8 Best Investing Podcasts To Make You A Better Investor

Jan 24, 2023 last_updated min_read

As a beginner investor, navigating unpredictable markets and finding trustworthy information can be challenging. But with the prevalence of investing podcasts, plenty of engaging content is designed to help you stay informed on current financial topics.

Whether you are new to trading or an experienced investor looking for extra guidance, these 8 best investing podcasts will provide helpful advice on investing wisely and making educated decisions about your money.

We Study Billionaires

The "We Study Billionaires" podcast is a fascinating journey into the lives of some awe-inspiring individuals. Join Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen as they dive deep to uncover invaluable insight from billionaires, both modern-day titans and inspiring figures of history. Both Preston and Stig are entrepreneurs in their own right who leverage their expertise with investing for cracking open success secrets that drive these influential people ahead.

This podcast provides an inside look into the minds of visionaries. Through conversations with entrepreneurs, business heads, and investors, listeners learn their strategies for success and valuable lessons from the failures they have experienced during their journey. The hosts also share knowledge-packed books that inspire audiences to take steps towards achieving milestones similarly celebrated by billionaires.

Focused Compounding

Andrew Kuhn and Geoff Gannon team up to bring you the best in value investing knowledge daily. Through their podcast, they uncover timeless strategies for success, outline actionable ideas to help grow your investments, and explain how iconic figures like Buffett and Munger achieved greatness.

With Andrew's razor-sharp questions and Geoff's in-depth knowledge, the show provides a fantastic learning experience for listeners. It offers one of the best resources to learn about value investing from start to finish.

Market Foolery

Market Foolery is your go-to podcast for staying up-to-date with the business and financial world. Produced by The Motley Fool – a company that provides investment advice through various media platforms – Market Foolery delves into the latest news, events, and stocks while offering expert analysis along the way!

pie chart with red and green elements with a dollar coin and a blue arrow in front

Join Chris Hill and The Motley Fool as they take an in-depth look into today's biggest market stories. Expert analysts provide valuable insights on the stock markets and their outlooks while offering recommendations for stocks to watch out for – or avoid!

"Market Foolery" is the perfect podcast for budding traders and investors! Each episode dives into a range of key market topics, from reading company earnings reports to staying on top of important financial news. With an understanding developed through this show, listeners can make better investment decisions in their pursuit of success.

Real Vision Daily Brief

This podcast is released every weekday as the New York Stock Exchange closes. This already implies that the reports provided on this podcast are as up-to-date as they can be. Focused on the stock market and business news, Real Vision Daily Brief is a great tool to get expert analysis on the freshest investment events of the day.

In a broader sense, the podcast seeks to provide its listeners with an understanding of the financial world. The topics include but are not limited to business and economics. By understanding the biggest investing events for the day, you can make better decisions when investing on your own. It can also be a great way to inform you about the possible drops in pricing and market crashes, further fueling your successful investments.

Stacking Benjamins

Are you ready to take control of your finances and build financial security? "Stacking Benjamins" is here to help! Hosted by certified financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy, this podcast offers actionable advice on various topics, such as investing and retirement planning. Need an extra boost in reaching your goals? The show also features OG - the anonymous money expert that provides insights into maximizing savings while minimizing debt.

With a mix of interviews, success stories, and even some good old-fashioned humor thrown in for good measure, this podcast is both informative and entertaining! Tune in as top financial experts discuss money topics ranging from investment strategies to budgeting tips – plus hear inspiring tales of people taking control over their finances.

Money For The Rest Of Us

person in a suit with a laptop sitting in front of a globe with a dollar coin falling into it and a stack of dollar coins next to it

"Money For The Rest Of Us" is a weekly podcast hosted by David Stein, an experienced former chief investment strategist, and portfolio manager. He provides listeners with actionable advice to help them secure their long-term financial future – from saving money to investing wisely for retirement planning and beyond.

This podcast is designed to give you the tools you need to create a successful financial future. With insightful discussions, thought-provoking opinions, and valuable tips from industry experts, this show will help equip you with essential knowledge on building wealth through wise money management.

Chit Chat Money

Chit Chat Money is a money-focused podcast released twice weekly (once with a guest and once without one). The podcast covers various topics related to personal finance, including investment strategies, debt management, budgeting tips, and financial lessons. The show offers an engaging perspective on money and provides helpful advice that is easy to understand and implement.

Each episode of Chit Chat Money draws on the hosts' experiences with personal financial planning and input from financial experts in the field. They offer real-life stories and practical advice to help people maintain their finances while still enjoying life. In addition to discussing best practices for saving and investing money, the hosts also motivate to help listeners to stay focused on their long-term financial goals.

FYI – For Your Innovation

The groundbreaking "FYI – For Your Innovation" podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in innovation. The differing hosts dive deep into the world of cutting-edge technology, exploring how emerging trends reshape how we think, work, and live. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality to cryptocurrency, the podcast provides insight into the most important trends shaping our future.

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In each episode, the hosts welcome guests from leading tech companies and industry experts who offer their unique perspectives on innovation. The topics discussed range from high-level discussions about the impact of emerging technologies on society to practical advice on launching a successful startup in today’s market. With every episode, you can gain more significant insights into the potential of new technologies and what they can do to make your businesses more competitive.

Investing can seem daunting for beginners, but it doesn't have to be! With these 8 podcasts, you can quickly gain the knowledge needed to become an expert investor without spending hours researching different investment strategies & approaches yourself!

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