New Payout Options with Honeygain!

The Honeygain team was working hard to find the best and exciting way to pay our users for participating in our amazing and involving society!

In High Demand Right Now:
Top of The Line 3-ply Honeygain Toilet Paper Rolls 

You Can't Get Them Anywhere:
FFP3 Rated Face Masks - Respirators

Use It Every Day - Every Hour:
Honeygain Branded Hand Sanitizer

Escape COVID-19 Like a Billionaire:
A Special CORONAVIRUS-FREE Caribbean Cruise

A Ticket for The SpaceX Mars Exploration Trip

These payout options are sadly not a real thing and are only a joke for April Fools.

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We'd like to stress that the whole Honeygain team is taking the current COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. With this joke we’d like to not only send you some cheer and laughter, but to pay additional attention during these difficult times, where billions of people are quarantined and must stay at home.

Stay safe. Keep your loved ones safe. Stay at home.

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