Baby, It’s Warm Outside! 20 Outdoor Activities Under $20

outdoor activities
By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 22, 2023 • 8 min read

The summer’s just around the corner, and we can’t wait to start spending more time outside! With the vaccination processes gaining speed all around the world and the quarantine restrictions finally easing up, the majority of us are (or will soon be) able to meet with our friends at last – and we sure don’t want to waste any time on boring stuff.

To help you get inspired, the Honeygain team came up with 20 great ideas for outdoor activities that provide a ton of positive emotions and help your (or your whole squad!) make lifelong memories together. Best of all, they all cost less than a single Honeygain payout of $20, so you can earn effortlessly and save your energy for all the fun!

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1. Miniature golf 🏌️‍♀️


It’s hardly surprising miniature versions of anything cost less, right? While golf is generally deemed something rich men do in country clubs, mini golf venues are among the most popular outdoor activities you can think of, as they require neither athlete-level skills, nor massive investments. Depending on the chosen venue, one game (18 holes) will cost you $6–18. If you come with the whole family, make sure to check for children discounts!

2. Frisbee 🥏

This must be one of the cheapest ideas ever: not only can you get a basic frisbee for $1–10, but according to the official Ultimate frisbee rules, 14 people should play the game (2 teams with 7 players each). Obviously, you can play in smaller teams, too - a game in the park is far from an official match! And once your mates head home, you can use the frisbee to learn some tricks, like balancing it on one finger or do an under-the-leg throw.

3. Geocaching 📦

Geocaching, also known as the world’s largest treasure hunt, is probably one of the most exciting outdoor activities for both individuals and groups of friends. It involves searching for hidden objects in various locations using the coordinates specified on the official website. As of now, there are over 3 million geocaches in 191 countries, so you won’t need to travel far to find one! You’ll only need to access the website and use the GPS tracker on your phone – and Honeygain can surely cover your data plan fees.

4. Barbecues 🥩


Those big, professional outdoor barbecue grills are everywhere these days – but you don’t really need to splurge for those if you don’t want to! Disposable barbecue trays come equipped with charcoal and cost $2–10 depending on their size – which leaves some money for meat and veggies, too. Sure, you probably won’t be able to buy tiger prawns, but chicken wings, pieces of pork shoulder, or bell peppers are perfect for that smoky taste!

5. Yoga 🧘

If most outdoor activities seem a bit too active and draining for your acquired taste, why not slow down for an hour and do some yoga? You can learn a ton of yoga poses (also known as asanas) free of charge on YouTube - plus, unlike some other sports (looking at you, jogging!), you won’t be needing any special footwear. In fact, most yogis enjoy being barefoot! You will need a yoga mat, but don’t worry: while some of the famous-brand ones can get really expensive, you can get a basic one for $5–15.

6. DIY Slip-and-Slide 💦

Once the days get really hot, water parks get full - however, they’re not always a short ride away, the tickets can get pricey, and some might not even be open soon based on local quarantine restrictions. Don’t worry – you can make a pretty perfect Slip-and-Slide in your own backyard! We’re sure you already have some water and dish soap in your kitchen, so all that’s left to purchase is a long piece of tarp ($12-20) which will last you the entire summer.

7. Bonding with your furry friend 🐕

If you have a dog, you already know they enjoy sunny days as much as you do, so it’s the perfect time to spend some quality time together instead of stepping out for a five-minute mandatory walk. Simple toys like balls and ropes typically cost $2–10, and they’re usually pretty durable (unless you own a furry destruction machine, of course!). In addition to that, it’s a great opportunity to train them and teach some tricks – just make sure you stock up on small treats ($2–6) for your good boy/girl!

8. Chalk-drawing 🧑‍🎨

If you have younger brothers or sisters, children of your own, or simply enjoy having some childish fun yourself (hey – we don’t judge!), drawing on your sidewalk with chalk is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. You can get a jumbo box of color chalk sticks for around $5, and you won’t need to worry about the mess you leave – the drawings will fade after the first rain. If you like your outdoor activities to offer some more challenge, try recreating the art of world-renowned chalk artists like Hirotaka Hamasaki or David Zinn!

9. DIY Pet Rocks 🪨

In 1975, an advertiser called Gary Dahl introduced Pet Rocks – and they were exactly what they sound like: little decorated rocks meant to be kept as pets that require no care. Sounds like nonsense? And yet, that nonsense made Dahl a millionaire. If you’ve always fancied the quirky idea but never got one for yourself, why not make your own out of a smooth rock you find, some acrylic paint, and a pair of gluable googly eyes? Here’s a tip: water smooths out sharp edges over time, so your best bet is to look for a rock near the shore!


10. Duck feeding 🦆

We all like a bit of extra attention, right? Even if it’s coming from the ducks of the local pond. It’s also one of those outdoor activities children enjoy a lot. But did you know you shouldn’t be feeding them bread? That’s right – while it’s one of the most typical things for duck-feeders to bring, scientists warn it’s not nutritious enough. Instead, opt for sweetcorn or peas – frozen works well (just thaw them first!) and typically costs around $1–2 per bag.

11. Outside dining 🍝

Obviously, it’s not just ducks that enjoy having their bellies full, are we right? As the weather gets warmer, more and more restaurants are opening up their outside patios, which helps you both enjoy the weather and feel a lot safer. Your expenses will depend on the eatery of your choice, but if you’re not too fancy, $20 will be more than enough for one. If your friends aren’t earning effortlessly with Honeygain just yet, this might be the perfect time to bring your unique referral code up, too!

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12. Kiting 🪁

If there’s a refreshing breeze in the air, make sure to use it for kiting! In fact, kites offer two outdoor activities in one, as you can build your own kite before flying it. Why buy a finished product if you can have some extra DIY fun, right? You won’t be needing any expensive materials, either: a couple of 2-ply plastic bags, dowels, electrical insulation tape, and some flying lane or acrylic knitting yarn for the string.

13. Badminton 🏸


Just like kiting is a perfect option for a breezy day, badminton is great for a calm one. It’s very similar to tennis, but instead of a ball, you’re hitting a shuttlecock which is rather lightweight and could be easily carried away by a gust of wind. A basic starter kit that consists of two rackets, a few shuttlecocks, and a carrier bag can be purchased for as little as $12. Obviously, professional gear is much more expensive, but we’re all about fun outdoor activities and not athlete training here!

14. Pokémon GO 🤳

Pokémon GO took the world by storm when it was first introduced in the summer of 2016 – and five years later, it’s still going strong. The number of Pokémon you can catch while navigating different locations has grown 4 times (from 150 to around 600), but the game is still free to play – there are in-app purchase options, but you don’t really need them to have a fun experience. What we’d recommend getting, though, is a power bank ($10–20)– all that GPS usage really drains the battery!

15. Checkers 👀

The fact that checkers is a tabletop game doesn’t mean they can’t be used once there are no tables around - they’re a perfect game for picnics, and they typically cost under $10. If you’re more of a beach person and you don’t want to get sand in your set, there’s a solution for you, too: for $15–20, you can get a jumbo set which has a huge foldable ‘board’ made out of a rug-like material that you can throw in your washing machine once you’re home!

16. Tie-dying 🎨

In a desperate need to refresh your look before the summer starts? Tie-dyed clothing and accessories were all the hype in the 1960s and 1970s, but they’ve been coming back recently – and if you have some light-colored fabrics you wish to update, there’s no need to buy new clothes just to catch up with the trends. What you’ll need is some fabric dyes ($1.50–6) in the colors you prefer, a handful of rubber bands, and some ziplock bags – and taking the job outside will help you save your carpets and sofas from accidental dying!

17. Books 📚


If your friends are busy, let fictitious characters keep you company! Reading has always been the ultimate choice of those who want to move a little but experience a lot. Whether you’re planning to lie down on your picnic blanket in the park or sunbathe at the seaside, a good book can keep you entertained for hours. We’d recommend opting for paperbacks (typically $5–10) – they’re both lighter to carry in your bag and easier on the wallet!

18. Basketball ⛹

You can find a public basketball court in most neighborhoods – all you need to bring is your fighting spirit and a basketball. Luckily, pretty decent basketballs can be bought for $15–20 bucks – and unless you happen to land on a spear of a fence instead of the hoop, one will last you for years. The rules are pretty simple, and if you don’t have enough mates to form a team, you’re in luck: public basketball courts are a great place to meet new friends – or at least team players!

19. Gardening 🌼

watering flower

If you think it’s one of those outdoor activities only old ladies enjoy, it’s time to let that stereotype go! Gardening is getting way more popular among the green-conscious – and even if you don’t have a real garden, you can do it on your balcony or terrace. Seeds are cheap, and you can even save some from the greens you eat (e.g., avocados) – the only real expense is some gardening tools like a small trowel and a rake or (if your garden is your balcony) some pots and gardening soil.

20. Drive-In Cinema 📽️

Drive-in movie theaters were a huge hit in the fifties – but in 2020, the desperate need to somehow have entertainment while abiding by the social distancing rules brought them back. Some of them charge per person, and some per car, but $20 is usually enough for a couple of cinephiles to enjoy a movie in the comfort of their own car. A big screen, great sound (usually via your car’s radio), an ability to discuss the movie loudly without bothering others, and not having to listen to someone chewing popcorn loudly – what’s not to love?

Not only do all of these outdoor activities cost less than a single Honeygain payout of $20, but you can also keep earning free money effortlessly by leaving the app running on your device while you're having your summer fun and trying them all! 🤩

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By Honeygain
May 9, 2023 • Last Updated May 22, 2023 • 8 min read
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