Top Student Discounts: Make the Most Out of Your Student Card!

top student discounts
By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 22, 2023 • 6 min read

Some say the years you spend in college or university are the best in a person’s life – and they do have a point. You’re young, full of energy, constantly surrounded by mates, getting an education, and building yourself a bright future shaped by your own likes and preferences. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games!


There’s a reason being a student is often associated with frugal living: studies take up a ton of time, so working full-time and making a decent salary is virtually impossible. Your needs, on the other hand, only seem to grow as you move out of your parents’ place and become an adult. Luckily, a ton of online stores and platforms understand this better than you think! In this article, we’ll be exploring the places that offer unmatched student discounts online. Get ready to take notes and save your banknotes!

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💻 Tech Products

Have you ever lost an essay you were supposed to bring in tomorrow? Even if you haven't, we're sure you understand the frustrations! These days, technical issues are a student’s worst nightmare. Of course, cloud technologies have made us feel a bit safer, but it doesn’t change the fact that to achieve their best results, students need to have reliable tech products – and those do not come cheap. Fortunately, there are some student deals you should be aware of if you want to save a buck or two:

  • Apple Education Pricing includes discounts on both Apple products and AppleCare+ insurance. And these are not just student discounts, either – once verified, teachers and university staff can use them too!
  • Microsoft Office remains a staple in most academic institutions – luckily, if you study or work at a university and have an academic email address, you might be able to get it for free (plus 1 TB free online storage!). Check whether your school takes part in the Microsoft Volume Licensing program – most of them do!
  • BestBuy regularly has student deals available on their website, including discounts for laptops, headsets, keyboards, hard drives, and tons of other tech products. All you need to do to qualify for them is to sign up with your academic email address.

📲 Online Services

With all that powerful tech, it’s hardly surprising students spend a lot of their time online. It’s simply a matter of convenience: why carry a boombox when you can have Spotify or another similar service on your phone? Why buy DVDs that take a ton of space when you can watch stuff on video streaming platforms? Best of all, a lot of these great services come with handy student discounts!

  • Spotify Premium and Apple Music are both normally $9.99 a month – but students get a 50% discount and only pay $4.99. For the world’s leading music streaming platforms that also offer podcasts and audiobooks, it’s a steal!
  • Amazon Prime Student offers a solid set of student deals for only $6.49 a month (instead of $12.99) – it includes Prime delivery for your Amazon purchases, access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Music, an extended 2-month free trial of Kindle Unlimited, and tons of exclusive student discounts every month!
  • Skillshare offers a 50% discount on its Premium membership, allowing you to learn with online courses for less – given you have a valid academic (.edu) email address!
  • Hulu’s ad-supported plan is $5.99 a month – but one of the most generous student discounts around lets you only pay a third of that ($1.99). It sounds even better when you compare it to Netflix’s price of $9.99 (and no student deals)!

👕 Clothing Stores

High school students have it easy with uniforms, huh? Once you’re in college or university, that option goes out the window – and you really want to look stylish among all your newfound friends. Worry not: no matter your fashion preferences, a lot of popular online clothing stores offer student discounts! Here’s a handful of our favorites:

  • 10% off: ASOS, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Superdry
  • 15% off: American Eagle, Converse, Ultimate Outdoors, Desigual
  • 20% off: Asics, Levi’s, Jack&Jones

You will need to get your status verified to qualify for the student discounts these stores offer. In most cases, that will simply mean registering with your official academic email (.edu) or submitting the number or a copy of your official student card.

💄 Health and Beauty

While cosmetics is not really a must-buy or a priority you should spend your last money on, it can surely help boost one’s confidence – which can be crucial for young adults! Let’s not also forget some types of cosmetics help us deal with issues like acne or sunburn. Can students save on health and beauty products, too? Glad you asked!

  • If you’re a fan of makeup, you’re surely aware of MAC cosmetics – and you’ll love to hear they offer a 10% discount both online and in their stores.
  • If perfumes are more up your alley, visit the Fragrance Direct. Not only is this online store known for great deals on scented products, but it also offers a 10% student discount on top of that – and the selection is rather impressive.
  • Speaking of great scents, one of the more generous student discounts is offered by Rituals: you can get 20% off their cosmetics online and at participating stores. Psst: they’re also pretty elegantly packaged, so remember this deal once it’s the gifting season!
  • Students can also use a 15% student discount when shopping at FeelUnique and Charlotte Tilbury, both of which carry makeup and skincare products.

🍿 Going Out

This part is where it gets a bit tricky: the places most of us visit on our evenings out tend to be rather local, so it barely makes sense to name exact companies and establishments that do provide student discounts. Nevertheless, we can surely define the types of places you are most likely to find them!

  • Cineworld, Odeon, Vue Cinemas, Showcase Cinemas, and thousands of other cinemas around the world provide discounts when presented with a valid student card. Certain limitations may apply, though – for instance, some places might not offer student deals on weekends when the prices are generally higher.
  • Pizza Hut, Domino’s, White Castle, and other fast food places are often beloved by students, as their food is tasty, filling, not the most expensive, and… well, fast! Thus, it’s no surprise that they tend to have 10–20% student discounts available.
  • It’s worth checking whether academic bookstores near you have any deals for textbooks – chances are, you’ll be able to save quite a lot. For example, Oxford University Press’s online shop offers 25% off! You’re not that likely to get a student discount for your YA novels – but they’re not as expensive as textbooks anyways.

🚆 Traveling

Student travel deals are probably the most sought-after. Why? Because the years you spend in college are the last ones when you get to enjoy long summer holidays – plus, you now have the most energy and curiosity you’ll ever have in your life! Unfortunately, you don’t also have the fattest wallet of your life… But there are ways to work around it!

  • If you’re traveling in Europe, get your hands on the Eurail Student Pass, which allows you to travel by trains with a 35% discount! It works in 30+ countries, so you might really have an affordable Eurotrip of your life.
  • Whatever country you find yourself in, make sure you check for student discounts for public transport. You are most likely to find great deals (even up to 80% in some countries!) – just make sure you have an international student card (e.g., ISIC) with you at all times to prove your status.
  • Some airlines, including but not limited to British Airways, Air China, and Air India, offer student travel deals that slash 10–30% off the regular price or increase the free luggage allowance (which can come in handy if you’re moving abroad for studies!).

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By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 22, 2023 • 6 min read
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