How To Make Money As A Kid: 10 Simple Ideas

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Apr 6, 2023 • Last Updated May 23, 2023 • 6 min read

Being a kid is undoubtedly the most fantastic time of one's life. But learning some valuable money-making lessons from an early age is essential. It will help kids understand the value of money and instill a sense of responsibility in them. Earning some bucks can also be an excellent way for kids to learn real-life business skills.


Babysitting is more than just a way for kids to make pocket money - it's an opportunity to gain valuable experience that can help shape their future careers. Kids who are responsible and enjoy spending time with children can reap the rewards of being a babysitter, from having fun playing games with younger siblings or neighbors to gaining valuable teaching or childcare skills.

Various organizations provide babysitting courses that prepare you for all aspects of child care, from learning essential life-saving CPR and first aid skills to discovering how best to deal with any potential emergencies.

These classes are designed to arm young caregivers with the necessary knowledge, so they can be prepared for every step – from speaking effectively with parents to caring for kids in different age groups.

Dog Walking

Love dogs? Start your dog walking business! It's not just a great way to earn some extra money, but you'll also get lots of snuggles and playtime with furry friends. What better motivation exists to break out into nature for a refreshing walk? Sounds like a great way to reap the benefits of work without actually having a job.

person with blue pants and white shirt walking a yellowish dog

Before setting out as a dog walker, gain valuable experience with canines by volunteering at an animal shelter or offering to take friends' and family members' dogs for free. This is the best way to get familiarized with breeds, temperaments, and walking techniques.

When taking someone else's pup for a walk, you're responsible for their safety and well-being. Get to know the dog's energy level and temperament ahead of time so that you can adjust your pace accordingly. Don't forget to bring supplies like waste bags, water bottles, treats – anything necessary to ensure your and the pet’s comfort during your stroll!

Yard Work

With summer just approaching, it's time to start thinking about ways for kids and young adults to make extra cash. Yardwork is a great option! From mowing lawns and trimming hedges, there are plenty of opportunities available.

Give your garden a fresh look with some do-it-yourself yard work! Think mowing, raking, and weeding – easy tasks to take on yourself. For more tricky jobs like trimming hedges or watering plants, ask an adult for help - you'll be ready to upgrade those gardens in no time.

From lawnmowers to rakes and shovels, yard work requires some essential tools. If you don't already have them, consider exploring your contacts for borrowing possibilities - friends or family members may be able to help! In addition, many homeowners also possess their own equipment that can come in handy when caring for a garden.

Lemonade Stand

Young entrepreneurs in the making can learn valuable lessons from the classic summertime tradition of running a lemonade stand. Not only is it an easy way for kids to make some money, but it also creates meaningful memories as they gain entrepreneurial skills and experience!

When starting your lemonade stand, the location is key. Choose somewhere always full of people – like a busy street or bustling park! Just get permission from relevant authorities and double-check local laws before setting up the shop.

With a set location for your refreshing lemonade stand, it's time to make some decisions! You'll want to craft the perfect recipe – just sweet enough - and decide on pricing, and spread the word about your new venture. Don't forget supplies such as cups, pitchers, and lemons so you can easily whip up each customer’s order.

Want to get your lemonade stand noticed? Make sure you have an eye-catching sign! Choose bright and bold colors and concise lettering, and add a cheeky slogan or fun image. Your customers will be attracted like bees to honey!

Selling Crafts

With a little creativity and hustle, even the youngest of entrepreneurs can put their crafting skills to work! Selling handmade crafts is an ideal business venture for kids looking to turn their hobby into cash.

various crafting tools including scissors and tape

Crafting your own signature items to sell can be a great way to express yourself, share something you're passionate about, and make some money in the bargain! Consider creating jewelry pieces with beautiful beads or gems; knitting intricate garments for warmth and fashion; painting picturesque landscapes that capture moments of beauty in time; drawing sketches reflecting unique perspectives on life.

To stay ahead of the crafting game, research and get inspired! Look at local areas and online marketplaces to see what crafts people are clamoring for. Don't forget friends' input – they'll know best which gifts would be a hit during special occasions.


Kids can join the green movement and make extra cash at the same time by embracing recycling! It's an easy way to protect our planet while earning rewards.

First, ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they have any aluminum cans, plastic bottles, or glass jars that could be reused. Collecting these items is a great way to help the environment, one item at a time.

Once you have collected the necessary items for sorting, carefully check each piece for any non-recyclable components that need removing, such as caps or labels, before sending off your newly composed bundle of recyclables.

Finally, search your local area for a recycling center that will reward you with payment or take them free of charge. Even if the items are taken for free, you will still gain valuable karma points by making our planet greener!


Before offering cleaning services, it's important to consider which tasks can be handled properly and confidently. From vacuuming carpets to dusting shelves, from mopping floors to shining surfaces – set the boundaries of your service scope for successful results.

Ready to make your cleaning business a success? Start off right by carefully selecting the rates you’ll charge for your services. After researching average prices in the area, adjust accordingly and consider offering discounts or package deals that could help draw in more customers.

Let people know about your cleaning services. You can create flyers, posters, or social media posts to promote your services. Make sure to include your contact information and the services you offer.

Selling Baked Goods

When selecting your specialized treats to sell, going with items you’re most comfortable preparing pays off. Consider delicious cookies, fudgy brownies, or irresistible cupcakes as just some options for a mouth-watering menu!

blue bowl with a whisk in it a bag of flour behind it and a rolling pin in front of the bowl

Gather the necessary components for your recipes and get ready to cook! You may already have some ingredients in your kitchen, while others can be quickly purchased from the store.

After gathering all the necessary ingredients, follow the recipes carefully for a perfect bake. Once finished, add some flair by packaging goods in an attractive way - be it vibrant wrapping paper or decorative boxes and ribbons. With these finishing touches, you'll certainly have buyers eyeing your treats!


Starting a pet-sitting business? Decide which furry friends you're willing to care for. Consider including services like providing meals, taking pups out on walks and playtime with kitties, and any necessary litter maintenance in your offerings.

Research and determine what people typically charge for these services in your area. Make sure to consider both online resources and local insight when determining a fair rate that works for you and satisfies customers! Experience can also come into play, so don't forget to factor it into how much you should charge.

Reach potential customers by creating eye-catching flyers, posters, or social media. Ensure you include all relevant details about what you offer - after all, clients need to know how to contact you for a furry friend's adventure!


For tutoring, you do not have to have a degree, and that is already a great start! Figure out your areas of strength and experience! Don't be afraid to consider every subject area; you may find that math, science, or English come very naturally to you. Use this knowledge to leverage yourself as an educator in those particular fields.

When setting your tutoring rates, consider the value of experience and what other local tutors are charging. Doing this will ensure that you price yourself correctly to get the most out of each session while supporting students in achieving their learning goals.

Taking the time to thoroughly prepare your lessons ahead of time can provide you with increased confidence in teaching, as well as help ensure that your students are receiving all they need from the material. There's no one 'right' way to construct a lesson plan - online resources and personal creativity both have their place when building individualized plans tailored to each student's needs.

All in all, starting early with various business ventures will help later in life. After all, all experience is valuable, and trying out just a few of these ideas will give you a boost in knowledge about how the world works.

While advertising your future business and working hard on various lesson plans, make sure to keep Honeygain running in the background of your computer or smartphone. It will help you earn while you are preparing for your gig!

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By Honeygain
Apr 6, 2023 • Last Updated May 23, 2023 • 6 min read
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