5 Ideas for Upgrading Your New Year Resolutions in 2022

5 Ideas for Upgrading Your New Year Resolutions
By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 12, 2023 • 4 min read

Coming up with New Year resolutions before January starts is very common in both Western and Eastern countries. They come from thinking of the new year as an excellent opportunity to start anew, improve your life, and generally become a better person.

However, despite the noble goals, it’s not uncommon for New Year resolutions to become a topic for jokes by February. Why? Most of the time, it’s because people get overly ambitious with planning, pick way too drastic changes, and don’t consider maintaining the motivation behind it. In this article, we’re going to present 5 popular New Year Resolution ideas that often fail… and upgrade them so they’re not too hard to follow – and yet can change your everyday life for the better.

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Lose X pounds 👉 Start eating healthier

Losing weight is probably one of the most common New Year resolutions – some people actually keep it on their lists for multiple years in a row! It’s hardly surprising: with the ever-quickening pace of life, many of us find it hard to keep proper workout routines or cook homemade meals every day. Moreover, a lot of winter holidays revolve around yummy foods, so it’s not uncommon to gain a pound or two in December alone!


However, obsessing with the number you see on the scale is never healthy, and prioritizing weight over the way you actually feel can drive you to make really bad decisions like getting into crash diets. For your 2022 resolutions, focus on improving the way you eat and making it more versatile instead – for example, aim to eat leafy greens 3 times or have 3 meatless dinners every week!

Always get X hours of sleep 👉 Start a bedtime routine

They say an adult should ideally sleep for 7–9 hours every time, and yet it often feels like nobody has the luxury. Don’t get us wrong, the very idea of getting more mindful about sleep is great – and it’s arguably one of the best New Year resolutions for students. What’s bad about it is the approach. Let’s be realistic: you can’t just expect to get a predefined number of hours of sleep, now can you?

If you need to get up by 6 AM, getting into bed at 10 PM is not the same as getting 8 hours of sleep. If your head is still buzzing with ideas, you might not fall asleep for hours! Instead of aiming for a particular number of hours, create a bedtime routine that helps you fall asleep easier, and follow it every night. Not sure what it could involve? A calming cup of tea, a chapter of a good book, and no work for an hour before sleep are all great ideas you should explore!


Find a partner 👉 Get more mindful about self love

So many single people start the year by firmly believing this is going to be the year they find their forever love and possibly even get married – and yet, it’s a terrible New Year resolution. Why? Because a) it puts terrible pressure on every person you meet and takes all the fun out of dating, and b) prioritizing the right time over the right person can push you into a relationship you’re not actually happy with.

It might sound like a cliche, but it’s true: to dive into a happy and lasting relationship, you need to first learn how to love yourself. Focus on your happiness, hobbies, and self-improvement – after all, as Diane von Furstenberg has famously said, the most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself!

Quit social media 👉 Decrease screen time

While social media does have a lot of benefits, a lot of people are actually saying they find it harmful: not only does it feel addictive and eat up a ton of our time, but it can also be full of negative emotions and unnecessary pressure. The wish to quit it cold turkey is understandable – but we’re not sure it should be going to your list of 2022 resolutions. Why? Because drastic changes are typically the hardest to maintain.

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Instead of quitting social media altogether, we recommend trying a browser extension that allows you to limit the time you spend on these websites (e.g., StayFocusd). Decreasing it gradually will help you find a sweet spot where you can both enjoy the convenience of connecting to your mates and beloved content creators and don’t feel overwhelmed. If you’re looking for New Year resolutions for students, this is probably your best choice!

Save $X every month 👉 Add more income streams

This is another New Year resolution that is based on a great idea but relies on a flawed approach. Growing your savings or saving enough for a big purchase you’re dreaming of is a great plan – however, it’s rarely feasible to put away an exact same amount of money every month for the entire year. Accidents happen, emergencies occur – and even if they don’t, your expenses may vary throughout the year due to the celebrations you attend or the holidays you take.

Exploring additional income sources, such as passive income applications, is a great way to make more money you could put away for savings. You don’t have to invest a ton of time into it – and in the case of Honeygain, it can actually be completely effortless. Extra earnings enable you to save even when you can’t put away any portion of your primary income. Moreover, it can become an investment opportunity: you can choose to collect your earnings in JumpToken and use them to safely explore the world of cryptocurrencies!

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By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 12, 2023 • 4 min read
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