygain's network as an asset and a tool, we think that they should use it responsibly. We also want to protect our users. After all, any service that requires your personal information gets fishy real fast. With Honeygain, we want to provide a valuable tool for our clients, but we also want to provide good value to you, our users.

Protecting you, paying you, and vetting our business partners before working with them just makes sense.