7 Reasons Why Honeygain’s Customer Support Is the Best

By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 5 min read

There are many factors we consider when trying new apps. We’re interested in what they do and how we can benefit from them, how much space they take on our device, what kind of permissions they ask for, and many other things.

However, when it comes to staying with a particular app, more factors come into play – and the quality of customer support is probably the most important one of all. Researchers believe businesses lose $60+ billion due to poor customer service in the US alone!

Here at Honeygain, we definitely make it our top priority to provide top-notch customer support to our users every day - and we’re very glad to tell you it doesn’t go unnoticed!

🤩 Our CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) is 82% 🤩
🤩 Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 77% 🤩
🤩 Our Customer Voice (a customer satisfaction metric) score is 8/10 🤩

Still not sure what makes our Customer Support team the unsung heroes of Honeygain? Keep on reading – we’ve got seven reasons to present!

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Reason #1: They’re fast as lightning

One of the reasons Honeygain users always praise our Customer Support team is its speed. While some companies estimate the time it takes for them to reply in days, it’s not uncommon for us to have your issue solved in a few hours.

Squeak Jr feedback

According to the Customer Support standards the team has agreed upon and follow closely, no user can ever wait for their answer for over 48 hours – and for high-priority issues, the limit is much stricter. As of now, they manage to reach this deadline for a whopping 99% of cases – and that’s saying a lot since they typically receive 300–600 tickets a day!

How can they do it, you ask? Well, first of all, the majority of our Customer Support warriors have been with us for years – which means they are more than familiar with the most common issues and the ways to solve them. Second, there’s a particular section in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) the team follows that helps them identify the level of priority for each specific issue and work on them accordingly.

Reason #2: They prepare in advance

Whenever our Customer Support specialists have a little free time, they invest it into perfecting our Help page. You can think of it as a FAQ. section or a local knowledge base! All the questions are divided into six sections – you’ve got General questions, Technical questions, Payout questions, Referral questions, Account questions, and Honeygain Anti-Cheat. Categories make the navigation easier and let the user head straight to what they’re looking for.

What is the current payout rate?

By answering the most frequently asked questions on a public web page, the team members enable our users to quickly find reliable information without having to send any emails and wait for a specialist to answer. Furthermore, this allows the users who write to Customer Support with account-specific questions to get their answers faster since the specialists have more time to do the investigation their cases require.

Reason #3: They’re everywhere

Kevin Alexander Amaguaya Arce feedback

Every business out there has an email address for support inquiries. It’s pretty standard practice. But how many of them also actively work with their user communities on Facebook, Reddit, and Discord? Yes, you heard that right: while all of these groups have multiple moderators, at least one of them is always an official Honeygain employee.

Not only is this more convenient for those who prefer other online communication forms from writing emails, but it also enables us to keep in touch with our users who don’t actually encounter any issues with using Honeygain and wouldn’t usually write to us directly. Whether they want to discuss some features, offer new ideas, or share wholesome memes, our Customer Support heroes are there for them!

Honeygain on reddit

Reason #4: They have clear Customer Support standards

Here at Honeygain, we see professional, effective, and top-quality customer support as the primary means to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of user satisfaction. That’s precisely why, at the very beginning of building our network, we’ve identified a vital need for detailed and straightforward support standard documentation which enables the teams to guarantee an effective and consistent customer support process.

Not only does having and following a clearly defined standard enable all our specialists to align their actions and provide top-level support, but it also simplifies the training of new team members. In the documentation, each case is described in detail, followed by clear steps a specialist needs to take to react appropriately and deal with the situation as required.

Reason #5: They analyze in order to get better

Quality Assurance (QA) is a term our Customer Support specialists are extremely familiar with. Both the conversations they have with Honeygain users and the users’ feedback are regularly checked and analyzed in order to ensure top-quality support. This also enables them to make their replies more consistent and correct, which in turn boosts their usefulness and accuracy, both absolute musts for superb customer experience.

Aside from the accuracy of the information, our team also takes great care to always communicate with our users in a friendly tone. Why? Because they know it’s not all just about providing cold hard facts – personal approach is just as important (if not more!). In a survey conducted by Epsilon Marketing, 90 percent of respondents said personalization is appealing when it comes to customer experience!

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Reason #6: They collaborate with the entire Honeygain team

No matter how many issues our Customer Support team has seen and solved throughout the years, new ones still appear. It’s hardly surprising: Honeygain keeps moving forward, adding new features, and updating both our application and web dashboard. With new improvements, new types of questions arise. To solve them quickly and effectively, our specialists work closely with developers, managers, and other members of the team and engage them in the troubleshooting process.

Furthermore, they make sure to answer as many questions as possible before they even get asked by working together with graphic designers, social media managers, and content writers. Identifying frequently asked general questions and preparing informational content together helps educate our users and make passive income and web intelligence concepts easier to grasp!

Honeygain on your Windows device

Reason #7: They’re simply AWESOME

Of course, all the standard documentation and analysis aside, the most this is customer experience and satisfaction – and our team certainly shines in this regard. Top-quality support is one of the things most often mentioned in our app users’ reviews, and we take great pride in this achievement.

Cat Collins feedback

An experienced and professional Customer Support team translates to a massive advantage Honeygain has over other similar applications. Honeygain was the first-ever app to introduce internet sharing in exchange for passive income (we’ve now been in the industry for over two years!), which gave us plenty of time to polish our Customer Support standards and develop an extensive knowledge base. Moreover, most of the team members have been working with us since day 1 – and by now, they certainly know Honeygain inside out!

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By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 10, 2023 • 5 min read
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