How Honeygain Makes You Money by Helping Price Comparison Websites

May 22, 2020 last_updated min_read

Have you ever tried to find the lowest price for a pair of sneakers and ended-up getting them on a price comparison website? There’s a high chance that Honeygain and its network helped you to get those sneakers for the best price. How? It’s fairly simple - to get the best deal, these websites compare prices from other e-commerce sites all around the country or even the globe, which is possible because Honeygain unites over 2.5 million users worldwide. Keep on reading, and we’ll explain that concept bit by bit.

First of All, What Is a Price Comparison Website?


A price comparison website is a website that shows different prices for items on other retailer websites. Prices can fluctuate rather rapidly, depending on the device you have or the location you’re from, so it can be hard for a consumer to do the research and make sure they are getting the best deal if they aren’t using a price comparison website to do the work for them.

How Do Price Comparison Websites Work?

Honeygain sends price data from various items to these price comparison websites so that they can always have the most updated prices for the different retailers around the internet. This means that customers around the world can see where the best deals are in real time without having to do hours of internet searches just to find the perfect deal for them.

The Benefits of Price Comparison Websites

Prices can change very rapidly on the internet, including on the biggest corporate giants' websites. Price comparison websites can make sure that customers are getting the best deal. Another benefit of price comparison websites is that they will sometimes alert customers that right now might not be the best time to buy, and based on historical data, they should wait until another deal pops up.

Sometimes, prices go up for certain items, but the data shows that the price will likely go back down again soon. In these cases, the website helps consumers to plan their purchases and to save money on every purchase they make online.

With a global recession beginning, and even worse implications looming, these price comparison websites are offering an invaluable service to customers around the world. By and large, these services are free to consumers, as well.

The coolest part is - when you are using Honeygain on your device, you are helping people all over the globe get the best prices on the items they need.

How Honeygain Helps Price Comparison Websites

The best deal websites on the internet use the Honeygain Network. These websites can track down information about prices of all sorts of items in real time and from various locations. 

Smart e-commerce sites adjust prices based on the Purchasing power of users. Which can be determined by the device or location. Prices for the very same item can differ not only between countries like the USA and India but even between different cities from the same country or within the same state.

Price comparison websites will use the internet connection through Honeygain app users to access e-commerce sites, extract the best price, and forward it to the purchasing user. Everyone wins: the buyer gets an item for the best price, the e-commerce site makes a sale, and a Honeygain user earns some free money for sharing his internet - effortlessly! Awesome!

Honeygain: the best passive income stream of 2020?

Passive Income is more than just a buzzword. It is well-proven that passive income is the best way to improve your financial situation and live a more prosperous life. However, it usually takes a lot of money and time to set up a passive income revenue stream and get that income flow in. Unfortunately, even though many are searching for the best passive income stream and looking for ways to make money online, there aren’t many options out there.

Thankfully, Honeygain is here to help you earn extra money online in only a few minutes and completely for free. While it may not be the largest revenue stream, downloading and enabling Honeygain on your device will get you one step closer to your financial goals. So, yes, it might be the best passive income stream for you!


If you are looking for the best way to make money online, look no further. Share your Internet connection and get paid from this easy source of passive income. You’ll not only earn money yourself but will help numerous people to save some money when purchasing items from the best deals sites. Wish to start earning money with Honeygain? Download the app today and enjoy the sweet money flow!