Why Honeygain Passive Income Opportunity Is Better Than Others

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 4 min read

Everyone loves making money. Karl Marx famously said that the only thing that can create wealth is the labor of a human being. However, it seems Marx may not have considered the concept of passive income. In short, passive income is income that you gain with little to no effort on your part. With the modern internet, there are tons of ways you can get some much-desired passive income. One app that will net you some passive income is Honeygain.

Honeygain is a revolutionary app that lets you “reach your internet’s full potential by making your device a network gateway.”

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What Is Honeygain?

In a nutshell, Honeygain is an app that provides residential proxy services to third parties like data scientists, Fortune 500s, advertising companies, and other businesses. Here is how it works: at any given time, you are only using a fraction of your total internet data on your smartphone. Installing Honeygain allows these companies to use your unused internet connection to run brand protection campaigns, perform SEO monitoring, content delivery, and ad verification services, among other things.

In other words, Honeygain is an app that lets you basically “rent” out your excess internet data to companies for crowdsourced information processing, brand protection campaigns, SEO monitoring, ad-fraud prevention, enable streaming, and many other uses. Being ultimately a decentralized device network Honeygain provides businesses a way to perform at first look - sophisticated almost rocket science things. Read more about these on the Honeygain blog!

How Do I Get Paid With Honeygain?

Obviously, you won’t be offering your excess data for free. The best part of Honeygain is that companies pay you to use your data. Here is how payment works: You get 1 credit for every 10MB of data your share. Each credit is worth $0.0001, so if you share 10GB, then you would get $1 in credits. According to the earnings estimator on their webpage, you can make up to $20 a month if you leave the app running 24/7. The average amount of data comes out to about 2 GB a day, but depending on your data connection speed and location, it can be nearly 15GB a day. Considering that the app download is free and that you don’t have to do anything while the app is running, that’s a great deal.

Even better, running Honeygain does not have to be isolated to one device. Honeygain allows you to connect several devices and exponentially increase your earnings. However, do keep in mind that Honeygain limits the number of devices you can use on your account to 10, with one device per IP address. So, as long as you have enough networks to exploit, this can be a game-changing passive income generator.

Honeygain also works on either mobile data or WiFi. So you can have it running while you’re out and switch to your WiFi when at home. You can even set app preferences so that Honeygain only uses WiFi data if you don’t have an unlimited mobile data plan.

Honeygain currently pays its users through PayPal, though they are currently working on alternate payment methods.

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Is Your Personal Data Safe?

Yes! Honeygain does not collect any of your personal data, other than your email address, IP address, and payout methods. Honeygain does not collect any info other than what is needed to identify your account and clear the payment. That means you don’t have to worry about the company selling your information to third parties for profit.

Comparing Honeygain With Other Passive Income Opportunities

Many income opportunities that label themselves as “passive” are anything but. Although things like surveys and questionnaires are a quick way to make some extra money, they do require some effort on your part. Other sources of passive income, such as investing or owning property, have a rather high barrier for entry and can carry an inherent amount of risk.

Honeygain is truly passive income. Once you install the app and permit it to use your internet traffic, you do not have to do anything except keep the app running in the background. Money for nothing? Sounds like the ultimate free lunch, right? Unlike something like the stock market, you will never see your total assets decrease.

Honeygain also gives users an incentive to bring others into the network. If you invite your friends to join Honeygain, they will be sent a specialized link, and you get 10% of their daily earnings. So spreading the joys of Honeygain to more people puts more money in your wallet.

Does Honeygain Have Any Drawbacks?

No app is perfect, and Honeygain does have a few drawbacks. However, these drawbacks are outweighed by the benefits.

First, the amount of data you can use depends on your internet plan. If you have a limited amount of mobile data, then once you run out, Honeygain will automatically shut off. Also, if you are currently using the majority of your data for downloads, the app is limited in how much data it can allocate. You can set Honeygain to only operate on WiFi if you are worried about mobile data costs or have a max amount of mobile data.

Also, keeping the app on for a prolonged period of time will drain your battery, though battery consumption only varies from 5%-8% per day; hardly a battery killer.

How To Install Honeygain

Installation is easy:

● Go to the website and download the app for your Windows, macOS, or Android device.

● Once you download the app, set your network preferences like whether you want it to use mobile data or only WiFi.

● Connect to the internet, and watch the money come in!


So why is Honeygain a better passive income opportunity than others? Simply because Honeygain is truly passive income that requires no work on your part. Just download the app, set your preferences on data usage, and sit back as you get paid for your “hard work.”

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 4 min read
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