26 Companies That Pay for Ideas and Inventions

By Honeygain
Aug 18, 2022 • Last Updated May 29, 2023 • 8 min read

Are you bursting with new ideas but have no way of implementing them in practice? Don't worry! Some companies are on the lookout for innovations and have a team (as well as funds!) that backs them up.

One of the most underappreciated money-making ways is through companies that buy ideas. Whether it's an app idea or an improvement for a cleaning mop, you're bound to find your niche!

Companies often seek innovative new ideas with market potential. Those who meet these criteria may sell the product to them. Some companies can buy the idea for a single amount for the idea's value or even offer you:

  • Partnerships
  • License agreements
  • Royalties payments

How Can I Get Paid for My Ideas?

It may seem impossible for you to get monetary rewards for an incredible idea. Don't worry - it's easy to find companies that pay for ideas!

Whether it's a new invention or an upgrade, submit your idea to these businesses and watch the money pour in!

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What Are the Companies that Buy Ideas?

smartphone in a hand

1. 3M

You've most likely heard about 3M and their wide variety of products. They focus on office supplies and electronic gadgets. Of course, 3M sells products in other areas - medical, lab supplies, home improvement tools, etc.

Having so many products in their catalog can become overwhelming for product designers. That's why 3M is always looking for new ideas from outside sources.

2. Dorman Products, Inc.

Dorman sells homeware, hardware, and automotive products. If that seems right up your alley, you can submit ideas to them. It can be a brand new product design or an improvement to Dorman's existing line of products.

The company is always looking for new product ideas. It's easy for you to make money by generating a breakthrough invention idea.

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3. Wilson

Have you ever seen the "W" logo on a tennis ball? Yup, that's Wilson! If you have sports-related product ideas, Wilson is your best choice for getting paid.

They have a dedicated "Wilson Idea Portal." You can submit your ideas and pitch new product designs about pro-performance sports.

gaming console with Wi-Fi

It's one of the best companies that pay for your ideas as the submission process is easy and quick! A representative will reach out to you, and you can get paid for your ideas.

4. King

Did you play the infamous mobile app, Candy Crush? Then you're familiar with the developer behind it - King.

Do you have app ideas? Then try submitting it to King and see your creation come to life! The new app might be a hit among many age groups - you never know.

Selling your idea can be pretty easy as the demand is enormous. It's especially true in the gaming industry! Before signing anything, read the fine print and watch those royalties come in.

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5. Worksafe Technologies

The company thrives on open innovation and prefers elegance and simple solutions. If you're an engineering genius, it's right up your alley!

It often carries out everyday projects with developers and inventors. It's easier to find underlying problems and solve them.

6. Crown

Crown manufactures metal beverage containers. The company markets its products across 47 countries worldwide.

It's one of the best companies that pay for ideas as they have some practical products that we see every day.

Their innovation site is open and keen on improved shelf-life and manufacturing. You can submit ideas via the site and expect a response within 30 days.

7. Kikkerland

This company is client-focused. It specializes in innovative product designs to solve practical problems. Their range of products includes kids' toys, stationery, and many more.

Kikkerland designers combine form, function, and delight for the whole family. The company provides a direct Submission Portal on their site for idea submission. It pays royalty payments of around 5% for selected designs.

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8. Easy Do Products

mop and a bucket cleaning supplies

Easy Do Products is a UK manufacturer of cleaning equipment and homeware supplies. The company is capable of taking your business from concept to production.

It's easy to develop a better design for products that we see every day. If you have an invention idea to take household cleaning to the next level, reach out to Easy Do Products!

9. Jokari Home Solutions

The company specializes in home appliances, kitchenware, and storage units. They have a long history of licensing inventions - they've been doing it for almost 50 years!

Jokari makes many different products. As the business offers such an extensive selection of products, it's not surprising that Jokari seeks ideas. You can contact them by phone or email, and they will tell you what you should expect.

The company also has a dedicated R&D department to which you can pitch your idea and make money. It's where star innovations are born!

Listen to these podcasts if you want to get inspired to sell an idea to a company. You'll have a better understanding of the playing field and making money!

10. Mustang Survival

The company provides a niche industry product - water rescue items and military gear. Of course, few people might have an innovative idea to improve diving gear.

Do you have an idea to improve the color scheme for a scuba vest? It's a great idea to submit your idea! The company is open for idea submissions, so check them out.

11. Play for a Purpose

gaming stick for play time

Play for a Purpose provides children's play toys for outdoor play and classroom use. The company's educational products help students learn fine motor skills such as balancing, jumping, throwing, and catching skills.

It may be interesting for them to collaborate with you on a working concept or draw up a new idea. You can reach Product Development to understand their product development processes.

You should be satisfied with their privacy policy as well. Contact the company via phone or visit the website for more information.

12. Unilever

Almost every household we live in has at least one brand item from the Unilever line since they operate several well-known brands. Currently, they manufacture most of their products in food hygiene and household cleaning categories.

If you know a design or technology which helps Unilever expand its product range and solve its challenges, you can help the company by visiting Open Innovations.

13. Under Armour

The Under Armour clothes are well-loved. The firm needs ideas, and it also has a very detailed guide that lists the things they need to know.

Interested parties must register with them and share it with a company. Each request has to have its submission scanned within four to six weeks. In fact, Under Armour lists various ideas that interest them!

14. BD

BD manufactures medical devices. There is a lot of new technology, but you can always submit your idea. You might need to send a proposal by mail because it doesn't allow emailed submission at this moment.

Upon request, the company will call you. Keep in mind that BD might decline your idea if they're not interested in your idea. It takes roughly four or six weeks for them to reach out!

15. Sharper Image

gallery of images and photos

Sharper Image is a company launched back in ‘77 that is focused on consumer electronics and high-tech home devices. If you have some invention ideas, you can easily make some extra money by submitting them there. With the never-ending avalanche of new electronics, your idea might just become the next big thing!

16. Hasbro

Ever played Uno? Monopoly? Any other famous game? If so, you had encountered Hasbro in your life already. Needless to say, this company focuses on toys and games and is willing to pay for innovative ideas. Think about the toys you wanted in your childhood that did not exist yet and let your imagination run amok.

17. Idea Buyer

lightbulb of idea

Idea Buyer is not some big company or a retail store, but rather a place where your great ideas can be turned into extra cash. If you wish to go a step further and develop your idea instead of simply selling it, Idea Buyer has a list of companies that it cooperates with, and where your product could be sold easily.

18. Henkel

Henkel is a world-famous company that creates beauty and hygiene products. They are also waiting for you to submit an idea! The cool thing about Henkel is that they are not only looking for new ideas for products, but they are also accepting ideas regarding product design. Have a knack for visuals and not so much for business – Henkel is your greatest option.

19. Flippa

Though it may sound like that famous dolphin (Flipper), Flippa has little to do with dolphins. Unless you have an app idea regarding these beautiful creatures. This website comes in handy if you already have your app developed as Flippa acts like a marketplace for apps. It is a great make-money money online opportunity for developers.

20. Oxo

Do you have any invention ideas that would make life easier for homeowners? Oxo is your choice in this case then. They specialize in kitchen utensils and equipment, as well as pantry items. Have a good idea for a new, more advanced fork? Sell that idea to Oxo and get extra cash!

21. Escalade

sports equipment

Escalade is a company that focuses on sports equipment. They are well known for creating new and updated sportswear that is used all over the sports world.

If you do have a product idea for all those active peeps, submit it to Escalade. It will surely bring you extra money (maybe even loads of it).

22. Fliptopia

The name and the core principle of this website are similar to the aforementioned Flippa. It is, again, an app marketplace where people can buy and sell their apps. If you have a load of amazing app ideas that you believe could change the world, develop at least one of them and sell your app on Fliptopia for some sweet money.

23. Rico

Innovative ideas are all the rage when you supply sporting goods related to the biggest leagues of their kind (think NBA, NHL, etc.) Just as the sportsmen and sportswomen are constantly on a go, invention ideas are in constant demand. Every professional needs an edge over their competitors, and if you believe that the new shoe design you came up with might be helpful, make sure you submit your idea to Rico.

24. Eco Products

As you can tell by the name itself, this company focuses on products that are made by reusing single-use plastics. It is a noble cause, considering the state of the environment we are in. If you had come up with some plans on how to bring the single-use plastics for another use, pitch your business idea to Eco Products. The ecology movement is still growing and it should not stop any time soon.

25. GungHo Online

GungHo Online is a Japanese company that develops games. One of their most famous hits is Ragnarok Online, an immensely popular online game. However, it was released quite a while back and they are looking for app ideas to get back on track. Ready to make the company famous again? Give it a go!

26. Wham-O

This company makes toys for kids with an extended focus on growing the children’s imagination. A clever business idea in this market is guaranteed to bring in big bucks for you. As the focus is creativity, having a creative mind that is full of colorful ideas is simply ideal in this case. Besides money, knowing that loads of children are happily using a product based on your idea should bring joy too.

How Much Can You Earn for Your Idea?

You can get a large cash payment when you sell your invention ideas. Another possibility is entering licensing agreements through which you'll get royalties.

Of course, you get paid for ideas depending on how innovative and groundbreaking your idea is. You'll get immense satisfaction when you see the development of new products!

You already know you can sell your idea to companies and earn cash. Why don't you try out Honeygain and earn passive income effortlessly?

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By Honeygain
Aug 18, 2022 • Last Updated May 29, 2023 • 8 min read
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