Huge News Incoming! Honeygain Presents an iOS App for iPhones & iPads

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 4 min read

Honeygain is thrilled to have millions of users worldwide – and yet, we’d love to grow our network even further. The power of crowdsourcing lies in numbers: the more members we have, the more powerful our web intelligence network is, the more companies we can help with data-based tasks, and the safer we can make the Internet!

One of the best ways to grow our network is to make it available for users of more operating systems. In our 2+ years on the market, we’ve introduced installers for Windows, macOS, Linux (Docker), and Android – and now, we’re officially launching the iOS version! 🥳

Honeygain iOS will help us grow our network in two ways:

  • By attracting more users – every iPhone user can start Honeygaining already!
  • By allowing our current users to add more devices – according to the results of the User Experience and Awareness Survey we did a few months ago, 7.25% of Honeygainers were looking forward to the introduction of Honeygain iOS!

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Honeygain iOS: idea and development

Our developers first started planning the structure of the Honeygain iOS application at the beginning of the year. Once the initial idea was shaped, the discussions began – and oh boy, were they fruitful!

The entire team – not just programmers! – spent a ton of time discussing functionalities, designs, copies, and every other element of the app. Every member had their own ideas and suggestions on how the app could be made better, nicer, more intuitive, and overall more enjoyable to use. In fact, this is one of the great things about working with Honeygain: no matter the exact role, everybody has a chance to voice their opinion and offer valuable insights!

Honeygain iOS entered the alpha testing stage at the beginning of July when members of Honeygain user communities on Reddit and Discord received exclusive invitations to test out the app and provide their feedback.

We’d love to take the opportunity and thank everyone who participated in this stage of development: every comment and suggestion was incredibly helpful in improving Honeygain iOS and making sure the final version is user-friendly, eye-pleasing, and overall a pleasure to use 🙏

Once we collected the reviews and made the necessary fixes, we got the green light from the Apple App Store – and now, you can download Honeygain iOS, too!

What’s different about Honeygain iOS?

The main reason why using Honeygain on iOS is different from any other operating system is the fact that Honeygain iOS cannot run in the background of your device.


This is caused by the iOS regulation that states no application can run in the background (like it would on an Android device) unless it plays audio, utilises a VoIP service, or uses GPS. In other words, there’s just no such thing as a background service functionality available for Honeygain or any other internet-sharing app.

Nevertheless, the Honeygain team rolled up their sleeves and thought of a solution to help you make the most out of using Honeygain on your iPhone. The iOS app has a unique feature called Power-saving mode: by using it to dim the screen while the app is active, you can use less power to run it. It’s a perfect option for those who like to leave Honeygain running at night or at any other time they’re not actively using their device! By the way, if you’re more of a night dweller, you’ll also appreciate the chance to switch your app to a dark mode.

power saving mode

Honeygain iOS is compatible with iOS 13.0 and all later versions, as well as iPadOS 13.0 and later versions – however, we admit the user interface might look a teeny-tiny bit off on the massive iPad screens! In fact, the same goes for iPhone SE: while it does support iOS 13.0, the size of the screen might cause minor inconveniences when using the app. Most importantly, it won’t affect gathering in any way!

What other news can you expect from Honeygain soon?

When it comes to Honeygain iOS, don’t just assume the launch means we’re done perfecting it! As of now, you can log in to the app using your email and password, but we’re also planning to implement social logins (Google, Facebook, and Apple) at some point in the future. We’re also planning to offer more languages, as Honeygain iOS can currently be used in English, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazil).

looking at phone

At the same time, we are getting close to the finish line of revamping our dashboard! After lengthy discussions, we decided we’re not going to make you wait until we’ve polished each and every tiny fragment of the new design – instead, we’ll be introducing them in multiple stages to make the joy of surprise last longer!

If you’ve never tried Honeygaining before, but you’d like to try – now’s the best time to dive in! Honeygain is now available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, and you can have up to 10 active devices on your account. Create one now by clicking the button below and enjoy a starting gift of $5 straight away! 👇

Earn passive income effortlessly

Join Honeygain and collect $5 starter gift for free

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 4 min read
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